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Activation Of The Goddess System

The extreme pressure being exerted on her lungs and the instant assault of a sense of suffocation caused Xia Bohes vision to darken. She was very close to breaking out in cold sweat and screaming out loud.

However, a strong, overwhelming sense of dizziness overcame her. She felt as if she was floating and bobbing up and down in the vast expanse of the ocean, unable to grasp onto anything to rescue herself. Suddenly, it was too late to develop any feelings of fear.


She sat up suddenly, her burning throat shrieking hoarsely.

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The light gradually gathered before her eyes again, her vision slowly coming into focus.

Finally, Xia Bohe raised her hand to touch her face. Upon feeling her warm breath, she heaved a sigh of relief.

However, the next moment, she flipped over her palm in shock, her breath almost coming to a stop.

These ten fingers were long, slender, and fair. It would not be too much to say that it looked like gelatin. Without taking a closer look at her palm, one could hardly detect any fine lines on it.

There was also a faint layer of transparent nail polish on her delicate small fingernails, reflecting shades of pastel pink that seemed to be blended out.

She hurriedly turned up her sleeve, only to be met with the sight of a fair and delicate wrist. The green birthmark was nowhere to be seen. Almost immediately, she felt as if her bodys blood circulation had come to a stop.

She could become a hand model at this point. As compared to Xia Bohes hands, which had burn scars, this pair of hands was so much more good-looking.

“Xiaxia, Im here. Where are you”

Suddenly, a clear voice of a male stranger rang out in the room.

Xia Bohe was shocked.

Looking around, she then realized that she was lying alone on the bench of a changing room with only a blanket wrapped around her body.

“You still want to play hide-and-seek with me”

The mans lighthearted laugh accompanied the sound of his footsteps, which were getting closer and closer.

Xia Bohe could only feel the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end.

She clutched the wool blanket and sat up to look around at her surroundings.

The changing room was very big, with numerous rows of lockers arranged inside. There was a long bench situated between every two rows of lockers. It seemed like she was at the last row as the lockers before her were against the pastel blue wall.

The main door of this changing room appeared to be closed as echoes of the mans footsteps could be heard.

Xia Bohes face turned pale.

What kind of situation was she in Why was she in the female changing room and why was there a man inside

Did this person know her

She remembered getting into a traffic accident on her way to the art exam, and she had lost consciousness just as she was being lifted up into the ambulance.

Xia Bohe held her head in her hands, the scene evoked a sense of familiarity within her.

Was this the scene of the novelThe Directors Delicate Wife Is A Goddess that she had been reading late into the night yesterday

The supporting female character, who had eventually gotten eliminated as the plot developed, had the same name as she did. She had even complained about it.

This supporting female character did not have acting skills nor talent, solely having a beautiful appearance only. Her peer, Mi Min, who was from the same class as her, eventually grew jealous of her and carried out all sorts of devious schemes, even pushing the blame for things she did not do on her.Eventually, not only was she not fated with the male character, she even passed away early on due to depression.

Changing room...

This was the scene where the original host fainted due to low blood glucose levels after taking a bath.

After fainting, Mi Min had stolen her phone to send out a text message to a senior, confessing her feelings toward him and inviting him to meet her in the changing room.

When the original host, who was not fully clothed, was alone with the senior in the changing room, Mi Min brought the Dean to the room as part of her scheming plan. The scandalous event was discovered straight away.

Finally, the original host was penalized by the school on the day itself, even losing the opportunity to participate in the semester final exams.

Heaven forbid!

Xia Bohe facepalmed.

She had traveled into the book, even traveling to this critical time point!

“Xiaxia, I think I see you.”

The mans voice seemed to have gotten even closer now.

Xia Bohe stepped onto the ceramic tiles while holding on the wool blanket. She was so overcome with panic that she almost wanted to wrap her arms around her head.

Her current position in the changing room was the farthest from the door. Even if she tried to escape, she would bump into thesenior who was looking for her!

If the door was locked, she would not even be able to escape!

Hearing his voice, she had goosebumps all over her skin, tingling from her feet all the way up along her spine.

Flustered, she stood up. Ding! Suddenly, a sound rang out in the room.

[Goddess System activated.]



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