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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 7 A Call For Help

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Chapter 7 A Call For Help

“Mom, Dad, I am going out!” At the door of Lin Ruis house, Lin Rui is pushed his bicycle and shouted inside.

“Be careful! Jackson!”

“It doesnt matter if you come back later!” The previous sentence was said by Lin Rui mother and the latter sentence was said by his father. If Lin Rui could see the expressions of his parents in the room at this time, he would tell them: Youre wrong, Im not going on a date!

“Ok!” Lin Rui rode his bicycle and went out, he is going to finish the first Mainline quest of the Superhero route tonight: Defeating five street villains!

Riding away from the streets of the neighborhood where his house is located, Lin Rui slowly rode into a small park on the side of the road. Locking his bicycle behind a car, Lin Rui then left on foot, where he going require him to go without the bicycle. In order to complete the Quest which requires him to defeat 5 villains in one night, Lin Rui can only choose to go to Brooklyn which has the highest crime rate in New York.

“Ah! In order to complete Quest, I have to pay for my own items! System, cant this be reimbursed” Lin Rui, who was walking towards the nearest subway station, asked the system in his mind.

“This is all you have to pay to complete a Mainline quest and you are asking for reimbursement” The system responded with contempt.

“Im just kidding. If you reimburse me, Ill take a taxi and go there. That will be much faster.” Knowing that he was being too fussy, Lin Rui responded with some embarrassment and then stopped talking.




Sitting in the subway, Lin Rui was nervous and a little excited. Its not the first time hes ever done a Quest like this. Previously, the system has released some similar Quests. But today is obviously different. This is his first step to becoming a Superhero.

Out of the subway and on to the outskirts of Brooklyn, Lin Rui walked down a street alone and now hes starting to work hard to become a Vigilante. In a tense spirit, Lin Rui readily starts the wristband, puts on Phantom Suit and turns into Superman! Wrong! Become a chivalrous Vigilante!

Da Da ~

On the empty road, the monotonous and rhythmic footsteps show its owners impatience and helplessness. Lin Rui, who had been wandering in the open street for almost an hour, was surprised that he had not met a villain, not even an ordinary bully. His mood has gradually calmed down from the excitement of the beginning to the agitation of the present. He urgently needs a goal to vent his depression.

Bang! Bang!

“Ah ah ah! Did thieves and robbers rest today! Even a car thief would be good! I have already walked the most remote street and found no one, such a bad place and there is no bad guy! Lin Rui, who has been searching for some time, can only vent his frustration on the street lamp post. If this remains the case then how can he complete todays Quest

Although depressed, Lin Rui did not call out the system for help. Because Lin Rui knows that the system will not help him during the Quest process, which has been confirmed many times in the previous Quest process.


He kicked another lamppost on the street and felt his right foot go numb. Trembling and retracting his right foot, Lin Rui is ready to move on and now he can only look for villains depending on his luck. At this moment, Lin Rui heard some movement from a corner of the street.

“Eh A womans cry!” After listening carefully to the noise coming from the front, Lin Rui determined that a woman was yelling in front.


Like a dog hungry for three days smelling meat and bones, Lin Rui ran towards the sound in front of him. Turning two corners, Lin Rui finally saw the origin of the sound. It was a dark alley and it seemed to be the back door of a hotel. And the woman who was blocked by two ruffians on the roadside should be the hotel staff who just got off work. Seeing that she was still shouting under the threat of the two people, she should be asking the people in the hotel to come out and help. However, no one appeared until Lin Rui came.

“Hey! Bitch! You are not shutting up yet!” Just as Lin Rui arrived at this entrance, the situation there seemed to be getting urgent. One of the two ruffians who blocked the woman seemed impatient with the womans cry for help and the spring knife in his hand approached the victims face a little more.

“Give me the bag! Or dont blame me for filling your smooth face with scars!”

“Ah! Dont! Dont hurt me!” She hoped that someone would hear her cry for help and come save her but now in this situation, she has no choice. The woman had to beg for mercy in horror and handed out the bag, although it contained most of the salary she had just received today.



One grabbed the bag in his hand, and the knife-wielding long-haired ruffian slapped the womans face and knocked her down.

“Heh heh! Lets Go! ” Having quickly scanned the contents of the bag, the knife-wielding ruffian stood up and shouted to his partner behind him. Then they were ready to leave the scene quickly.

“I think, you should return the bag to the lady.” And just as the two men turned around, a somewhat suppressed voice came to their ears.

“Who!” The sudden sound shocked the two ruffians, but they responded in an instant. As a civilian area with chaotic public order, it is still possible to provide them with such mental qualities.

Da Da ~

“It turned out to be a clown who is hiding his face! Go and run to your parents kid, do you want to become a dead hero to save beauty!”

“Yes! And add a hat to the windbreaker! What a creative wardrobe!”

With the sound of footsteps, Lin Ruis figure appeared in front of the two men. When they saw Lin Ruis appearance, they made a mockery of him, apparently not taking Lin Rui seriously.

“I said… you should return the bag to the lady!” Lin Ruis eyes, which were blocked by the hood, gradually became sharp and he repeated his words in a low tone.

Although Lin Rui is not a person who likes to be a hero to save the beauty, Lin Rui will do it even as an ordinary person for those who rob women and beat them. And now with Quest, Lin Rui doesnt have to suppress his anger.

“Ha! It seems that you really want to get into trouble! Then lets see if you have the courage!” Seeing Lin Rui not only did not run but continued to approach them, the man holding the bag shouted wickedly.


The next moment, he had thrown the bag to his companion, took out the spring knife that had just been put away and rushed directly towards Lin Rui. Since Lin Rui wants to become a hero, he doesnt mind letting him shed some blood and have a long memory of this encounter!

Looking at the rushing man, Lin Rui can see that he is a veteran of the street fighting for a long time, with his right hand on the spring knife slashing towards the waist and the left hand is lifted across the chest to prepare for possible resistance. He rushed towards Lin Rui very quickly and if Lin Rui was an average person, he would have been stabbed.

However, although Lin Rui has only two days to practice the Intermediate Fighting Techniques, his original Beginner Fighting Technique is already very skilled and it is very simple to deal with these two. Lin Rui raised his right hand at a much faster reaction rate than the average person and straightened out the arm that had been pushed to his chest. His left hand flashed like lightning at the same time and he grabbed the mans wrist on the way to the place where the mans right-hand spring knife stabbed him.

With a little effort, the mans right-hand wrist was almost broken and he could no longer hold onto the knife and it fell to the ground.

“Ahhh! “Ahhh!” The right hand was scraped and the ruffian uttered a scream, but more aggressively, he shook his left fist at Lin Ruis head. That was the real street gangster.

“Hum!” Seeing that the ruffian was wounded and attacking him with his other hand, Lin Rui snorted and blocked the punch with his right hand. Then his left hand loosened and he punched the man in the chest in an instant.


With a muffled sound, the mans pained cry was interrupted by the punch and his body involuntarily retreated. Lin Rui did not intend to let him go like this. His right hand, which had blocked the mans fist, grabbed the man by the arm and pulled him back.


It was a louder sound than before. It was Lin Rui who kicked the ruffian on his stomach and the ruffian flew out directly. Instead of continuing to pursue, Lin Rui, who had punched and kicked the ruffian, retreated a little bit at his feet.


In the next second that Lin Rui just returned to his original position, a figure ran past him and there was a cold light hidden under the dim light. It was the companion of the ruffian who just got trashed!

“Jason! Are you okay!” A sneak attack pushed Lin Rui back and the fellow shouted back with an ugly face.

“Uh-huh!” But there were only two unconscious grunts in response to him, and the guy named Jason was obviously knocked unconscious by Lin Rui.

“Damn it!” Without the response he wanted, his partners face was even uglier and the sharp knife in his hand did not bring him much confidence.


And just when his companion was in a complex and tense mood, a dark shadow in front of him had rushed over quickly, Lin Rui would not play with him slowly!

Bang! Bang!


Quicker than before he defeated the second man. Lin Rui successfully solved the robbery in the lane in less than two minutes.

“Madam, this is your bag.” Picking up the bag that was still on the side of the street, Lin Rui went to the corner and handed the woman her bag.

“Ah Ah! Yes! Thank you! Thank you!” The woman responded and took the bag that was just stolen from her and thanked him with a crying voice.

“Its fine now but, youd better get out of here. Maybe you should change your job too. Glancing at the back door of the hotel not far away, Lin Rui warned softly. The woman was robbed so close to the back door of the hotel and no one appeared after several shouts. Perhaps there was something in it.

“Thank you! Thank you very much! Sir!” Although she did not understand the obscure reminder in Lin Ruis last words, the lady quickly stood up and left for the distant light. She didnt rest until she was far away, but she didnt seem to have any impression of the appearance of the good man who had just saved herself.

“Its time I left, too, but these people…” Glancing at the two guys lying on the ground, Lin Ruis eyes flashed with light.

A minute later, Lin Rui had already left the street where the fight had occurred and he was two streets away from there, he had already retracted the Phantom Suit. No one would recognize him. At this time, he had more than a thousand dollars in his pocket.

As for the two robbers who beat women, Lin Rui did not call the police but broke their legs. They would not bee able to get out of their beds for atleast a few months. As for whether there is any sequel to the current event, thats not something Lin Rui needs to consider. Its okay for Lin Rui not to kill such guys.


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