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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 30 Interview And Obadiah

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Chapter 30 Interview And Obadiah


As the sun slowly rose, an ordinary white car stopped two blocks from Lin Ruis home.

“Im going back first!” The car hadnt even stopped yet and Lin Rui had already jumped out of the co-pilot seat, running in the direction of his house and shouting at Claire in the car.

“Well, then... see...” Looking at Lin Ruis hurriedly disappearing figure, Claire, who was sitting in the car, waved at his back.

Lin Rui, who was running all the way, quickly got into an alley. When he came out again, he had changed back to the ordinary Lin Rui during the day and his Phantom Suit retreated into the wristband. Its still strange to wear clothes that cover the whole body in broad daylight. Lin Rui doesnt want to attract the attention of his neighbors.

And Lin Rui has already exchanged a set of clean clothes from the System Shop, which is the same as what he wore when he went out yesterday and changed them in the alley just now. The dress he wore last night had already been dyed red with blood and could not be seen by his parents. Dumping the bloodstained clothes, Lin Rui tidied up and hurried home. Its almost seven oclock now. If hes lucky, his parents should think hes sleeping late instead of calling him in his room, so that he may have a chance to climb over the wall and enter his room.

“Hey! Jackson, its rare to see you so early!” Just as Lin Rui hurried around his backyard, Uncle Kevin next door stood at the door and greeted him.

“Hello! Uncle Kevin, I am just coming back from jogging! Now I am going back to take a shower, well, I have to something urgently!” Greeting Uncle Kevil with awkward words, Lin Rui hurried home.

“Well, running in the morning is good! You...” Hearing Lin Rui, Kevin still wants to say something, but Lin Rui has quickly disappeared from his eyes.

“Young people nowadays! So impatient!” Looking at Lin Ruis disappearance, Kevin muttered and then swayed out along the street with a big belly.

“Looks like Mom and Dad havent gone to my room yet!” Looking around his room, Lin Rui has used Insight Technique to observe his parents in the room.

They didnt really look anxious. It seemed that they didnt know what happened to their precious son, who had not returned all night. But while he was watching the house, his mother was already going upstairs. It looks like she is going to wake her sleeping son up.

Then Lin Rui jumped two meters high with instant strength under his feet.


Putting his hand directly on the edge of the window, Lin Rui rolled over into the room in the next moment. In a hurry, Lin Rui finally returned to his bedroom before his mother knocked at the door.

Bang Bang Bang ~

“Jackson, didnt you say you were going to the interview for The Daily Bugle today Are you still sleeping in As soon as Lin Rui landed on the floor, his mother knocked on the door and asked.

“Ah! Mom! Im already up!” With a promise, Lin Rui rushed over and opened the door.

“Eh Why are you still wearing this dress Just as the door opened, Lin Ruis mother looked at his clothes and frowned.

“Eh Whats wrong with this dress” Lin Ruis face suddenly became tense when he heard his mothers words. Did my mother see anything A dress that has not been changed! Lin Ruis heart was beating like a drum in his chest.

“Now that you are going to the interview, youre going to have to wear something formal. What would you do in your usual clothes Dont you have a suit that your grandfather sent you Go and change into that.” Looking up and down at Lin Rui, his mother said these words seriously.

I thought... Lin Rui was relieved to hear his mother say so.

“Why are you still standing here”

“Nothing! Ill change it right away!” Raising his hand and saluting his mother, Lin Rui answered loudly.

“Come on, breakfast is ready.” Smiling and patting her son on the shoulder, Mary turned downstairs.

After his mother left, Lin Rui closed the door again. Then he rushed into the bathroom. He really needed to clean himself up.

An hour later, Lin Rui, wearing a small suit, stood at his doorstep, his mom was finishing the collar and his father Lin Hai was watching.

“Well, its my son! Such a handsome man, Your interview will be very successful! ” Putting down her hands that tidied the collar of Lin Ruis shirt, Mary proudly said.

“Mom, is it really good for you to say so much about your son” Lin Rui asks embarrassingly when she praises him so much.

“Whats wrong with this Isnt it a fact When I was young, your dad was a handsome man, too!! The answer came from Lin Hai, Lin Ruis father standing behind him, who seems to be very proud of his son.

“That you were, otherwise why would I even marry you” Hearing Lin Hais words, Mary smiled back and said to Lin Ruis father.

“Ah! My eyes! Its going blind!” In an exaggerated way, Lin Rui said he was blinded by his parentslove.

“Well, lets go now. I am just going to drop you by the Daily Bugle and see how is it. Not doing anything much in front of his son, Lin Ruis father patted him on the shoulder and went out.

Boom ~ bang ~ bang ~

Sitting on the car that Dad drove, Lin Rui waved outside the window.

“Mom, then I am leaving!”

“Well, Ill cook for you when you get back from the successful interview!”



More than twenty minutes later, Lin Ruis father stopped downstairs with him in The Daily Bugle.

“Thats it It looks okay, Its not very far from home. Its about four or five stops by subway. Observing the surroundings of The Daily Bugle, Lin Ruis father gave his comments.

“Do you want me to come with you” Glancing at his handsome son, Lin Ruis father suddenly asked. After all, this is Lin Ruis first time to find a formal internship, and he worries that he will be nervous.

“No, Dad. I can manage it. Moreover, I have already passed the online interview, today is just to officially reporting. Laughing and refusing his Dads offer, Lin Rui was really not nervous at all.

“Well, when youre done, go straight home and Ill go to work first.” Since his son was confident, He would not insist on it anymore. He finally told Lin Rui to loosen his seat belt.

“Eh!” With a promise, Lin Rui got out of the car.

“Dad, goodbye!” He waved at his dad from the side of the road and strode toward “The Daily Bugle.”

Ten minutes later, Lin Rui was chatting with the Marrs who was the editor in his office.

“Are you sure thats all you need is a weeks salary” Marrs, the editor of The Daily Bugle, once again asked the seemingly immature young man in front of him, who still thought his offer was too low.

“Well, I originally planned to train myself. So this much salary is enough.” Lin Rui replied earnestly, he just wanted to approach Tony by the name of an intern reporter and he was not short of money.

“Then sign the contract and youll be part of our Daily Bugle.” Since the other party has asked, Marrs certainly would not give him a raise himself.

“Eh! Thank you very much! I will certainly work hard to get satisfying photos and news! At last, it was settled, and Lin Rui thanked him happily.

“Thats it. You go outside and find Haley. Shell help you with some formalities. If you hurry up, you can go out with your camera to find materials today. Seeing Lin Ruis excitement, Marrs waved his hand and said. He seems to be just a newcomer who doesnt understand the news industry, Marrs thought silently.

“All right.” With a promise, Lin Rui went out. Todays interview went very well, which is directly proportional to the reason why his salary was too low.

Twenty minutes later, Lin Rui came out of the building where The Daily Bugle was located with a file bag in his hand. The contract was signed and the internship press card was completed. Lin Rui is now a rookie journalist.

“OK! Questioning Tony should be on the agenda. But where should I find him Maybe it would be better to start with Miss Pepper.” Walking slowly in the street, Lin Rui has begun to think about how to complete his mainline quest.

“But I still lack a camera. Fortunately, I have one at home, otherwise, I have to pay for it. Actually, I should be right to raise my salary. After two sentences of self-talk, Lin Rui headed for the nearest subway entrance. Today his most important thing is over. Lets go home and rest first. He was tired all night last night. In the meantime, he was poisoned. Although he Recovered, he is still very tired.

As Lin Rui struggled to figure out how to complete the mainline quest, the top executive of Stark Industries-Obadiah Stane sat in a luxurious office in the high-rise of Stark Industries and was telling the two men standing in front of him what to do.

“In the near future, the military will invite Tony to experiment with the latest missile weapons in the Middle East battlefield and then my people there will do something about it. But before that, I want to cause Tony some trouble in the company. Sitting on an expensive leather sofa, Obadiah Stane said lightly.

“What do you mean” One of the two people standing in front of Obadiah questioned somewhat doubtfully that he did not quite understand what Obadiah meant. Tony himself is not very concerned about the companys business, or he wont let Obadiah be the top executive. Whats the trouble to do here

“The competent assistant beside him, Miss Potts, is very capable. Although Tony really doesnt care, Miss Potts is not a simple person. Im afraid shell soon see the problems in the company. Obadiahs reminds them.

“You mean... to take out Miss Potts...” Hearing Obadiahs reminder, the person who asked the question before did a neck-wiping gesture.

“You dont need to do this. Just let her not have the energy to pay attention to things inside the company. I believe you can do things to this degree.” Obadiah shook his head as he saw the mans movements. If Pepper really did die, Tony would definitely not go to the Middle East anymore and his plan could not be completed.

“I understand!” Clear what Obadiah meant, the man answered earnestly.

“Ok then, Do your work.” When things were done, Obadiah waved them away.


“Tony, since you dont care about the company, wouldnt it be better to just give me the Stark Industries” Looking out of the window, Obadiah whispered.


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