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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 3 Birthday 1

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Chapter 3 Birthday 1

Two days passed in a blink of an eye. Today is the weekend and its Lin Ruis birthday. Two days ago, Lin Rui came up with a way to invite Gwen to his birthday party, and Lin Ruis method was very old-fashioned.

Time goes back two days ago

“Be careful!”

Chi Chi


On Gwens way home from school, Lin Rui suddenly got out of the corner and crashed into Gwens car. Then he fell to the ground on the spot.

“Ah! Are you okay!” Gwen realized that she has hit someone, she got out of the car and ran to Lin Rui to ask him if he is okay.

“Er! Its okay ~hiss!…” Lin Rui, half lying on the ground, shook his head to show that he was okay, but when he was ready to stand up, he suddenly hissed, showing that he was injured. However, how much of it was real or acting is still unknown.

“Ah! You are bleeding!” Gwens suddenly looks towards Lin Ruis calf, from where blood was flowing out. Gwen, who had never encountered such a thing, exclaimed and she was a little scared.

“Its okay, its only a little blood.” Standing up with Gwens help, Lin Rui smiled and said.

“I am sorry, I hurt you. Im Gwen from Empire State High School and I can reimburse you if you go to see a doctor for medical expenses.” Seeing Lin Rui smiling at her, Gwen shyly introduced herself.

“Ohh Then we are classmates. Hello, my name is Jackson and I also go to Empire State High School. Nevertheless, the medical fee is not needed and its only a minor injury. Seeing Gwens expression, Lin Rui said indifferently.

“How can that…”

“If you feel responsible, can you grant me a request”Things are going their own way, and Lin Rui timely throws out his purpose for this time.

“Eh What request” Gwen asked curiously.

“The day after tomorrow is my sixteenth birthday, but I havent invited a girl yet. Im afraid my friends will laugh at me. You can…” Lin Rui stopped here, knowing that Gwen must have understood what he meant.

“Do you want to invite me to your birthday party” Sure enough, Gwen went on after Lin Ruis words.

“Eh! Yes, is that all right Lin Rui feels that he is using all of his previous and this life acting skills and he looks at Gwen expectantly.

“This… Well, Ill go, but you have to tell me the time and place first.” Stared at by Lin Ruis deep eyes, Gwen finally agreed.

“Ok! This is my number, Ill get in touch with you soon!” He handed Gwen a small note with a phone number and Lin Rui slid and limped away.

Looking at the back of Lin Ruis departure, Gwen holding the note in his hand was a little distracted. The development of this situation is a bit strange. “He didnt suddenly rush out and get hurt by me just to invite me to his birthday party, did he” “Gwen has already guessed Lin Rui purpose with a little thought and she didnt know what it will be like for Lin Rui to know that his hard acting had been seen through.

“But what if it is Dad is always in charge of me. To attend my classmates birthday party is the first step for me to escape from Dads control. Besides, this handsome boy with black eyes and black hair is not bad either.” Gwen smiled and whispered as she looked at the phone numbers on the paper. Then Gwen got back in her car and went back home.

Not knowing that his poor acting skills had already been seen through, Lin Rui was waiting for the guests at his door. Lin Ruis mother Mary works for a company in Queens New York, while his father Lin Hai inherits his ancestral career: a relatively large Chinese restaurant. The restaurant is also located in Queens, so Lin Ruis home is naturally located in Queens.

It was just five oclock, half an hour before Lin Ruis appointment with his friends, but he looked at the door in a hurry. Todays birthday is not just a celebration of Lin Ruis sixteenth birthday, but an important part of his plan. Its important for him to break into Peter and Harrys circle and Gwen is a very important part of that.

“Hey! Jackson!” Just as Lin Rui was wandering around the door, Tom turned directly from his yard and held a wrapped gift box in his hand.

“Happy birthday!” Tom handed the gift box in his hand and shouted his best wishes. Behind Toms back, his parents were also coming this way, but they were on the road in front of the yard.

“Thank you, Tom!” Lin Rui sincerely thanked Tom for his gift. He did ignore Tom because of the Quest these days. Fortunately, Tom didnt care much and Lin Rui didnt want his good friend, who had been with him since childhood, to be dissatisfied with him.

“Jackson, congratulations on your sixteen birthday!” Behind Tom, his parents also smiled and wished Lin Rui.

“Thank you! Uncle Smith, Aunt Lucy! Welcome to my birthday party!” A few steps from the door, Lin Rui warmly welcomed Toms parents. As a child, Toms parents took good care of him. He also completed a lot of small Quests at Tom, including Quest who smashed Uncle Smiths tires.

“Well, we are going in. I heard that you still have a few classmates coming today You are having fun! We adults will talk among ourselves.” Toms father smiled and said before entering the house.

“Hey! Jackson, which girl did you invite Why dont I know that you have met new girls in school You said that she is not in our class, who is it So mysterious!” After the Smiths entered the house, Tom came up to Lin Rui and asked in a curious manner.

“Whats the rush You can see it later anyway. Also, let me remind you, dont hit on her!” Lin Rui, who knows Toms habits, warned him in advance that Gwen is not likely to look at this dumb big fellow.

“I know! I wont touch the girl that you like!” Tom thought that the mysterious girl was someone that Lin Rui liked so he quickly agreed.

“Actually… forget it, you know it soon anyway.” Seeing Tom guessing wrong, Lin Rui originally intended to explain but thinking about it he hesitated as to not let Tom pulled in his plans.


Just as Lin Rui and Tom finished their chat, a car engine sounded outside Lin Ruis yard. Both Lin Rui and Tom looked out.


With almost unheard brakes, an extended version of the luxury Rolls-Royce slowly stopped outside Lin Ruis yard. Needless to say, Osborns son is here. Although Harry never liked what his father had arranged for him, he couldnt refuse it.



When Lin Rui and Tom walked into the front yard, Harry and Peter had already stepped out of the car. Although Peters family was in Queens, it was also a long way from Lin Ruis, so Harry picked him up by the way.

“Hey! Peter! Harry! Welcome to my house!” As he walked out, Lin Rui welcomed them with open hands.

“Jackson! Happy birthday!”

“Happy Birthday!” Both Peter and Harry gave Lin Rui a simple hug and wished him a happy birthday.

“Here, this is our gift! Only one, you dont mind, right After separating from each other, Peter handed Lin Rui a wrapped gift box.

“Thank you! No, Im just glad that you guys can come!” Taking the gift, Lin Rui said with a smile.

Whirl ~

Just as Lin Rui was about to usher Peter and Harry into the room, another car pulled up outside the yard and stopped at the gate. Seeing the car parked outside, Lin Ruis eyes brightened as the most important part of his plan finally arrived.

“Eh Did Jackson invite anyone else” Peter asked curiously when he saw Lin Rui passing by and approaching the car at the gate. How many people did he invite And looking at Lin Ruis actions, it seems that the person who came here is more important than them.

“Heh heh! Youll know in a minute. Seeing Peter and Harry looking at him, Tom said mysteriously.

“Its so mysterious!”

Lin Rui walked to the car with a smile on his face. Just as he was ready to help Gwen out of the door like a gentleman, the door of the car suddenly opened. And then the figure that came out of the door stopped in front of Lin Rui, Lin Rui suddenly stopped because it was an uncle in police uniform.

“Jackson-Lin Is that your birthday party” The police uncle who got off the car glanced up and down at Lin Rui, then asked lightly.

“Hey~Yes, police officer!” Lin Rui was shocked seeing a police officer and he responded a little late. At this time, Lin Rui remembered that Gwen had a daughter-controlling father who is a Police Captain and his daughter is coming to attend her classmates birthday. Of course, he would send Gwen over and come with her to see which stinky boy dared to ask his daughter out.

Just when the atmosphere outside was getting awkward, the back door of the car opened and this time Gwen in a light blue dress came out. She walked directly to Lin Rui, just in front of her father.

“Dad! Say its just for me. What are you doing Gwen glared at her father unhappily and complained. Although her Dad promised that she could go to her friends party, he had to send her himself in person to rest assured. Gwen could not help it.

“Nothing. Just saying hello to your classmate.” Seeing that his daughter was upset, Police Captain George no longer squinted and smiled at Lin Rui.

“Oh, yes. Captain was just saying hello to me.” Seeing Gwens dad smiled at him, Lin Rui also told Gwent the same thing.

“Okay, Dad, you sent me too, you can go now.”

“Well, Ill pick you up when youre finished. Remember, dont be too late!” The last sentence of Captain George was obviously addressed to Lin Rui.

After telling the last sentence, Gwens father finally drove away. Gwen turned to look at Lin Rui, her face was awkward, she seemed to apologize for her fathers attitude.

“Its all right. Lets go ahead, I want to introduce you to some of my friends.” Lin Rui, of course, would not mind the attitude of a daughter controlling father, He just smiled at Gwen.

“Well, lets go,” Gwen promised and then took Lin Ruis arm and walked casually into the yard. In a moment, Lin Ruis body became stiff but he recovered in an instant.

“Is that Captain George and his daughter I didnt expect Jackson to be able to invite such a girl!” Harry, standing in the yard, said with amazement when he saw the two coming towards them. Osborne is one of the worlds top company, so he knew about Captain George of the New York Police Department.

“Ah! What are you talking about” As early as Gwen got out of the car, Peter could not take his eyes off of her and he did not notice what Harry had said and asked again in amazement. Look at Peter, Lin Ruis plan is at least on track.


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