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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 24 Rescue

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Chapter 24 Rescue



Near an empty street, a dark shadow rushed past the wall. The figure hidden in the shadow could only be seen by his outlines when it was illuminated by the street lamp. His speed was too fast.

Lin Rui, who left home quietly, did not take the subway this time. Instead, heborrowed a car and rushed to the position shown on the Allied arm guard. He got out of the car three blocks from where Matt was, in case anyone noticed him. Then he switched to Phantom Suit and headed for Matt quickly and covertly.



Suddenly the fast-moving figure stopped and before Lin Rui appeared a broad river, the Hudson River across New York. In front of Lin Rui, there is a small river port, besides a seemingly ordinary concrete factory building, there are some containers pushed together beside the port.

Feeling the position of Matt on the Allied arm guard, Lin Ruis eyes slowly focused on the factory in front of him. “Matt is right there!” I dont know how he is now. I hope I can go on my own!”

After locating Matt, Lin Rui eyes flashed as he rushed out again. This time, however, he paid more attention to hiding in shadows, which had already brought Phantom Suits effect to its limit.

“Roger, you said youve been torturing the blind man for almost two days, but he said nothing. Does he even know anything”

“I wasnt going to keep him, but this guy had a lot of connections with the Russian gangs and he is a wanted man by them. Whether he is given there or killed here, it wont really make any difference, but Boss doesnt know where this guy is related to the one weve been fighting against. Thats why we have been keeping him here in hopes that he will be able to get our guy here.”

Just as Lin Rui was heading for the port, two tattoo men were chatting in front of a container in the concrete factory building. There was a simple room opposite the container and there were about thirty people in the whole factory building. From what they said, he can see that Matt was really caught by Jeston Gang, but he doesnt know how they caught Matt with their strength.

“But its been two days. Will that guy come Maybe he didnt even know that the blind man was caught by us, or that he didnt dare to come over, or maybe he couldnt find it here.” The man who asked the question raised his doubts again.

“Oh, this blind man was not caught by us! If it hadnt been for those two, we would never have caught this guy. And if that guy really doesnt come, hell have to be killed. Whats the use of a useless bait Roger is still shocked by the fight he fought two days ago. It was not a normal fight.

“Where did the two people come from I was not there in the fight two days ago. What the hell happened!”

“Ah! I dont know where they came from, but they came here on our bosses orders. But I can tell you that they are not normal human beings. Including the blind who have been imprisoned here for two days!” Looking back a little bit on the fight two days ago, Roger reminded his companions a little and at the end, he gave a sign towards the container behind him with his eyes.

“Not a normal human! Isnt that too exaggerated!” Hearing Rogers words, his companion was obviously not convinced.

“Hum! So what do you think were doing here Do you think that so many people are needed to deal with ordinary guys And if that Queens guy comes over, its not us who is going to deal with him, its...” Roger looked at the small room opposite to them when he said the last sentence. He didnt know who was in it.

“In that room is the person who caught the blind man!”

“Well, it was Boss who paid a lot of money to them to come here and deal with that guy from Queens. If he really dares to come, they will make sure that he wouldnt return! ” Roger vowed that no one would doubt the strength of the inhuman people after they had seen their abilities.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

While Roger was talking to his gang colleague who had just changed shifts, a few special sounds came out of the huge workshop, like something moving at a high speed. Then, a series of loud noises burst out over the factory building and the smoke and a pungent smell came down in an instant.

“Its him! He did come! Avoid it! Roger, who had just talked big about the two powerful people in the room, had run towards the edge of the factory building with his head in his arms the next moment. Before he ran away, he had not forgotten to remind the new people beside him. However, the newcomer had disappeared before he reminded him, and he seemed to have noticed the unusual movement above the factory from the very beginning.

“Dont panic! Wear the infrared night vision device!”

“Groups close to each other! Dont shoot at will!”

At the next moment when the accident suddenly broke out in the factory building, a powerful voice came from some panicked people, arranging the enemy affairs in an orderly manner. Jeston Gang has suffered a lot from Lin Ruis attack, and apparently knows a lot about his usual methods. Although he was fast and powerful, once there was no smoke for hiding, he would be nothing in front of heavy fire.


Just as everyone in the Jeston Gang below took out their guns as insurance and quickly gathered together, a figure covered in a black overcoat burst from the smoke fell straight to the ground. And this persons destination is also very clever, he just fell in the middle of a group of four people as they were backing towards each others back and hadnt yet finished their circle.

“Over there!”

Without being reminded, such a large movement had already attracted the attention of the four retreaters, and just as they turned around quickly, a cold blade light had already passed behind them.


Four consecutive unsearchable sharp edges crossed the sound of the flesh. The next moment, the four people who turned around had no movement.


While the movement of four people around him stopped, the figure in the middle has instantly rushed out of the encirclement circle, towards the factorys more open space.

Pop Pop Pop! ~

After the figure rushed out, the four people who stayed in the same place burst open at various places and blood rushed out at the same time and then they fell on the ground one by one, dead. Killing four people in one second. Thats Lin Ruis strength now. Although the sneak attack and weapons played a big role but he does have such strength now.

“Ah! Look out! Hes over there!!!

“This way! This way!

Four people were killed at once and the leader who had given the order before screamed in a panic.

Whirl ~

At that moment, the smoke falling from above finally fell shrouding Lin Rui who has just rushed out again. Its a good game for Lin Rui to hide again after a hit. However, although the current smoke can help him cause some trouble to Jeston Gangs guys, it is no longer fatal, because they are already ready, everyone wears infrared night vision, especially restraining his smoke concealment ability.


Another blade flashed through the smoke, accompanied by a scream that stopped halfway.


Bang bang!

The smoke shrouded Lin Ruis appearance and his momentum and finally, someone could not help shooting in the smoke. Although they knew that the chance of hitting the ghost figure was very small, they could not let him kill them all without putting up a fight.

Rub! Rub! Rub!

Under the feet of the wind, Lin Rui shuttled quickly in the crowd and bullet rain. His right hand holding a long blade full of melted flame lines, each slash will kill an enemy.

“System, this blade is good! Its a Hundred Refined Divine Weapon, the 200 Reward Points werent wasted! ” While killing his opponents in the factory, Lin Rui can also take time to speak to the system in his mind.

In fact, after confirming that Matt was in the factory, Lin Rui knew that there must be a lot of Jeston Gang guys guarding it. It would be impossible to rush through the gate. However, the roof of such a large factory building is relatively shabby, and Lin Rui can easily open a gap in the roof. In this way, he threw a smoke bomb from above and rushed down the smoke to hit Jeston Gang by surprise.

This time, Lin Rui no longer held anything back and directly bought a Hundred Refined Divine Weapon worth 200 Reward points from the System Shop. And because he practices “Soaring Dragon Art” every day, his strength is much higher than it was at first. If Jeston Gang keeps comparing him to his previous strength, then they are making a big mistake.

“You better settle down or you wont be able to save Matt so easily today.” Hearing Lin Ruis words, the system reminds him faintly.

“Is that right Then Ill show you! ” Its clear that Jeston Gangs are not his opponents, Lin Rui said.


With a sense of responsibility to rescue Matt and a willingness to win the system, Lin Rui is more sharp and quick. Jeston Gangs guard in the factory has fallen nearly half, but so far Lin Ruis side has not been touched. Although they did see Lin Rui with night vision, they didnt shoot him so quickly. They can only watch as Lin Rui shuttle in the crowd and killed their teammate one after another.

“Whats the difficulty Its easy for me to save Matt. Im afraid the system doesnt know how good I am now. Although the effect of the smoke bomb is almost over, Lin Ruis opponents are almost all defeated. Todays rescue plan seems easier than expected. Lin Rui thought in silence.

Buzz! ~

And just as Lin Rui swings his blade forward again, a sound of a sharp blade breaking into the air comes to his ear. At the same time, Insight Technique, which he has been keeping at a high level, suddenly issued a dangerous warning!

At the critical moment, Lin Ruis long blade in his hand forcibly stopped the momentum of splitting out and circled an arc to block his right side.

Ding! Ding! Ding Ding!


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