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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 18 Visiting The Memorial

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Chapter 18 Visiting The Memorial

Bang! Bang bang bang!

“Hey! Jackson!”


Bang bang bang!

“Jackson! Jackson!”


“What~” In Toms persevering knock on the door, Lin Ruis weak response came out of the room.

“What are you doing Didnt you have an appointment with Peter to visit the National Memorial today Did you forget!” Tom, who was outside, shouted loudly, apparently thinking that Lin Rui had forgotten.

“Ah! Visit the National Memorial!” Hearing Toms words, Lin Rui in the room seemed to be startled. Then Tom heard a rustle. It was Lin Rui who got up from the bed.


After waiting at the door for another two minutes, the wooden door in front of Tom finally opened, and Lin Rui, standing at the door, looked as dejected as if he had spent the night doing something unpleasant.

“Hey! Dude, whats wrong with you Seeing Lin Ruis apparently tired look, Tom asked curiously. Yesterday was Saturday, and they didnt have much activity. Why did Lin Rui look kidney-deficient

“Nothing. I had a nightmare and couldnt sleep all night.” Shifting his hand, Lin Rui answered energetically.

No, it was not a nightmare but the abused he suffered in the training space. And the time limit was only half an hour, but the time his consciousness remained in the space seems to be extraordinarily long, Lin Rui did not even know when he came out. If he hadnt practiced Soaring Dragon Art later, he might have looked worse in the morning that he is now.

“Well, we dont have to go today, well go next week. Anyway, the memorial hall isnt running away so we dont have to go today.” Seeing Lin Ruis miserable state, Tom was worried and suggested an alternative.

“Er! No, I just havent had a good rest. I just need to wake up properly and I am good so you dont have to worry. Hearing Toms words, Lin Rui quickly waved his hand and refused his offer. Going to the National Memorial Museum was something they had discussed a long time ago. How could they be delayed by such a trifle little thing

“I see! Ill take a bath first. You can wait for me. After that, Lin Rui got into the bathroom as he really needed to wake up.

“Know it! I take a shower first, you can wait for me.” After finishing this sentence, Lin Rui got into the washroom, and he really needs to be well awake.

The slightly cool water washed over Lin Ruis thin body and sobered him up.

“System!” Lin Rui, who was very upset, shouted at the system in his mind as he had to talk to him.

“Whats the matter If you are abused in training space, dont come to me. Its your choice. As soon as the system appeared, Lin Rui was blocked by this sentence.

“You!... Although it is my choice, you should have reminded me that I cant quit in the middle of the training! I was abused for so long, I would have been killed by Matt if I hadnt relied on my speed to circle around him! “Thinking about his miserable appearance in the training space, Lin Rui shuddered.” Hes training, not looking for abuse.

“The introduction of the E Grade training card is very clear. It can only be used three times, half an hour each time. Its just that you didnt understand it yourself.” Hearing Lin Ruis complaint, the system responded faintly.

Lin Rui: “...” Indeed, if you could quit at any time, you would not be able to use it only three times, which is really my own mistake.

“Forget it, this opportunity was a waste. Next time I have to choose the training object well otherwise, it wont have any effect on me!” No more complaints. Lin Rui is thinking about how to make good use of the remaining two training opportunities.

“Actually, although the training space can only be completed once the time is up, you can choose to pause or change the training target.” Just when Lin Rui has put his conversation with the system on hold, the system voice came again with a phrase that was clearly not introduced in E Grades training card.

Lin Rui: “...”


In the washroom, the cool water sprayed down seems to be pouring out the anger of Lin Rui.

An hour later, Lin Rui and Tom had already boarded the subway to Manhattan and Peter and Harry would join them on the road.

“Jackson, did you put on makeup” On the subway, Tom looked at Lin Rui who was already recovering and asked in a low voice seeing as Lin Rui seemed half alive an hour ago.

“Didnt I say that I just had a nightmare and forgot to take a bath.” In his heart, he doesnt know how many times he scolded the system. Lin Rui answered Tom with a smile on his face.

“Oh, yeah. But its been a long time since I have been to the National Memorial. Theres a separate World War II Memorial. The key is... Hearing Lin Ruis explanation, Tom stopped asking more questions and instead talked about their destination today.

“The key is that there is Captain America inside, isnt it” Lin Rui took over what Tom was going to say.

The new Vigilante in Queens has already made Tom very excited, let alone Captain America, the Superhero of World War II Tom is a loyal fan of Captain America. He doesnt know how many Captain Americas cards he has collected since he was a child.

“Heh heh! Youre right! Its cool to see Captain Americas videos at close range! Dont you think so” Not embarrassed by Lin Ruis slightly funny remarks, Tom said seriously.

“Of course! I also like Captain America!” However, if you know that Captain America is still not dead and would be coming out before long, I dont know if you would become crazy or not! Of course, Lin Rui only said the first sentence and the second sentence wont be said to Tom.

“Im going to take some pictures of Captain America today and youll cover for me then.” After a hard trip to the National Memorial, Tom did not intend to return empty-handed, whispering to Lin Rui.

“Okay, but dont drag me down if you get caught.” Lin Rui reluctantly agreed, no matter what Lin Rui did, Tom was going to take some pictures.

“Rest assured!”

The high-speed subway quickly passed several stops while Lin Rui was chatting with Tom. The next stop was where they got off. Peter and Harry should be waiting for them outside.



Lin Rui and Tom, who are at the door, have already rushed out in the next moment they opened. Although it is not a working day, there are still a lot of people on the subway. They dont want to be squeezed.

“Hey! Jackson! Tom!”

Just as Lin Rui and Tom just rushed out of the subway, Peters voice came from a distance and it seemed that they had been waiting outside for some time.

“Hey! When did you arrive They met with Peter and Lin Rui asked casually.

“We just arrived not long ago.”

“Lets not waste our time here, hurry up!” Seeing Lin Rui and Peter talking about irrelevant things, Tom urged them from behind.

“Well, lets hurry up, Tom cant wait to see his idol!” Laughing, Lin Rui clapped Tom on the shoulder and said.

“Im also a fan of Captain America! Tom, it seems that we still have the same hobbies!” Hearing Lin Ruis words, Peter happily turned towards Tom.

“Is that right I just bought the latest edition cards of Captain America the other day! Tom was happy to talk to Peter when he saw that he had the same idol as himself.

“Ah! Id like to buy one too, but its too expensive!” Peter said with some envy that his family conditions did not allow him to talk so much about his hobbies.

“Come to my house when we get back. I have many. Ill give you one then!” Tom said generously.

“Thank you!”

Lin Rui and Harry, who were standing at one side, looked helplessly at each other when they saw the two Captain American loyalists chatting, and finally shook their heads silently.

Along the way, Tom and Peter had been talking about the heroic deeds of Captain America during World War II. They all walked to the door of the National Memorial Hall without stopping. Lin Rui, standing beside them, had to interrupt them. “Hey! Captain Americas two little fans, were here! “

“Ah! We are here!”

“I heard that Captain Americas wartime clothes are in this collection. I dont know if its true

At Lin Ruis reminder, the two people who were talking energetically responded, but Toms next sentence made Lin Rui have a few black lines on his head. Why does Tom care about the clothes Captain Americans used to wear Loyal fans are a terrible force! Lin Rui couldnt help thinking of it.

“Lets go in. Today is the weekend. There should be a lot of people coming to the memorial.” Harry reminded him in time as he was worried that Lin Rui would not stand Tom.

“Lets go!” Lin Rui first walked inside the memorial and Tom was excited to follow.

A few minutes later, while Lin Rui and Harry were still wandering around the presidential exhibition area, Tom and Peter had already discussed going to the World War II exhibition area to see Captain America, but they had not left directly because of Lin Rui and Harry.

“Ah! I cant stand these two fans! Lets go. We know all these histories anyway. Looking at Tom and Peter, Lin Rui said helplessly to Harry beside him.

“Well, lets go.” Harry certainly doesnt care. He has been to the National Memorial Hall before. This time he came to accompany a few friends.

“Haha! Lets Go! Lets Go! Captain America is waiting for us!” Seeing Lin Rui and Harry finally came over, Tom shouted excitedly. Of course, his move attracted a lot of attention around him.

“Heh heh! Lets go!” Knowing that he was too excited and disturb others, Tom lowered his voice and said again.

Then, Lin Rui and his team went to the World War II Pavilion at the National Memorial. Lin Rui is actually very curious about Captain America. The toys and handmade items on the market are not as real as the audio and video in the memorial hall. And during World War II, Captain America wasnt just a hero.


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