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Run Away

Yin Rui’s cheap father finally wanted to meet him after putting him aside for days.

The only problem was that Yin Nanhan called him during the night, and the one inside Yin Rui’s body now is Bai Fan.

Bai Fan had many worries in his heart on the way to the main house.

Yin Nanhan sat on the main seat as he carefully judged his forgotten son.

Hm, he wasn’t as much of a coward as he expected, not bad at all.

Yin Nanhan was very satisfied with the fact that Yin Rui had similar features to him.

Knowing that this boy is truly his biological son, Yin Nanhan felt happy after seeing Yin Rui, especially that bold gaze he had when he came in.

As a sect master’s child, he should have some of that boldness.

In conclusion, Yin Nanhan was very much pleased with Yin Rui, albeit he’s a little too thin.

He sighed as he thought about the investigations he made into Yin Rui’s past.

Due to some past experiences, Yin Nanhan hated the competition between children for the heir position, so he did not give a bit of attention to Yin Rui, but he did not expect this to happen…

While Yin Nanhan was judging his son, Bai Fan was also judging  this irresponsible father.

Bai Fan was actually quite shocked, he expected Yin Nanhan to be an old man full of white hair, but turns out he wasn’t old at all, in fact he was a handsome middle-aged man.

Thinking about it, it made sense, people in ancient times married young, Yin Jin was only 10 or so years old, so Yin Rui’s father must at least be around 34 years old, quite young indeed… Bai Fan thought of a crucial problem…he can still give birth.

If he took in a new wife, and gave birth to another son, then wouldn’t Yin Rui be thrown away once again

Just when Bai Fan was having his thoughts running wild, a voice came from the main seat, “Write a few words and let me see.”

“Ah” Bai Fan came back to his senses

Yin Nanhan knitted his brows while thinking, “Is this child unable to write” It didn’t seem impossible since he was neglected for so many years in that dilapidated courtyard, not even having sufficient meals to eat, not to mention books.

As cold and ruthless Yin Nanhan was, he couldn’t help but soften his tone, “Write some words and let me see.”

Bai Fan finally heard what he said clearly, looking at the servants quickly placing a brush pen and paper in front of him, Bai Fan couldn’t help but feel even worse.

Under Yin Nanhan’s gaze, he gritted his teeth.

‘Well, it’s time to embarrass myself.

Yin Rui, I’m so sorry.’

Bai Fan raised that ancient soft tip brush pen, and wrote a few words.

Seeing that the child in front of him could write words, Yin Nanhan’s eyes flashed a gleam of gratitude.

But after seeing Bai Fan’s words… The sudden gratitude he once had all perished.

He is known to be expressionless, but his face right now bizarrely twitched.

Yin Nanhan stayed silent for a while, then faced the servants and ordered, “Go get some teachers, starting from tomorrow, teach the young master from the basics.

Basic……Bai Fan silently contemplated his life.

Since Yin Nanhan has decided to recognise this child as his from now on, then he should take care of him.

He waved his hand to usher Bai Fan closer, then suddenly stretched out a hand to touch Bai Fan’s body.

This made Bai Fan shiver so badly, but after a while he stopped. 

Yin Nanhan nodded, “Your martial base is quite good, but since you weren’t taken care of properly, the best time for you to practice martial arts has passed, but if you start training now along with medicinal baths then you can make up for the lost time.”

Only then did Bai Fan realize that this was the rumored mogu*, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

Every man has a martial arts dream in his heart, and now a rumored martial arts master has appeared in front of him, even if Bai Fan views this man as an incompetent being of a father and extremely contemptuous, he was still very curious about his martial arts.

Yin Nanhan had already matured, so he naturally saw Bai Fan’s subtle changes that were difficult to detect, and a smile appeared in his eyes, “Since you’re here, let’s start tonight, in the future come to me every day to take a medicinal bath.”

Bai Fan nodded, the servant quickly brought in a large tub and hot water, all of them then withdrew.

As for the preparation of the medicinal bath, Yin Nanhan himself personally prepared it.

There was no outsider here, the formula of this medicinal bath seems to be some sort of important secret.

Knowing this, Bai Fan watched carefully how Yin Nanhan administered the medicine.

When Yin Nanhan noticed Bai Fan’s gaze, he nodded in his heart.

“This medicinal bath is an original method created by mythical doctors, which is known by little, the medicinal effect is very miraculous.

It can restore people’s root bones to the best period for practicing martial arts.”

Bai Fan nodded while listening, secretly thinking that this is the real deal here.

After Yin Nanhan prepared the medicine, he let Bai Fan sit in the bath.

What bothered Bai Fan the most was that after he sat in, he found out that the tub had a lid.

He watched Yin Nanhan put a wooden lid with a hole in the middle.

He was left with only one head outside, and his entire body was stuffed in the steamer-like tub.

After a while, Bai Fan’s forehead was covered with beads of sweat.

At first Bai Fan thought that he would be fine as long as he endured it for a while, but the steaming was really endless, and he didn’t know what was put into the medicinal bath.

Gradually, his skin felt itchy and unbearable.

It felt like small worms were digging into his body, he was in pain.

When Yin Nanhan said that he could come out, Bai Fan jumped out of it so fast to escape.

“The longer the medicinal bath, the better.

This is your first time soaking today, and the soaking time will gradually increase in the future.”

Slowly… increase…Bai Fan’s face began to turn pale.

Since then, Bai Fan’s miserable life has begun.

Every night when he opens his eyes, he has to go to the hellish medicinal bath.

Then every morning, he needs to wake up and take his also hellish university classes.

What’s even more tragic is that in order to make his handwriting similar to Yin Rui, he had to practice calligraphy even during the day.

This surprised the people in dormitory 509.

They came closer to take a look, thinking that it was just a joke, just to find out that he’s actually trying his best, and the words were actually decent.

What was even more strange was that the calligraphy was written in traditional Chinese.

The people in dormitory 509 thought that Bai Fan was just playing with something new, and he would give up after two or three days of playing around.

They would come forward to tease Bai Fan when he was practicing calligraphy, “Is it because you played too much Warcraft Stuck in the fantasy Or is it because you’re interested in a girl from the Chinese department”

Bai Fan didn’t say a word to reply to all of this, and he practiced hard.

As time went on, people in dormitory 509 realised that something was wrong.

After so many days, Bai Fan insisted on practicing for at least two hours every day.

He spent all his afternoon writing words, and this never stopped for a day.

In this way, Bai Fan’s handwriting became better and better, Bai Fan also borrowed a lot of ancient documents from the library, and recited it every day.

But of course, this is not because he wanted to.

After all, he had to spend half of the time in that world.

When taking the medicinal bath, Yin Nanhan would test him for what he studied during the day depending on his mood.

In order not to have the word incompetent being associated with Yin Rui, he could only re-learn what Yin Rui studied during the day when he had any time.

Bai Fan thinks that he and Yin Rui are both poor souls, because he knows that Yin Rui is just as busy as him.

After all, most of the teaching and training are done during the day, and it can be said that replacing Yin Rui at night was the easiest part.

What’s even more unfortunate is that graduation is approaching, and students are already looking for jobs.

They are all busy with their graduation thesis and graduation necessities.

In short, they are extremely busy.

Fortunately, Bai Fan had an omnipotent assistant by his side, otherwise Bai Fan was really worried about whether he would be able to graduate.

“Ow~ Luo Shuai, you’re not fair! Unfair! Bad! Why do you only help Bai Fan do the laundry You should help me too.” Qian Qiang looked at Luo Shuai who was drying both his and Bai Fan’s clothes on the balcony.

“Shoo, go away,” Luo Shuai’s words are direct.

He picked up the next piece of clothing, shook it, and placed it on the hanger.

When he found out that it was a pair of small white boxers, the smile on Luo Shuai’s face turned strange.

Then he turned to glance at Bai Fan.

“You two must be hooking up, tell me, when did this happen*” Qian Qiang puffed his chest.

     “You just knew Luo Shuai has long been one of my people.” Bai Fan, who was lying on the bed, took off the book covering his face and smirked nastily.

Hearing this, Luo Shuai’s face became a little red and hot.

After quickly drying all the clothes, he went into the bedroom and turned on his computer.

“Bai Fan, the thesis writer has been contacted, this one has a good reputation and the price is fair.

The graduation thesis paper will be delivered in a few days.”

Bai Fan smiled at Luo Shuai, “Thanks for your hard work.”

“I want it! I want it too! You guys are so treacherous, you didn’t even tell me you found one!” Qian Qiang immediately jumped up and threw himself in front of Luo Shuai.

“Here, call them yourself.” Luo Shuai calmly threw Qian Qiang a phone number.

Hiring a graduate thesis writer is not a secret.

University graduation theses are rarely written by oneself.

Most of them are pieced together on the Internet.

If you are willing to spend a little money, you can even hire a professional to make one for you, and they are absolutely high-quality.

Bai Fan originally planned to make one by himself, so he could be a little sincere.

But he’s been so busy lately that he could only come up with this bad idea.

As time approached graduation day, Bai Fan felt that Luo Shuai spent more time wandering in front of him, and he seemed to be in hesitation all the time, this made him very puzzled.

But the heavy school work took too much energy, so he didn’t think deeply about it.

Until… Luo Shuai’s confession.

That’s right, Luo Shuai confessed to him.

His best friend, who was also a man, confessed to him.

He even kissed him.

The meaning was clear, he was not allowed to have any confusion.

Bai Fan felt that the shock in all his life accumulated was less compared to the one he received today.

Bai Fan immediately refused.

He didn’t even pay attention to what he said himself.

He only knew that Luo Shuai’s face turned cold, and then he ran away.

He left.

He quickly finished the required paperworks and left school.

Yes, he escaped, he escaped quickly, he thought it must be an absurd dream, as long as he left here, he would be able to forget about it.

Bai Fan went back to his parents to stay for a month.

After calming down, he went to Z city to look for a job, which was the closest to his hometown.

He felt that it was nice here, no one knew him, and he would never coincidentally meet Luo Shuai.

The first two months in City Z were really hard.

The rented house lacked many things, the newly found job, the unfamiliar colleagues and environment, and what was even more difficult was that Yin Rui’s teachers actually increased the schoolwork.

And Yin Nanhan also began to let him squat and teach him some things about acupuncture points of the human body.

Everything got mixed up and Bai Fan no longer had time to think about Luo Shuai.

He had to adapt to work during the day, practice calligraphy, read books and memorize acupoint maps when he had a little spare time.

After sleeping at 8, he needs to take a medicinal bath, be tested by Yin Nanhan, and then learn something new.

Bai Fan felt that he had mastered an amazing skill, using calm expressions and movements to accomplish several complicated things.

Translator’s note:

Mogu* = Mogu is a kind of martial art skill.

By touching a person’s skull, hand bones and body skeleton, one can infer his personality, fortune, future life, talent etc.

(not really real but hey this is a novel right) You can also think of it as Osteopathy…if you’d like…

You two must be hooking up, tell me, when did this happen* = he’s joking, usually said when two people gang up and betray someone.

But then, the uh… the Chinese words used to describe this could be interpreted in 2 different ways, 1.

Traitor  2.

illicit…sexual partner.

(That’s why Luo Shuai blushed.)

Luvchild: Well, it seems like we’re late once again.

Sorry about the inconvenience but we’ve been having exams for the past month and it’ll continue until mid-May.

So expect some late updates like this


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