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Being Honest

Bai Fan worked really hard to collect a big stash of dandelions; there was clean water in the courtyard to wash them.

To avoid anyone finding out about him cooking, he specifically used an empty building.

Everything went smoothly, except for the fact that there was an earthworm when he was washing the dandelions, but fortunately nothing else happened.

So Bai Fan was able to successfully cook the dandelions. 

At this moment, Bai Fan’s stomach had been growling for a long while, and as soon as the dish was ready, he immediately took a bite.

Although there was no salt, the taste was not as good as the one made by the glasses guy.

But he was so hungry he felt like the dish was warm and delicious. 

In the end, Bai Fan devoured all of the soup, after finishing he happily rubbed his stomach, this was the first time he ever felt full. 

Tonight is the most pleasant night for Bai Fan ever since he came to this world.

Not needing to feel hunger is truly the best. 

After resting, Bai Fan washed the leftover dandelions, putting them to the side.

He then meticulously wrote the instructions on making a dandelion soup on the cloth left by Yin Rui.

Bai Fan could finally sleep with peace, with this, Yin Rui wouldn’t need to starve during the day tomorrow. 

The both of them relied on eating dandelions for several days, however, Bai Fan knew.

Only consuming dandelions is not very good for a child’s growth.

During the day when he has free time, he would search for different ingredients that could be found in the wild.

For instance, he would learn some tricks, for example, how to open a lock. 

Bai Fan searched up for tips on how to open a lock and alike, and even bought a few locks to test them.

His roommates looked at him weirdly, Qian Qiang even confronted him, “Bro I must know… Is there something bothering you..

Don’t go down a dark path…”

Bai Fan only replied with an inscrutable smile. 

Bai Fan is surprisingly talented, without anyone to teach him, only depending on the internet with their disorderly methods, he successfully opened a lock.

His roommates saw him in a different light, they all crowded around him with respectful gazes and pleaded, “Big brother you’re so cool, please teach us.”

Possessing the ability to break open a modern lock, Bai Fan confidently scoured for an ancient lock in the yard, and as he predicted, an ancient lock had much more simpler structures.

He was able to easily open it, during the night Bai Fan would open all those old locks, aiming to open them within a short time.

After his many attempts, Bai Fan had no problem opening them now, he was even able to complete this feat in a short time. 

Bai Fan knew it was time.

It was his time to walk out of this yard, if he wanted to survive here, he needed to know what he should do.

Since both he and Yin Rui are using the same body, then maintaining its health is the top priority.

However, the current situation is not exactly good, stealing food is an activity that is both dangerous and very easily exposed.

Bai Fan must admit, as an adult, he is unable to enjoy the little bit of food that a kid provides for him every night. 

After making the decision, Bai Fan finally walked out of that yard. 

Consequently, the next day when Yin Rui woke up, he discovered that his pillow had 2 huge steamed buns on top of it.

Yin Rui was stunned for a long while, only to reveal a smile and hugged both of those steamed buns. 

Ever since Bai Fan started this little activity during the night, they were gradually able to have 3 meals a day.

After all, with Bai Fan’s mature way of thinking and his lock-opening ability, he would be so much better at stealing compared to Yin Rui who was still a child. 

Ok, maybe stealing better than a child is not something to be proud of. 

But as they both continued on communicating, the time Yin Rui spent in his own thoughts increased overtime.

He would stare at his own hands for a very long time, his index finger had a small graze.

He would feel pain whenever he touched it, he did not have any memory of the appearance of this graze.

To add, it did not look like an injury, but more like it was caused by long-term moulding. 

These few days his stomach had constantly been full, so he didn’t have to go through the secret passageway anymore.

He would clean himself up before going to sleep, but on the next day there would be dirt that came out of nowhere on his clothes somehow.

If it was just the clothes then it would be fine, but his shoes too.

After noticing it one time before, he would continuously scrub his shoes clean before going to sleep, but on the next day, he would find his feet were covered in wet dirt.

His shoes were left by his late mother, it was already starting to get too small for even him now, so just who is able to wear such small shoes

As he connected the strings together, it started pointing in an odd direction.

Yin Rui’s suspicions started to pile up. 

Bai Fan always thought he hid it well, until one day he woke up to see a piece of cloth in his grasp, to realise that he had underestimated this kid. 

Bai Fan’s emotions were in chaos, he didn’t know whether he should tell the child the truth.

Even so, if the child had already noticed, then continuing on hiding the facts would be impossible.

Although he had not truly met the child, from all those little messages left by him, Bai Fan knew that the child was quite smart.

Hopefully…he can accept reality. 

The cloth Bai Fan left on the bed was blown by the wind, revealing 4 words: Are You a ghost 

That night Bai Fan spent a long time thinking and whipped up the longest message he had ever made. 

The following day when Yin Rui woke up, he found the cloth in his grasp was filled with many words. 

Contents as shown: Yin Rui ah, let me tell you something, but don’t be shocked.

And don’t be scared, big brother is a good person.

Aren’t you always curious about where I’m hiding Actually I’m inside your body, yes, that is to say, my soul will appear in your body during the night.

You really don’t need to be scared, I’m not a ghost, I’m not dead yet.

I also have my own body, appearing inside your body isn’t something that I can control.

Instead, when night time comes, I will automatically arrive inside your body.

If it is explained like this, do you understand Your body during the day is you, during the night it’s me.

So you could also say that, you are me, I am you. 

Reaching the end Bai Fan felt good adding “you are me, I am you” he could almost imagine the child frowning and getting dizzy from this sentence.

Little kid, being cute is still much better, being smart, really kills one’s self-esteem.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter :))) If there are any mistakes feel free to inform us – Robe and Luvchild


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