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Bai Fan felt conflicted as he stared at the piece of cloth in his hands.

After a long while, he picked up the graphite bar placed on the table and wrote something on the other side of the cloth. 

The sky slowly revealed some sunlight, the sun started to show itself, and the small figure laying on the bed shifted slightly.

The first thing Yin Rui did after waking up was to check his own palm, however he quickly became disappointed.

The things he wrote were all still in his hands, that person…did he not come last night…Yin Rui lifelessly released his fists, letting go of that piece of cloth.

He walked towards the table to pour some water to drink, but Yin Rui paused after picking up the teapot. 

It was empty. 

Yin Rui’s eyes had an unexpected shine, he immediately ran towards the bed and picked up that piece of cloth.

As expected, there were some unknown words written on the back. 

Just like how Bai Fan had difficulty reading traditional Chinese, Yin Rui also had difficulty reading simplified Chinese, they both thought the other person made so many mistakes while writing.

Although it was hard to read, Yin Rui could more or less understand what Bai Fan was writing after staring at it for half a day. 

The two of them did a type of QnA for days.

Bai Fan slowly gained more understanding about the child of this body. 

This was the list of information he obtained:

Name: Yin RuiAge: 8Had always lived in this courtyardThe person who hit him was a womanThat woman was badThat woman killed his mother

There was additional information he got from eavesdropping on the people who passed by the courtyard. 

A lowly maid with good looks yearned to become a phoenix*, finally a child was born, but then she received the cold shoulder.

The lowly maid not only lost her life, but also caused her son to end up living a life worse than a slave.

Everyone knows how powerful and cunning the Madam of the house* is,  how could she ever lose to a maid

…The Sect Master also had a lot of talented sons and heirs, this child born of a lowly maid would never have the chance to turn his life over.

Bai Fan heard a lot, and he assumed that the ‘evil woman’ that Yin Rui talked about is the Sect Master’s official wife, and he now knows that Yin Rui is an illegitimate child of the house.

Because of his birth mother’s low status and death, his father ignored his existence, his mother in name treated him harshly, not even providing him with food.

In addition, he seems to have a very talented older brother who was perfect.

Damn, what a miserable life.

Especially when Bai Fan found out that there was food once again in the blue cloth bag every day, not to mention it was so much more than before, but every time he woke up in this body, he felt even more hungry than before.

Bai Fan really didn’t know what to feel.

What a good child.

But you really don’t need to save me any food.

If you eat it, it’s the same as me eating it.

If you save so much, I would feel even more hungry when I wake up.

‘Reciprocating kindness’, Bai Fan really wanted to help this kid one way or another.

And the most important thing is to not let this child starve anymore.

But no matter how much food he hung on to dear life before going to bed, he couldn’t bring them here.

As for going out to steal food, Bai Fan was unfamiliar with the surroundings in the Sect, he couldn’t risk this unhealed body to get hurt again.

Bai Fan sighed in annoyance, as he woke up from bed in the dormitory.

The first thing he saw was the food he was holding in his hands.

The various food packages that scattered on the bed made Bai Fan even more annoyed.

“Bai Fan, get up, we’re leaving.” Luo Shuai laughed while knocking on the iron railings of the bed.

“Oh…wait, go where” Bai Fan sat up and asked.

“The botanical garden, you forgot Quick, we still need to go to the supermarket to buy some things.” Luo Shuai urged.

Bai Fan no doubt still remembered his girlfriend’s angry command, he could only get ready.

Bai Fan then realized that Luo Shuai was staring straight at him.

“What’s wrong”

“Ah, nothing.

Dress faster, let’s head out together.” Luo Shuai teared his gaze away from Bai Fan who only wore a pair of shorts, as he extended his legs to fit into his pants. 

After the two finished fixing themselves up, they went to the supermarket together to buy barbeque ingredients and some snacks that the girls loved.

On the way, they passed by a candy shop, Bai Fan instantly stopped in his tracks. 

Luo Shuai noticed Bai Fan was holding onto a candy while staring into space.

He questioned, “What happened, you want candy” 

“Ah, no.

Let’s go.” That kiddo definitely had never eaten candy.

If it could be brought to him, he would surely be happy.

But too bad… Bai Fan felt disappointed thinking about this, since he couldn’t bring anything there. 

After buying all the necessities, Bai Fan and Luo Shuai both carried the bags to the agreed meeting place.

They found that He Yanyan had already arrived early, and Qian Qiang, that player, was mixed in the crowd of girls laughing happily.

Bai Fan narrowed his eyes, no wonder he didn’t see Qian Qiang at all the whole day. 

Regarding Bai Fan buying snacks, He Yanyan felt very satisfied.

Especially when she heard some girls gasping at how great their relationship was, she felt proud. 

After the ride came, Bai Fan initially sat together with He Yanyan, but not long after, He Yanyan was called away by some other girls.

The girls ate their snacks happily while fervently sending him glances.

Bai Fan sighed, as expected, when girls outnumber guys, the guys will be an attraction for them. 

“We’re still far away, you didn’t sleep well last night, why don’t you sleep for a while” Luo Shuai, who sat behind Bai Fan asked.

Due to the seating arrangement, he could easily close on Bai Fan’s ear.

If he wishes to, he can even stick his face next to Bai Fan. 

“Ok, then I’ll go to sleep.”

The group of girls all started a heated discussion after watching the both of them interact.

One of the girls questioned He Yanyan about Luo Shuai with a small voice, it was obvious Luo Shuai had become a target.

After a moment, came a loud gasp from them.

Bai Fan understood very well, that girl definitely asked whether Luo Shuai was single or not.

He looked at Luo Shuai while thinking how lucky he was.

Luo Shuai saw the meaning behind Bai Fan’s gaze, and who knows why, his face revealed a bitter sweet expression.

Bai Fan slept for the rest of the journey, when he got off at the botanical garden, a fresh breeze enveloped his whole body.

But Bai Fan did not want to lie, the air here, …is nothing compared to the place he spends the night.

This time many people came to the botanical garden, since these people were from several departments.

Two vehicles were used, after everyone got off, the instructor said a few words about the time to gather at night and not to forget, then promptly went away.

There were quite a lot of people who joined Bai Fan on this botanical garden excursion, the girls included He Yanyan and the ones she was hanging out with, for the guys, it was Bai Fan and his 2 roommates from 509, and another 2 strangers who he was unfamiliar with.

 A crowd of people walked around the botanical garden for a while, after that, they rented a barbecue station.

Because they came quite early, they found a great place for barbecue.

This botanical garden was not so well known, so they were not very strict with the rules, they were even allowed to make a fireplace. 

Some of the girls prepared to start the barbeque, they were so exhilarated that none of the boys dared to join them.

The guys started making a fireplace.

They finished quite quickly because there were a lot of materials nearby. 

When the fireplace was completed, they needed to light a fire, so the guys went to pick up some branches.

As Bai Fan was on the way back to everyone else, he suddenly noticed one of the 2 unfamiliar guys squatting while picking on something. 

“What are you picking” Bai Fan asked curiously, after walking a bit closer, he was able to get a clear view, it turns out they were dandelions. 

The guy recognised Bai Fan and smiled as he answered, “This is the food we’re going to eat later.”

“Food” Bai Fan was shocked, “You can eat dandelions”

“Of course we can, dandelion is a common ingredient for food you can find in the wild.” The guy pushed back his glasses.

“Really You sure” Bai Fan asked, half convinced.

He squatted to help him pick the dandelions. 

“Dandelions are a type of herb, their scent is special.

You can eat it raw, fried, and even make it into soup.

It’s a very good ingredient…” The guy continued to explain with eagerness since Bai Fan asked. 

Bai Fan listened attentively, because he had a sudden thought of something.

Wasn’t the place he spent his nights filled with dandelions

“Dandelions aren’t harmful even if we eat a lot of them”

“Nope, except for some who have allergies towards them, otherwise, most people won’t have a problem with it.

You can view it as a normal vegetable.” That guy pushed back his glasses as he continued to skillfully explain. 

“Wow…you know so much.” After he got his answer, he went to lightly slap the guy’s ass. 

*he immediately complimented him

After hearing Bai Fan’s compliment, his face turned red, but he felt proud deep inside.

When a person of the opposite sex compliments you, you’d feel satisfied.

But when a person of the same sex compliments you, you’d have a sense of achievement. 

Because of this, the guy with the glasses earned himself a follower, Bai Fan followed him closely to learn how in the world he can create a dish using dandelions.

Because of their current situation, the glasses guy made soup. 

Bai Fan’s actions made Luo Shuai wary.

He kept glaring at the guy with glasses, wondering why Bai Fan was interested in such a common appearance. 

When the soup was ready, Bai Fan gave the first bowl of soup to him, only then did Luo Shuai felt reassured. 

After finishing the soup, Luo Shuai did not see Bai Fan following the glasses guy anymore.

On the other hand, the glasses guy was busy chatting with a girl, with this Luo Shuai let his guard down. 

It was 6 o’clock in the evening now, everyone started to gather at the appointed place.

Since previously, the instructor mentioned they would have to leave at 6:10. 

At this time, most of the people had already come back, Bai Fan and the others sat on the ride as they waited.

However, they realized the car had not started moving after a long time, it turns out someone was not present yet. 

Inside the car was a mountain of complaints, it was already instructed to gather at 6:10, who the heck wasn’t listening The complaints started getting out of hand, nevertheless, they couldn’t just leave that person here and go by themselves, everyone could only wait. 

The leader of the group discussed and came up with a compromise: the girls will ride in one of the cars and leave first, the guys will wait for the late person in the other car.

This was a perfect moment to act as a gentleman, so no one complained.

The girl’s car left with the speed of light, the guys could only watch as it went away.

They wouldn’t have thought, the wait actually exceeded half an hour.

When the late person ran here with sweat dripping off his forehead, it was already near 7.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I got lost.” With that person’s endless apologies, the car engine started, and the skies slowly darkened.

Bai Fan looked at the night view outside from the car window, his heart was uneasy, the journey from the school to the botanical garden took around 2 hours.

Bai Fan looked at the situation on the road, and at the same time, kept looking at his watch.

But no matter how much he hoped the car would go faster, there was only a few minutes left till 8, and the car was still on an unfamiliar road, he lost hope and patted Luo Shuai’s shoulder.

“Luo Shuai, can you help me”

“What” Luo Shuai rarely saw Bai Fan with such a serious expression.

“Please bring me back to the dorm…I’m…gonna… sleep.” The second Bai Fan finished his sentence, his eyelids immediately closed, sleeping soundly while the others were just dumbfounded.

Fuck, this can work too*

Bai Fan woke up from that usual bed again, looking up at the ceiling.

Bro, you can do it, I’m depending on you.

Please do not leave me on the bus.

After mumbling for a while, Bai Fan stopped thinking about his original body.

He actually trusted Luo Shuai a lot, because Luo Shuai was really dependable most of the time.

After letting out his feelings, Bai Fan thought about the dandelion soup he learnt today, and he suddenly became fired up.

He ran outside, and stared at the field of dandelions, his eyes revealed a green glow that was similar to a wolf’s ready to hunt.


Translator’s note:

Phoenix*: a saying in Chinese, basically means: a person with low status wants to marry someone rich to improve their status.

Madam of the house*: the official wife of the household. 

Fuck, this can work too*: they were being sarcastic, mocking Bai Fan for his actions. 

Heyyy, it’s Robe and Luvchild again.

If there are any mistakes please feel free to tell us, and hope you enjoyed the chapter


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