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You Should not Feel Safe with me

Bai Fan was lying on the bed every day to memorize books, and it was considered a peaceful recuperation.

Before he knew it, the doctor told him that the stitches could be removed.

After the doctor changed the medicine for Bai Fan again, he used tweezers to pull out the threads one by one.

The doctor’s movements were very fast, but Bai Fan didn’t feel too much pain.

After the thread was removed, the doctor told him that the wound had recovered, and he could be discharged from the hospital after two days of observation.

“Wait, doctor.” Bai Fan stopped the doctor who was about to leave, “Can I take a shower”

“A shower…yes you can, but be careful not to let water touch the wound, you can wrap it with a dry towel, and then plastic wrap, the ones in the supermarket will do, and it’s best to have someone support you when you take a shower, it will be troublesome if you fall.”

Bai Fan carefully listened to the precautions instructed by the doctor, and nodded with a smile, “Okay, I understand.”

After the doctor left, Bai Fan’s smile remained unchanged, “Xiao Jun, go to the supermarket and buy a roll of plastic wrap.”

“Me” Gongyi Jun pointed at himself in amazement, but under Bai Fan’s gaze, he bowed his head in defeat, “Yes, boss, I’ll go buy it now.”

Bai Fan closed the book and looked at himself.

He hadn’t taken a shower since he came to the hospital.

He just wiped himself with water every day.

It was a hot day, although he didn’t sweat much with the AC by his side, he still felt stuffy.

Today he can finally take a shower, which was really good news.

“Knock knock knock.” There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

“Boss, I bought the plastic wrap.” Gongyi Jun walked in with a roll of plastic wrap.

Bai Fan looked at him and nodded, “Xiao Jun, go and prepare the bath water.”

Gongyi Jun’s face twisted a little, this bastard is really using him as a nanny, isn’t it already enough to instruct him to buy this and that for the past two days, now he has to prepare bath water.

“What’s wrong” Seeing the young man standing upright for a long time, Bai Fan asked suspiciously.

“Boss, I’m a bodyguard.” Gongyi Jun said stiffly.

“I know.” Bai Fan nodded calmly, “But isn’t the bodyguard’s job, in addition to 24-hour personal protection, also to meet all the legitimate requirements of the employer Or…” Bai Fan squinted, “Do you think that my request is unreasonable, you have such a high commission fee, and you can’t even do this”

Gongyi Jun froze all of a sudden, lowered his head and condescendingly walked into the bathroom to prepare the water, but when he walked into the bathroom, he realized that there was no bathtub, only a shower, he could only open it and let out the hot water  .

Gongyi Jun was in a daze and stretched out his hand under the hood to test the temperature of the water.

Suddenly, he recalled a problem that he didn’t notice before.

There’s only him and that guy in the ward.

The doctor said that someone needs to support him when he takes a shower. That guy won’t instruct me to help him take a bath after I finish preparing the water right

Unfortunately, Gongyi Jun’s premonition soon became a reality.

Gongyi Jun almost helped Bai Fan to the bathroom with a mixed feeling of sadness and anger.

He was now in a small bathroom with a man who wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Not only did he have to accompany him but also prevent him from falling.

In short, Gongyi Jun felt like dying.

The second young master of the dignified Gongyi family has actually degraded to do such a task.

As the sound of water rushed in the bathroom, Gongyi Jun tilted his head uncomfortably to prevent himself from seeing something he shouldn’t see.

Water gradually splattered all over him, and there were water stains all over his clothes now.

He felt very nervous, his palms were a little hot and stiff, and he was even afraid that he would lose his balance and accidentally let go of Bai Fan.

After an unknown amount of time, a water-stained arm wrapped around Gongyi Jun’s neck, “Okay, let’s go.”

Gongyi Jun’s head tilted even more, and he stiffly helped the person hanging on his body back to the bed.

Bai Fan then handed over a towel, Gongyi Jun awkwardly took it and wiped his face,  But soon he heard a voice coming from the side, “That wasn’t for you, it was for me.”

Gongyi Jun thought for a long time…before he realized…This, bastard!

After struggling to wipe off the water stains on Bai Fan’s body, Gongyi Jun ran to the balcony along with grief and anger.

Usually, no matter what problems he encountered, he would complain to his brother, but now his relationship with his brother was not the same as it used to be, and this issue was something really not suited to be talked about.

The people of the Gongyi family actually degraded and waited for a man to take a bath.

If his brother knew about it, he would definitely hack him.

Because it was nearly 8 o’clock at this time, Bai Fan didn’t have the energy to say anything when he saw Gongyi Jun running out, he slowly closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

But when he woke up on Yin Rui’s bed, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Did he actually hire a proper bodyguard How could he be so clumsy Anyone working for Yin Rui would be better than him.

Bai Fan got up and jotted down all the books he had memorized today.

At the end, when he wrote to Yin Rui, he also mentioned the clumsy bodyguard who was hired at a high price, and sometimes Bai Fan really wanted to borrow people from Yin Rui.

Bai Fan didn’t know that what he wrote made Yin Rui gloomy for many days.

The number of servants assisting Bai Fan with his bath was already greatly reduced by Yin Rui years ago, to think that there was someone at Bai Fan’s place who dared to do so.

Yin Rui tried his best to restrain his emotions, and calmly wrote a reply, [Since he doesn’t suit you, you should change him and hire someone else.

[Forget it, I’m already familiar with him anyway, it would be even more awkward to change, also I won’t need someone to help me after a while.

Alas, but I’m really worried about that guy.

It looked like he didn’t know how to do anything.

I’m really worried that when he doesn’t hold me steady, it would cause me more injuries.

It would’ve been great if it were you the one who helped me, I would be at ease.


Yin Rui looked at the content of the letter, he felt conflicted, he was excited but also felt guilty. You are most at ease with me, Fan, you should know, the person you should not be at ease with is me.


Feng’er happily returned to her room, she tied a pigtail to herself with a red rope, took a look in the mirror with satisfaction, and ran to find Bishui to play with.

Feng’er was a girl who liked to dress up, but she was also a girl who was extremely bad at dressing up.

Everyone in the sect who sees her would be in shock for a few seconds, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

Who made her the master’s favorite maid  So they would always let her be, to add Fenger was not bad at heart, and it can be considered a good thing.

Normally, the person Feng’er hung out with was Bishui.

Knock knock knock

Bishui-jiejie, please open the door.” Feng’er called out in a loud voice.

Bishui, who was awoken from her trance, hurriedly stuffed the package in her hand into the mattress, adjusted her dress, and went forward to open the door, “Feng’er, why are you here”

“I’m here to play with you, Bishui-jiejie, don’t you think this flower is pretty, I’ll give you one.” Feng’er smiled and put a small flower picked from the road into Bishui’s hand, and the remaining one was placed on her pigtail.

She turned around happily, “Bishui-jiejie, don’t I look pretty”

Bishui forced a smile, “Pretty, very pretty.”

Feng’er, who had always been dense, naturally couldn’t notice anything wrong with Bishui.

She pulled Bishui over to sit in the room, and started talking.

The most she talked about was the master’s praise last night.  She was so excited last night that she didn’t sleep at all.

Bishui, who was listening to Feng’er’s words with a smile on her face, changed her expression.

She couldn’t help but tighten her grip on Feng’er, even grinding her fingernails into Feng’er’s hands.

“Bishui-jiejie, what’s wrong with you, you’re hurting Feng’er.” Feng’er cried out in pain.

“Ah!” Bishui snapped back to her senses, but there was now confusion in her eyes, “Feng’er, listen to what I have to say.”

“What do you want to say” Feng’er widened her eyes curiously and looked at Bishui.

Although Bishui hurt her, she was not afraid of pain because of her rough skin.

Compared to that, she was more curious about what Bishui had to say.

“In the future, no matter what, you should not tell anyone that the master praised you, especially, especially in front of the master.

Remember, you must remember, no matter what, you can’t say it.

Also don’t tell anyone that this is what I told you, you must remember.” Bishui’s mood was very unstable, and her breathing was extremely rapid, she looked at Feng’er seriously. 

Feng’er was a little confused, “Jiejie, why can’t I say it Also the master was the one who praised me, can’t I say it in front of him”

“You can’t.” Bishui growled.

Feng’er was a little frightened, she had never seen Bishui like this, “I, I won’t say it.”

“Good, that’s right, Feng’er, you have to remember what I said, you can’t tell anyone, not a single word.

Sometimes, if you say some words, you will die, I will not harm you.

You should know that before, there was a person who was praised too, her name was also Feng’er.

But because the master praised her, she…” Bishui’s words came to an abrupt end.

“What happened to her” Feng’er asked curiously.

Bishui sternly closed her eyes, “I said too much today, Feng’er, you just need to remember my words, remember them firmly, don’t say anything, don’t forget this until you die, and continue to live this peaceful life.

Otherwise, one day, you will regret it.”

Feng’er nodded knowingly, but Bishui’s  frantic appearance left a deep mark in her heart.



Hello there, if you have noticed this is our latest update ever.


We will not be translating up until the first week of December, since somehow school has been very very very busy for both of us (somehow both in student council who knows how)



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