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Sun Tzu once said: One who is a soldier, tasked with great duties for the country, where he dies and where he lives on the battlefield does not matter.

One who is a soldier, needs to learn the art of deception.

Therefore, if you can, you should show you can’t.

If it’s near, you should show that it’s far.

If it’s far, you should show that it’s near.

Use the art of deception to trick your opponents into misery.* Bai Fan recited Sun Tzu’s Art of War silently, trying to memorize it as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, he has been used to reciting ancient prose over the years, so he can grasp the essentials when he memorizes them.  He’ll close his eyes and repeat over and over again.

But this good memory made Bai Fan unable to relax, because the various military books piled by his bed, which was taller than a person, always reminded him that if he wanted to complete this task, he’d need to pressure himself more. 

“Knock knock.”

Hearing the knock on the door, Bai Fan opened his eyes, “Come in.”


Bai, I brought someone here.” Xiao Wang pushed open the door and led a person in.

Bai Fan nodded, looked at the young man behind Xiao Wang, and scrutinized him calmly.

He looked like he was in his early twenties, tall and handsome.

Although he was standing there obediently now, Bai Fan didn’t feel so safe.

Is this his future bodyguard

Gongyi Jun was a little surprised when he saw Bai Fan.

The person from the information given was so funny, he didn’t expect him to look decent.

Seeing Bai Fan looking at him, Gongyi Jun subconsciously stood up straight again and started his introduction, “Hello, I am the security consultant of Lixin Security Company, and I will be responsible for your security in the future.”

Bai Fan looked at him for a while, then lowered his head and continued to read the pages in his hand, and said lightly, “Does your company have more experienced people”

The smile on Gongyi Jun’s face suddenly froze.

He originally wanted to make a good first impression on his future employer, but he didn’t expect that this guy would actually request to change people. Asshole, what do you mean by ‘someone more experienced’  

He is a descendant of a dignified ancient martial family, other people aren’t even able to invite him even if they wanted to, but this person actually dislikes it.

Gongyi Jun endured it, with a business smile on his face, “I am the most expensive and the best in the company.” He ‘s the boss, how could he not be expensive It’s not false to say that he is the best.

In terms of skill, the bodyguards in the company really don’t stand a chance against him.

The most expensive and the best Bai Fan raised his head and glanced at Gongyi Jun again.

Seeing that the confident expression on his face did not seem to be a bluff, he nodded, this time it was his fault for judging people by their appearances.

Although young people lack experience, their abilities should not be looked down upon.

Everyone has been young before.

On the contrary, young people deserve more opportunities.

This time, he should give him a chance.

Since then, Gongyi Jun has officially become Bai Fan’s bodyguard.

Bai Fan didn’t feel much discomfort about having a bodyguard behind him.

After all, in Yin Rui’s place, there was not just one person behind him, but a dozen or so.

At that time, he even had a few people watching him while taking a bath, so if he was too concerned about the people behind him, he wouldn’t be able to focus on other things every day.

Bai Fan did not like memorizing.

Before 8 o’clock in the evening, he memorized the thirteen chapters of “The Art of War”, which is equivalent to the whole book.

Fortunately, all he needed to memorize was the original text.

He only needed to understand the text, so there was no need to memorize the translation.

At eight o’clock, Bai Fan fell asleep with a mind full of battles, strategies, military formations, and soldiers.

When he woke up in Yin Rui’s world, he immediately got up from the bed, found a brush and some ink, and forcibly wrote down what was in his mind.

Thirteen chapters on the Art of War were silently written down.

Ancient people used very simple words and sentences.

In fact, the original text of the Art of War only had 8,000 characters, but these 8,000 characters were all encompassing.

From the terrain to military formation, from military formation to strategy, they were extremely incisive explanations.

That’s why the translation ended up becoming a thick book.

After all these thirteen chapters were written, Bai Fan felt a sense of fatigue.

But looking at the Art of War with his handwriting on the table, he felt a sense of satisfaction.

Yin Rui will be very happy when he sees it.

At the end, Bai Fan thought about it and added a brief introduction to this “The Art of War” – is the work of Sun Wu, who fought all his life, it is now one of the most popular tome of the military now.

After Bai Fan carefully dried the ink on the paper, he organized all the chapters he wrote in order, put the introduction on the top, and then stitched it together with a needle and thread.

A brief thread-bound booklet was now ready.

He was very familiar with these things, because he did the same when he took the martial arts cheats from Yin Rui, and now he can fill a small box with the homemade booklets.

Bai Fan clapped the “Sacred Book of Military Studies” in his hands, and started writing today’s letter to Yin Rui, [Sun Tzu’s Art of War has been written for you.

I’ve memorized it for a long time.

How will you reward me] After writing, Bai Fan put today’s letter and the booklet containing “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” into the secret compartment, and then went to bed with peace of mind.


[How will you reward me] Yin Rui looked at this sentence for a while, his eyes became distant.

How will he reward him… after a long time, Yin Rui’s eyes showed a bit of bitterness, the premise of all this is that Fan can appear in front of his eyes.

In the end, Yin Rui could only write down, [You can ask for whatever you want.] Anything is fine, as long as he has it.


It was another sunny day.

Gongyi Jun opened the curtains to make the room bright.

Although he became a bodyguard, he had nothing to do while Bai Fan was hospitalized.

He just stayed in the ward every day to help Bai Fan.

He would occasionally push Bai Fan outside in a wheelchair to get some air, and the rest of the time was spent staring blankly in the ward.

These days, Gongyi Jun has seen the world in a new light.

How could there be such a boring person He doesn’t get tired of reading those military books every day, and often read it for a whole day, even a war madman would not be obsessed with these things.

Not only that, but the routine of work was on a whole new level, every day at 8:00 p.m., not a minute’s difference.

Well, alright he has narcolepsy.

Thinking of the news he just got, Gongyi Jun’s face was bitter again.

His brother was serious when he said he wouldn’t let him off easy.

His bank account was even frozen.

How will he live in the future

“Xiao Jun, pour me a glass of water.” A familiar voice rang out.

Even though his voice was nice, Gongyi Jun couldn’t help but complain in his heart whether he hired him to be a bodyguard or a nanny.

Even though he used to be spoiled and had it easy at home as the second young master, Gongyi Jun could only get up and pour a glass of water into Bai Fan’s hands now.

Little note:

Hello, fellows…

Have you ever seen those memes on the internet that’s like

(insert something) – Sun Tzu, Art of War

Yes, he’s a real person, and there is actually a book called Art of War…however, as the book is in ancient mandarin, it is troublesome to translate the exact same thing.

What I’ve translated is roughly what he said, Art of War is a 0/10 book for me but I suggest you guys should have a read! ( I promise u, u won’t understand )

*near/far: …the point is, sun tzu wants u to learn how to make the situation not like how it is.

Kind of like gaslighting.


Hello hello we are late again.

If you’re wondering, robe’s the one who read art of war…quite shocked about this fact myself


Apologies for being late once again and yes art of war.



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