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The Result of Stealing

Gongyi Jun struggled in his heart for a long time, but in the end he just couldn’t hold back his impulsive thoughts.

He stretched out his hand for the other jar of wine.

But after opening it, he snorted. Why is there the smell of medicine

Seeing that it was medicinal wine, he hesitated.

He had never been interested in medicinal wine.

Because medicinal wine has medicinal properties, the taste of the wine would inevitably be lessened, and it would be difficult for the wine to have a good taste, but since it has already been opened.

It felt like a shame to not taste it, after all, he took a great risk by doing this.

Gongyi Jun finally poured out a small bowl of medicinal wine.

Looking at the dark brown color of the medicinal wine, he took a deep breath and drank it.

The slightly bitter medicinal wine was drawn down his throat.

He was just about to say that the wine tasted ok, but his face changed suddenly, the poor man raised his hand to cover his throat, and gasped in pain, but this action did not reduce his pain at all, the wine he drank felt like a living being.

A ‘creature’ was drilling into his insides, the burning sensation gradually spread to each of his meridians, it just felt like countless worms wiggling inside.

Gongyi Jun believed that he was about to die.

He covered his throat with one hand and retched hard, and propped up the sofa with the other hand, his clothes were drenched with sweat in an instant.

He even began to wonder if his elder brother had offended the master, so the master poisoned the wine.

Gongyi Jun tried to use his internal energy to force out the medicinal wine, but today his internal energy was acting very strange.

As soon as it came out of his dantian, his internal energy ran like a wild horse in his tendons.

So he went for another plan, instead of forcing out the medicinal wine, he’ll try to merge them. 

In just a few minutes, he found that every time he criculated his internal energy, the unbearable pain was also relieved a lot.

He did a few more circulations and found that he felt a lot better.

After an hour of exercise and breathing adjustment, although his clothes were soaked, he no longer felt any discomfort, but refreshed.

Gongyi Jun became sluggish, he knew that the feeling just now was definitely not poison.

After he carefully looked inward for a while, he was pleasantly surprised to find that his internal energy, which had been stagnant for a long time, actually showed signs of loosening.

This is a treasure! My baby! Gongyi Jun threw himself on the jar of medicinal wine.

But after the excitement, the problem also came, this baby belonged to his brother.

He originally thought that the master gave his brother ordinary wine, so he would just be beaten up if he was found to have drunk it secretly, but now, he actually touched such a precious thing, will his big brother kill him for real

Gongyi Jun sat in the room with a frowning face, thinking hard.

Finally, when he looked at the time, he jumped up in shock. What should I do, my brother is coming back! He looked at the messy package he had dismantled, hurriedly sealed the wine jar to look like how it did before.

But the dismantled jars still looked like it’s been dismantled, no matter how hard he tried to restore them, some traces of mess could still be seen.

If he could, he really wanted to hide the fact that the thing had arrived, and wait until tomorrow so that he has time to fix it more perfectly before sending it to his brother.

But the people who saw the package arriving were not only him, but also the doorman and the maid. Brother will receive the news that something has arrived as soon as he enters the door. If Gongyi Jun dared to say that it didn’t, he would surely die miserably. 

Gongyi Jun carefully picked up the big box and sent it to Gongyi Bo’s door.

He was about to quietly exit when he heard a low voice behind him that made him stiff, “Xiao Jun, why are you here”

“Ah, haha, me I’m delivering something.” Gongyi Jun smiled dryly.

Gongyi Bo’s gaze shifted to the cardboard box placed in front of the door, a smile appeared on his face, and he walked forward quickly, “Has the thing arrived”

“Yes, yes, if you don’t have anything to ask me, I’ll go first.” Gongyi Jun quietly backed away, and after exiting the area, he ran away.

Gongyi Bo glanced at Gong Yi Jun’s back suspiciously, he sniffed the air, why was there a smell of alcohol, has Xiao Jun been drinking But now Gongyi Bo didn’t put  too much thought on Gongyi Jun.

He opened the door and carried the cardboard box inside.

Not long after, when Gongyi Bo opened the loosely packed cardboard box, he looked at the two wine jars that had been opened, and an angry low roar resounded in the room, “Gongyi Jun.“

At this time, Gongyi Jun, who had already escaped from the villa was thinking about where to hide, and drove the car faster.


Inside the Black Moon Sect, a man in a strong suit hurried into the hall, knelt down neatly on one knee, “Report to the Sect Master, the young master of Qingfeng Sword Sect wants to see you.”

Yin Rui looked away from the scroll, there was no emotion in his dark eyes, and he said solemnly, “Let him in.”

A handsome white-clothed young man walked in.

He had long heard that the ranks of the Black Moon Sect were strict.

Now that he saw it, it really lived up to its reputation.

In just one year, the current master of the Black Moon Sect was able to restrain many arrogant and unruly people in the sect by himself; he really should not be underestimated.

Thinking that he was about to negotiate face-to-face with that person, Sun Qingyi couldn’t help but have some expectations.

Before entering the main hall, Sun Qingyi adjusted his clothes and took calm steps, because he had already thought of several sets of arguments.

No matter what kind of person the Black Moon Sect Master was, he was sure to deal with it, but obviously the plan could not keep up with the changes.

The moment he walked into the hall and saw the person sitting on the head seat, he was so surprised that he almost forgot his words.

Although the man put on black clothes and had an icy expression on his face, he definitely would not mistake the person he had just met last night. The person last night said that his name was Rui…Rui…Yin Rui! No wonder, I didn’t expect to have had a meeting with the master of the Black Moon Sect.

Yin Rui naturally noticed the surprised look on Sun Qingyi’s face, he raised his head and looked at Sun Qingyi for a moment, not making a sound.

Sun Qingyi raised his hand to clench his fist, and said with a smile, “Yesterday we said goodbye to each other, brother Yin, it’s nice to see you again.”

Yin Rui raised his head and looked at him.

After a while, he was able to confirm that the young master of the Qingfeng Sword Sect must be the person Fan saw last night.

In terms of appearance, it was exactly as Fan described.

Yin Rui nodded lightly, “Brother Sun, please have a seat.” The title of brother Sun was the title Fan used to refer to Sun Qingyi last night.

Even if he was dissatisfied with the title, Yin Rui had no choice but to keep using it in order to avoid creating any suspicion in Sun Qingyi.

Seeing that it’s someone he knew, Sun Qingyi immediately relaxed a lot.

After all, from last night’s conversation, it was not difficult to get along with the person in front of him, which was better than having no clue at all.

Sun Qingyi came to propose a cooperation, and naturally hoped that the atmosphere would be pleasant between them.

After Sun Qingyi sat down, he didn’t rush to discuss with Yin Rui what happened today, but started to make small talk.

He smiled and told Yin Rui that yesterday’s conversation was very enjoyable, and how their conversation lasted until late night.

There was a common point of view.

He didn’t notice that after Yin Rui listened to his description, his brows began to twitch, and the hand holding the teacup became tighter.

The so-called bearable or unbearable, when Yin Rui listened to yesterday’s events explained by Sun Qingyi he became very annoyed, so he interrupted Sun Qingyi, “Young Master Sun, let’s get down to business.”

Sun Qingyi looked up in amazement, but saw Yin Rui’s cold expression and impatience.


After this conversation, Sun Qingyi was left full of doubts.

It stands to reason that their cooperation this time was mutually beneficial, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

In addition, he and the sect master had a good conversation last night.

There shouldn’t be a problem with the cooperation, but why was his attitude so cold Although there was no clear rejection, it seemed that he didn’t show much interest, which was really puzzling.

Did he offend him without realizing Sun Qingyi shook his head and decided to come back in a few days.

Sun Qingyi didn’t know that after he had left far enough, Yin Rui, who was initially calm, smashed the tea cup in his hand, and there was something suppressed to the extreme in his eyes.


Waking up in the comfortable bed, Bai Fan first moved his legs, then got up comfortably, opened the secret box, read Yin Rui’s letter, got dressed and got out of bed thinking about what to do today.  But before he could think about it, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Feng’er walked in with something.

Bai Fan didn’t even look up when he smelled the tempting spicy smell.

When he looked up, he was stunned. Why is Yin Rui so merciful today that he didn’t make him drink the soup, and also, why does that fish seem so familiar…

Bai Fan began to have a bad premonition in his heart, “Feng’er, is this fish from the restaurant we went to last night”

“Yes, Sect Master, you said that you wanted to eat it in the afternoon, and asked Feng’er to buy one back.” Feng’er smiled.

Bai Fan wanted to hide his face. How did Yin Rui know How did he know

Looking at this still delicious spicy and sour fish, Bai Fan lost his appetite all of a sudden.

He turned around and saw that the official documents on the table were also handled cleanly, none of them were left for him, he was not able to make up for it even if he wanted to.


Bai Fan irritably walked around the room a few times, and finally took out the letter paper and wrote a letter at the desk, about leaving the soup prepared by Yin Rui, and secretly sneaked out to eat spicy and sour fish alone, this behavior was a bit lowly. I need to write more nice things, I just hope Yin Rui can calm down sooner.


In another world…

“Gongyi Jun, if you have the guts, just stay outside and don’t ever come back!” Gongyi Jun shrank his neck and hung up.

After a while, the phone rang again, Gongyi Jun saw that it was his mother’s number, he hesitated for a moment but still answered in the end, “Jun’er, darling, come back and apologize to your brother, this matter is over.

You are brothers, what else- Mom, who are you calling, give me the phone…” Gongyi Jun shut the phone with a slap. It’s over, brother is really angry this time, what should I do  

If I go home, I’m dead.

Speaking of Gong Yijun, he has great respect for his eldest brother, but he also fears him.

Gongyi Bo was no less than their father in Gongyi Jun’s heart, especially when he punished him.

He was hung up and hit a lot while they were young.

Thinking of the mistake he made this time, Gongyi Jun made up his mind that he would not go back for now.

He had to wait for his eldest brother to calm down.

But he was also a very vengeful person.

Where will he go during this time Gongyi Jun scratched his head and picked up the stack of documents from his bodyguard company.

He looked at each one, and finally his eyes locked on one document.

He couldn’t help but laugh seeing it again.  

”I was robbed when I was sleeping.”

Well, the location is R city, Y province.

This was far enough, and it’s near the border. 

My brother should not be able to find it.


Hello we are late once again.


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