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The Master’s Wine

Bai Fan looked at the medicinal chicken soup on the table melancholy.

His own body was the one that got hurt.

Why should he drink this while being in Yin Rui’s body Could it be that he could replenish his own body after drinking in Yin Rui’s He came to taste delicious food at night, not to continue drinking this kind of soup.

But Bai Fan’s protests were obviously ineffective.

No matter what he wrote, Yin Rui prepared all kinds of soups to nourish his body.

If Bai Fan said no, Yin Rui’s reply would be [Think of it as something that would be transferred to your own body] Whenever he said this, Bai Fan would give in.

In fact, he understood Yin Rui.

Yin Rui was worried about him, and wanted him to recover as soon as possible.

But Yin Rui obviously could not visit him, he could only think of such a way to give medicine.

Bai Fan reluctantly picked up the bowl of soup and drank it slowly, but after drinking for several days, a question popped up inside Bai Fan’s head. Yin Rui was not sick or in pain, and his body was not weak.

Drinking so much nourishing soup every day wouldn’t be good for him, right

Because of this so-called worry and a little bit of selfishness, Bai Fan decided to go out for food by himself.

In fact, Bai Fan seldom went out.

When Yin Nanhan was in power, he had no freedom at all.

He didn’t have enough time to learn everything every day, so there was no time to go out either.

It was not until Yin Rui became the leader a year ago that Bai Fan was freed from that kind of life, but it was already night when he came, so it was too late to help Yin Rui deal with matters.

For the sake of Yin Rui’s health,  He also chose to go to bed early and fall asleep most of the time.

After all, Yin Rui still had a lot of things to do during the day.

For the past two days, Yin Rui didn’t leave any work for Bai Fan believing he was hurt and needed to rest, so Bai Fan had plenty of time.

He originally only wanted to go out alone.

Of course, since Yin Rui was an important figure he couldn’t just dismiss the shadow guard, and later he couldn’t stand Feng’er’s death stare, so he took her with him.

It just so happened to be the lantern festival.

Looking at all kinds of lanterns on the street and the ones carried by pedestrians, was a really wonderful experience.

Bai Fan was in a trance, when he suddenly heard a clear voice, “Miss, please wait a moment.”

Bai Fan looked up and couldn’t help but light up.

He saw a handsome man donned in white clothing bend down and pick up a silk scarf on the ground, got up and chased after a woman, “Miss, wait a minute, you dropped something.”

Bai Fan sighed. What a classic scene. The next scene should be the meeting of the talented and the beautiful.

Of course, the problem was that the silk scarf in the man’s hand felt very familiar.

Bai Fan whispered to Feng’er, “Feng’er, that’s your silk scarf.”  Feng’er would carry it all day long, he would have to be blind to not recognise it.

The slender woman was blushing at first, and contemplated whether she should say that the silk scarf belonged to her.

However, an unexpected voice interrupted them, and the man immediately froze.

Feng’er walked over, full of ferocity, and grabbed the silk scarf from the young master’s hand, leaving the pair of petrified talent and beauty.

Seeing this scene, Bai Fan couldn’t help laugh out loud, “Feng’er, let’s go.”

After this little episode, Bai Fan and Feng’er looked around for a while and found a restaurant that was said to be famous for their spicy and sour fish.

Bai Fan was in a good mood, but Feng’er was in a bad mood due to what happened.

It was understandable, although it was a trivial matter to lose the silk scarf, the person who picked it up completely ignored her who was also not far away and directly asked another woman with a beautiful appearance.

Anyone would feel upset about this.

No matter how “ordinary” Feng’er looked, she was still a girl with a glass heart.

Bai Fan was thinking about whether to reward Feng’er with something to make her happy when he saw a familiar white-clothed young man walking into the restaurant.

But to Bai Fan’s surprise, the guy actually came up and walked straight to them.

As soon as the young man in white came up, he gave Feng’er a big bow, and said in a gentle voice, “I apologize for offending you before, I made you feel uncomfortable.”

Now Bai Fan looked at the man with admiration.

He continued to watch him continuously sincerely apologize to Feng’er.

After a few times, even Feng’er felt a little embarrassed.

Her cheeks became slightly red, and her thunderous voice lowered a little, “I-It’s fine.”

“No, no, it was my fault before.

As an apology, let me pay for your meal.” The white-robed young man continued.

Bai Fan finally accepted the apology from this young man in white.

To be honest, it was the first time he had met this type of person.

The two wore white clothes, one was gentle and the other was handsome.

If they sat together, everyone would think that they were best friends.

When Bai Fan finally left, the young man in white asked for Bai Fan’s name, Bai Fan thought about it, and just said, “My surname is Rui.”

Bai Fan was very satisfied with today’s trip.

The spicy and sour fish was very delicious, and the people he met were also very interesting.

Inside the letter to Yin Rui that night, Bai Fan mentioned the boy in white that he met today, focusing on the encounter, and even went on to describe the appearance of that person, in case Yin Rui would not recognise him in the future.

Of course, Bai Fan concealed the fact that he ate the hot and sour fish today.

The medicinal soup was Yin Rui’s idea after all.

Although he didn’t drink much, he couldn’t let Yin Rui find out that he went out to buy food.


A large cardboard box sent by post caused a ruckus in the house of the Gongyi family.

Gongyi Jun signed for the courier.

He had long been curious about what the Master sent to his eldest brother, but Gongyi Bo never told him anything.

Now that the eldest brother is not at home, Gongyi Jun quietly moved the box back into his own room.

He locked the door, opened the box carefully, removed the layers of protection and packaging, and revealed two large wine jars in front of Gongyi Jun.

From the looks of it these two jars of wine should have been hand-brewed, so this was wine brewed by the master himself

Gongyi Jun’s eyes lit up in an instant.

With such a big jar of wine, he should be fine if he secretly tasted a little bit.

Gongyi Jun did as he thought and pried open the tight seal.

Behind the altar, a clear aroma of wine wafted out, Gongyi Jun took a deep breath in intoxication.

He didn’t need to taste it, he knew that the wine must be good.

Gongyi Jun found a large bowl, carefully poured out wine filling up half of the bowl, and then tasted it, but he slowly became addicted, and even had an urge to hide the wine and tell his brother that the master only sent one jar.

But mentioning the other jar of wine now…Gongyi Jun’s eyes couldn’t help but glance over.

This jar of wine was so delicious, will the other jar of wine be better


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