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So-called pressure

When Yin Rui woke up, he was dressed in white. 

There was a letter in a secret compartment on the top of the bed, and the official documents on the table were neatly annotated and put together. 

Ah, this is the loveliest thing in the world.

Yin Rui looked at everything that was full of Bai Fan’s essence, and he was completely immersed in joy. Fan didn’t leave! Yin Rui read Bai Fan’s letter to himself over and over again.

Although they were all complaints about how he left unimportant documents to him yesterday to deal with, he was still very satisfied.

But holding this letter and looking at it, Yin Rui could sense that something was wrong.

He had been panicked by Bai Fan’s sudden departure, but now that Bai Fan was back, Yin Rui couldn’t help but feel that Bai Fan was acting too normal. 

He listened carefully to Feng’er’s talk about the process of him fainting that day.

It was sudden, without any signs.

Fan left without any warning, but today Fan came on time as before.

What happened yesterday was the first time in ten years, so what could have happened in the other world to have the power to interrupt the laws that had been going on for the past ten years

Yin Rui looked at the relaxed tone on the letter in his hand, his heart gradually became heavier.

Fan didn’t say a word about what happened yesterday.

The more he didn’t, the more uneasy he felt.

Yin Rui felt that what happened yesterday was definitely not a good thing.

What happened to Fan

Bai Fan naturally didn’t know that Yin Rui had suspicions from various speculations.

He was currently living a painful life as a sick person.

The so-called hospitalization was actually no worse than jail, especially when he was injured on his leg and didn’t have the ability to get out of bed to move around.

The stitches on Bai Fan’s legs have not been removed, so he couldn’t move them carelessly.

All he could do was rest in bed and hang some drips.

When he couldn’t stand it in the ward, Bai Fan would ask Xiao Wang to push him in a wheelchair and take him out for a walk in the small garden in the hospital, which was arranged for the patients.

Sitting in a wheelchair and being pushed forward, this feeling was quite unfamiliar to Bai Fan, especially when all the people walking around were taller than him in the wheelchair, he really felt vulnerable.

It’s been a while since Bai Fan was stuck around alcohol, his mouth was full of bitterness, and he couldn’t even taste the food that he ate.

The food that was eaten during the treatment already had a bland taste.

As a result, Bai Fan felt that his life was even more unfortunate.

Fortunately, he was happier than most of the people in this hospital, because every night, he had a chance to let loose.

Yin Rui’s body was young and healthy, and he could taste all kinds of delicious food at will.

Compared with his own body, it was simply a difference between heaven and hell.

Bai Fan was now knowingly”infatuated” with Yin Rui’s body.

[What should I do I don’t want to leave your body, it’s so comfortable.]

Bai Fan didn’t think that, with such a simple sentence, Yin Rui caught on.

[What happened to your body Is it uncomfortable Be honest.] 

Bai Fan looked at the letter in his hand and wiped the illusory cold sweat on his forehead.

This child was too keen.

Bai Fan didn’t want to tell Yin Rui about what happened, the fact that he was robbed and stabbed was too embarrassing.

Also, the timing of the incident was too sensitive, and he was worried that Yin Rui would be burdened with it.

But now that Yin Rui asked the question, he had to answer.

Otherwise, depending on Yin Rui’s temperament, Bai Fan didn’t know what would happen.

Therefore, he had no choice but to write down what happened that day.

Yin Rui was silent for a long time after reading the whole story, and then prepared the following items for Bai Fan, a book of “Guiguzi* Compilation”, several powerful medicine formulas, and a book of “Interrogation Records”.  According to the rumors, this book was filled with the experience of Black Moon Sect’s previous leaders.

Bai Fan felt inexplicable when he read “Interrogation Records”, but after seeing the letter that Yin Rui wrote to him, he immediately felt a lot of pressure.

The content of the letter was as follows: [Is that person dead If not, find someone to greet him according to the description of “Interrogation Record”, you don’t have to do it.

Bai Fan read through the “Interrogation Records” and really wondered if he should thank Yin Rui for his thoughtfulness, and even specifically told him not to do it himself, since the contents in it required a very high psychological quality of the executioner.

*Guiguzi 鬼穀子 – He’s just some dude who wrote numerous books regarding battles and tactics, quite famous a famous guy.




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