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One Body Two Souls

At night, in the barren courtyard at the west side of the mansion, there was a sudden scream that startled the guards patrolling nearby.

But after finding out that it came from ‘that’ yard they relaxed again.

That young master was beaten badly by the Madam today.

Alas, every family has situations that are difficult to understand.

It’s better for them to pretend they can’t see the things occurring in the Sect Master’s backyard.

“Hiss~” Bai Fan gasped, his body was full of burning pain, so he didn’t dare to move.

He thought the pain that would greet him today was the usual kind of hunger, but he didn’t expect that God thought he wasn’t miserable enough, the pain actually increased to another level.

Bai Fan had never suffered this much pain before.

The pain was enough to knock him out, but he was very conscious.

He looked at his body, there was no part of the skin unscathed.

There were whip marks everywhere, every hit damaged his skin, dried blood stuck to his clothes, every part of his body was bruised and swollen.

Bai Fan finally understood the reason behind the scars found on this body before.

He couldn’t help but curse fiercely in his heart, what kind of **ing pervert did this, and do they have any humanity in them This body is only a few years old, and they dare to lay a hand on it

Bai Fan suspected that the wounds on his body might have been caused by people outside the courtyard, so he didn’t naively ask for help.

In the past ten days, he had already realised that no one cared about this child’s life or death.

After Bai Fan regained some strength, he carefully dragged his body to the table.

Fortunately, there was still half a pot of water in the teapot placed there.

Bai Fan first poured a small cup of water for himself to drink, and then used the leftover water inside to rinse the clothes that were stuck to his flesh due to the dried blood.

When the clothes were fully wet, he carefully removed them off of his body.

Even though Bai Fan’s movements were very light, the pain of the wounds still made his forehead drip beads of sweat.

After removing the cloth sticking to the wounds, Bai Fan wiped the blood stains on his body.

There was no medicine, therefore what he could do was limited.

After dealing with one wound, Bai Fan went on to deal with the other wounds in turn.

This was a job that required patience and concentration.

If he accidentally made a rash move, then the wound would reopen.

And that pain is simply unbearable.

For the whole night, Bai Fan spent all of his time treating the wounds.

After Bai Fan finished cleaning all of them, there was not a single piece of cloth left on his body from all the tearing with water just now.

Bai Fan stood naked in front of the bronze mirror.

After confirming that all the wounds on his body were treated, he laid down on the bed with a feeling of relief.

He clearly did all this because he didn’t want to wake up next time and find himself stuck to the bed.

As soon as he touched the pillow, Bai Fan felt an unprecedented fatigue.

He pulled the blanket over his body, and quickly fell asleep.


The skinny figure on the bed turned over, sensing his back felt very weird.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he was shocked to see that his body under the blanket was bare naked.

Although he was still a child, he felt extremely embarrassed.

His black eyes blinked profusely with unease, carrying on to his previous shock, he realised it turned out his injuries have been completely cleansed!

This has never happened to Yin Rui in his whole life.

In the past, regardless of how cruelly he was hit, that woman would never send anyone to treat his injuries.

It’s impossible for her to just suddenly have a change of heart to offer any help this time.

So, who in the world did this

Yin Rui stared at the pieces of cloth covered in blood scattered on the table.

Who knows what got into him, but he figured the culprit was definitely that petty thief.

Since other than him, no one else would have wanted to come to his yard.

Yin Rui felt conflicted for a moment.

He used to hate that thief, because he always stole his precious food.

However, as he touched the cleansed injuries, he could feel a sense of warmth, he felt comforted.

Yin Rui was at a complete loss, it turns out someone still cared for him.

Although this kind of thought sounded hilarious to him, still his lips couldn’t help but create a curve.

As soon as he noticed his smile in the mirror, he quickly covered his head using the blanket.

After a while, Yin Rui slowly crawled out of the blankets, carefully observing the empty room.

An odd idea suddenly popped out in his head.

Perhaps the person who helped him was still in the room, watching his every move in hiding.

Yin Rui meticulously checked every nook and cranny in his quarters for a long time, but finally he couldn’t help but softly asked, “Is there anyone Are you here”


“You don’t need to be scared, I won’t tell anyone else.”


“Are you here Can you come out”


“Thank you for helping me…”


Yin Rui said many things to the empty room for quite a while, nevertheless, he did not receive any answers.

His mood dropped greatly, that person had probably left already.

But he did not give up, he still had a little bit of hope, perhaps that person hadn’t left yet, that person only comes at night.

Yes, that was definitely it.

That person would only come when he was asleep, since he doesn’t want to be seen by other people.

So Yin Rui decided, he will write to that person.

Yin Rui picked out the cleanest cloth out of all the ones scattered on the table.

Afterwards, he grabbed a graphite bar and sat down.

He started writing one stroke at a time.

Yin Rui has a good memory, these are the characters his late mother taught him.

He only needed to look at it once and he would never forget it.

Nonetheless, he was still a child, and no one properly taught him.

Even though he knew how to write the characters, his writing was very messy and askew.

Yin Rui looked at his own writing on the piece of cloth and then happily put it away.

He wrote everything he wanted to say on the paper, tonight that person will definitely be able to see it.


Ring ring ring!!!

How beautiful the school bell is, Bai Fan felt extremely grateful.

He’s alive, how great!

How adorable his roommates are.

How kind his professors are.

How fragrant the canteen’s food is.

Jumping around with a painless body is such a great feeling.

Bai Fan gazed at the blue skies and white clouds, feeling touched.

He did not understand why he had so many complaints towards life in the past.

This world is filled with infinite blessings.

“Bai Fan, your girlfriend’s looking for you.” Qian Qiang gave him an annoyed look.

Luo Shuai’s eyes darkened as he watched the person approaching them.

Bai Fan lifted his eyes, revealing a smile on his face, “Yanyan”.

The beautiful woman walked towards Bai Fan as her hair swayed, clearly not in a good mood.

She grumbled, “Do you still see me as your girlfriend Tell me, how long has it been since the last time you tried to find me You didn’t even pick up my call last night.”

Bai Fan felt a bit sorry, because there were too many things that had happened lately, it seems that he has really ignored his girlfriend, to the point of not picking up her calls.

“Yanyan, it’s not that I ignored your calls, it’s that I feel asleep.

Can you call me during the day in the future”

“You think you can fool me You go to sleep at 8 Be honest, why didn’t you pick up my calls” He Yanyan said angrily.

“I’m not lying, it’s really the truth.

You can ask my roommates for evidence, Luo Shuai, Qian Qiang, you guys tell her.” Bai Fan immediately sought help.

“Yes, Bai Fan is actually sleeping.” Luo Shuai and Qian Qiang nodded their heads.

But He Yanyan got even angrier when she heard those words, “All of you are plotting together to lie to me.”

Bai Fan finally understood the pain of ‘hard to explain’.

Fortunately, He Yanyan calmed down after throwing a small tantrum.

She came to see Bai Fan today not only to confront him about missing her calls, but also because she had something to do, “Bai Fan, our department and several other departments organised an activity to visit the botanical garden.

When the time comes, you can pick fruits and have a picnic in the garden.

I have already signed up to participate, you must come too.”

“Ok, no problem.” Bai Fan answered.

“Wow! How can you have fun without me Bai Fan, sign up for me too.

Yanyan~ I know there’s a lot of beauties in your department, introduce some to me won’t you.” Qian Qiang’s eyes shone. 

“Hmph, it depends on your performance.”

Bai Fan looked at Qian Qiang pouting with a smile, then noticed that Luo Shuai was still standing by the side, Bai Fan asked, “Are you going to the Botanical Garden”

Luo Shuai was silent for a moment, then nodded and said, “Sign up for me too.”


The happy morning passed quickly.

During dinner, Bai Fan started overeating again, and then he touched the skin on his body with lingering fears.

But at eight o’clock, he reluctantly went to bed and fell asleep.

When he woke up, he was in the familiar dilapidated room.

Bai Fan checked his body and found that the wounds were still there, but the pain was much milder than yesterday.

It was no longer a problem to get out of bed and walk around.

Suddenly, Bai Fan found that he was holding something in his hand.

When he opened it, it was a cloth strip with a few words written askewed on it.

Because it was in traditional Chinese, Bai Fan struggled to read it.

He read it word by word, “Thank you…for helping me clean up my wounds.”

After understanding what it meant, Bai Fan only felt a chill down his spine.

Although the meaning of this sentence was simple, it was undoubtedly very scary.

What is ‘Thank you for helping me clean up my wounds’ What he cleaned yesterday was obviously his own wounds.

There was only one reason as to why someone would write something like this.

There was still a soul in this body, and it is the soul of the original owner of the body.

Bai Fan had never thought about it.

Why did the cloth bag have new food every day Why was the teapot on the table always filled with water every day And when he arrives at night, how does this body survive during the day Where and how the wounds on his body came from.

He didn’t think about it too deeply.

But now, this piece of cloth with only a simple sentence written on it clearly told him: the soul of the original body owner is still here.


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