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New Replacement

When Bai Fan found that the girl who would usually massage his shoulders is gone, he went to ask Bishui, she said softly, “Feng’er is married now and has left.”


“Yes, when the maids in the house are old enough, they will find a suitable person to marry them.” Bishui continued gently replying.

“Oh, so that’s it.” Although it was a pity that such a kind-hearted person married so early, Bai Fan didn’t think too much of it.

Fortunately, the night gradually began to feel relaxing again, and Bai Fan no longer needed people to massage his shoulders.

But after Feng’er’s departure, the maids in Bai Fan’s house changed one after another.

Originally, these maids were just a sort of background for Bai Fan.

He never paid too much attention to them, but if the background changed from one pleasing to the eye to one that was simply dreadful, Bai Fan had to notice even if he didn’t want to. 

Although those past maids could not be described as outstandingly beautiful, they could be described as lovely.

However, Bai Fan just wanted the current maids out of his sight, he did not even dare look at their faces and could only bear to look at the lower half of their body.

After a few days of forbearance, Bai Fan finally couldn’t bear it anymore, he wrote to Yin Rui. 

[What’s going on, are these people even maids” ]

One day later, Bai Fan received Yin Rui’s reply, and it was written in an unusually flat tone. 

[Although these people are a little ordinary in appearance, they are absolutely loyal and reliable, and they have the strength to massage you.

They can be assured of anything they are told to do, and they won’t refuse even if they are asked to entertain you.]

Seeing the last sentence, Bai Fan’s mouth twitched, with these “women” Does Yin Rui want him to stay single for the rest of his life Why didn’t he realize that Yin Rui had become so sinister

At this moment, a gruff female voice sounded like thunder, “Sect Master, please have some tea.”

Bai Fan didn’t raise his head, he waved his hand to signal her to put down the tea.

Under the candlelight, Bai Fan only felt something huge come near him, and then a vulgar smell rushed into his nose.

The teacup was then placed on the table by a bloated hand.

The hand was tanned and thick.

More importantly, the hand was so hairy.

Yes, it was hairy.

It was hair which was rarely seen even on men too.

God knows how this “woman” could have such a thing.

Bai Fan held his forehead and waved to her again to let her back down.

Bai Fan really didn’t know how to call her by her name, because this “woman” was also called Feng’er.

Although he was very dissatisfied with the new batch of maids, Bai Fan did not drive them away, because this was Yin Rui’s decision.

In fact, Bai Fan rarely argued with Yin Rui.

As long as it was Yin Rui’s decision, he would be indulgent, and he felt that even if he had a son in the future, he would not be this indulgent.

This kind of connivance is very complicated, but the initial starting point was that he wanted to make Yin Rui happy, or in other words, he was compensating Yin Rui.

One person’s life was not long, everyone only had short periods of time.

He took away Yin Rui’s time which was one of the most precious things for a person.

He had taken half of Yin Rui’s life for ten years.

In the future, he did not know how long this would go on.

He took half of Yin Rui’s life, and that is something which cannot be compensated no matter how much he tried. 

Bai Fan tried to get used to the new batch of maids.

Gradually, he found that it wasn’t so unbearable when he got used to it.

At least they still had the advantage, that is, they were really strong.

If he wanted to move something, all of them could easily move according to his instructions, unlike before when a few people panted for a long time only after moving a little bit.

The only side effect was that every time Bai Fan sees his face in the mirror, he would feel a sense of amazement.

Seeing his own face, no, it was Yin Rui’s face that he had been seeing for ten years.

What a **ty thing this is, as expected, the contrast between beauty and ugliness was far too strong.

Bai Fan leaned closer to the mirror and looked at the face in the mirror carefully.

Although he knew that Yin Rui was good-looking before, he had never observed it so seriously.

It felt like, sure enough, his aesthetics were about to be beaten by Yin Rui.

Bai Fan tried to use Yin Rui’s face to make an expression, but as soon as he put it on, he gave up.

This face belonged to Yin Rui, but the expression he saw was his own, so the person in the mirror, no matter how you look at it, was himself.

When will he see Yin Rui use this face


One day, Bai Fan suddenly felt uneasy.

After looking through the calendar, he realized that today was Yin Nanhan’s birthday.

In this world, there are only two people’s birthdays that he remembered better than his own birthday, and when the day comes, his body would automatically feel it coming.

These two people, one was Yin Rui, and the other was Yin Nanhan.

Hello there, we apologise for being late.

Physics just double killed me and robe.

My amazing teacher gave a 40 page 30 page hw somehow.

And robe was just tested for things she hasn’t even learnt yet.

Ha ha ha h a h a h a…(starting to regret life decisions).

Question though, do you guys know global perspective and research


How is life going for you guys



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