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Give These Hands to Me

“What’s wrong You sound surprised.” 

Bai Fan made a ‘shushing’ gesture at Xiao Wang when he saw him walking over with his boarding pass.

“Ahaha, of course I would be surprised, you didn’t call me for so many days.” Luo Shuai tried his best to soothe his nervousness, but just after doing such an intense exercise, his breath was still a little unsteady.

“Sorry for calling late.” Bai Fan said, but the keen hearing of the martial artist noticed something wrong, “Luo Shuai, what’s wrong Why are you panting”

“Ah, it’s okay, I’m just exercising, I’m at the gym right now, I just got off the treadmill.” Luo Shuai was indeed sweating, cold sweat that is.

But at this time, the boy lying under Luo Shuai became angry.

He shook his head and tried his best to make sounds.

“Oh, I see.” Bai Fan laughed, and when he was about to tell him that he was about to leave Z city.

He heard those whining noises again, and wondered, “Why does it seem like there is someone next to you”

“T-that’s my personal trainer, my personal trainer is next to me.” Luo Shuai hurriedly said.

The boy who had his mouth covered by Luo Shuai rolled his eyes.

He was so petite and cute, how could he be one of those muscular fitness trainers

Luo Shuai was eager to change the topic, “We haven’t seen each other for a long time, when will we hang out”

“Okay, let’s make some time to meet up in the future.”

The following topics developed in unimportant directions.

Luo Shuai’s worries were finally somewhat subdued temporarily, but he discovered something very tragic.

That is, under such a strange situation, while listening to the warm voice coming out of the phone call, the thing which was buried in the boy’s body under him actually became hard.

Gradually, the boy also noticed the change, he looked at Luo Shuai full of surprise, making Luo Shuai even more embarrassed.

When Bai Fan told Luo Shuai that he was leaving Z City today, he wasn’t questioned too much.

If it was the normal Luo Shuai, he would not have let it go so easily, but today, the timing was horrible.

“Okay, I won’t bother you anymore, goodbye.” Bai Fan said with a smile.

“Ok, goodbye.” Luo Shuai had endured to the extreme this time.

For a man, this was the cruelest punishment.

When the boy saw that Luo Shuai hung up the phone, he immediately taunted him with some teasing, “Whose call was it, you became like this just from listening to their voice.”

“You…” Luo Shuai was really annoyed, plus he really needed to relieve his desire now.

The result of his anger became the cause of the boy not being able to get up from bed the next day…

After Bai Fan left Z City, he rushed to Myanmar.

Once he arrived in Myanmar, he stayed for a long time.

The harvest he got this time was a batch of small rough stones and a huge one bought for 20 million.

Bai Fan seldom handles the stone-cutter himself now.

Also, this batch of rough stones were not all meant to be cut, but to be shipped back to R City to be sold at a high price, and the profit can be doubled in a blink of an eye.

In this world, only the rich can become richer.

Bai Fan was not planning on cutting open the huge rough stone worth 20 million, but will store it in his private collection.

He had confirmed that there was jade in this rough stone.

Although he was not sure of its quality, the surface was not bad, and the jade inside took up a very wide area, so the probability of getting a loss was very small. 

The most important thing was that this kind of rough stone would gradually increase in value even if it was not cut.

In addition to this newly purchased rough stone, Bai Fan’s private collection has two other pieces, one worth 30 million yuan and another one worth 12 million yuan, which he intended to keep in the safe for a long time.

Bai Fan was busy looking at rough stones during the day, and at night he would be busy being Yin Rui, the number of things left undone increased significantly.

As a result, he was busy both day and night.

So now, Bai Fan felt like he was getting old really fast.

Even in Yin Rui’s young body, he would habitually reach out to rub his shoulders from time to time.

Today, when Bai Fan was reading at night with the lights on, a sweet voice suddenly came from behind him, “Sect master, this servant can help you massage.”

Bai Fan looked up, it turned out to be a servant girl standing in his room.

However, looking at her delicate and soft appearance, Bai Fan was a little unsure, since massaging required some strength.

The maid immediately understood what Bai Fan was thinking, and immediately kneeled, “The sect master might as well let the maid give it a try.”

Bai Fan looked at the maid for a while, before nodding.

But when the maid approached, he secretly raised his guard.

The shoulders and the neck were very critical for the human body.

To Bai Fan’s surprise, the maid didn’t make any irregular movements, and the massage was very comfortable.

After the maid massaged for a quarter of an hour, Bai Fan pretended to help her up and said a few words of appreciation, in fact, his fingers had reached out to check the pulse of this servant girl.

After a while, Bai Fan’s eyebrows loosened, and he let go of her hand. 

Maybe he was thinking too much.

Afterwards, Bai Fan asked someone to check the servant’s family in detail, and it turned out that her family was innocent, and nothing suspicious of them was found.

In the next few days, every time Bai Fan was handling official business at night, the maid would take the initiative to offer help.

Bai Fan was also accustomed to her skillful massages.

As extra overtime pay, he specially asked the head servant to add some money to the servant girl every month, and he would habitually praise her.

But Bai Fan didn’t know that such a casual thing caused a rumor to flow out among the servants in the inner courtyard.

Some people said that the servant Feng’er climbed a high branch*, and the sect master favored her very much. The girl was really going to fly up the branches and become a phoenix now*.

Regarding these rumors, Feng’er who gave the sect master a massage every night didn’t make any statement.

When the maids discussed how scary the master was every time, like how he doesn’t have any expression on his face.

Feng’er would put on a puzzled look and say, “Is the sect master scary I don’t think so.”

Then a few maids on the side would cast envious glances, and some people would say, “That’s for you Feng’er, he doesn’t act like that with us.

Don’t you forget about us when you become a lady in the future.”

In this illusory envy, Feng’er gradually felt that it was not impossible for the sect master to be interested in her.

She was beautiful, and there were no women around him, but he only treated herself specially, and the leader’s biological mother herself was also born as a maid, so maybe because of that, he would have some special affection for her.

Now that the sect master is alone, with neither a mother or a father, if she can be favored by the sect master, life will be so comfortable.

Feng’er gradually began to pay attention to her appearance, every time she appeared in front of the sect master, she would try to show her most beautiful side.

As a result of this, Feng’er’s actions further confirmed the guesses of others.

Feng’er usually keeps vigil at night, but today, a maid who takes care of the dishes fell ill, and Feng’er started plotting.

She took the initiative to ask to replace the sick maid.

The steward also heard about the rumors recently, although he didn’t know if it was true or not, he decided to agree.

Feng’er brought the dishes to the table one after another, then secretly glanced at the sect master who was sitting at the table, but after looking at him for a long time, she found that he didn’t even notice her, so she reluctantly moved near him again.

After a few steps, she even took the initiative to introduce the dishes, “Sect master, this is the Four Treasures of Braised Duck, the chef’s new dish today.”

Feng’er thought that the sect leader would nod her head, and even ask a few questions with interest, but she didn’t expect to only get an extraordinarily cold glance.

Feng’er suddenly became nervous.

She had served the master for a while, but for some reason, he looked particularly frightening today.

Because she was thinking of something in her heart, Feng’er would always glance at the master from time to time when she was placing dishes, and because of this…some of the food fell onto Yin Rui’s clothes.

A conspicuous smudge of oil stained the robe, Yin Rui frowned, and looked impatiently at the servant girl who had been looking around since before.

“Sect master, slaves should be damned, this stupid servant will wipe it for you.” Seeing that she was in trouble, Feng’er hurriedly took out the silk handkerchief to help Yin Rui wipe it.

Yin Rui coldly pulled his robe out of Feng’er’s hand, and said without any emotion, “Where did this clumsy girl come from Steward, take her out.”

When Feng’er heard this, she immediately became anxious.

She knelt on the ground with a plop, and pulled Yin Rui’s robe then said, “Sect master is kind, didn’t you praise the skill of the hands of this slave Please don’t drive this slave away.”

Yin Rui looked at this woman for the first time, “I praised you”

Feng’er nodded hurriedly, “Yes, the servant would massage your shoulders every night to relieve your fatigue.

You have always praised the servant, saying that the servant has a pair of skillful hands.

Today, the servant accidentally made a mistake, and I will never do it again in the future.

Sect master, please spare this servant.”

Yin Rui’s eyes gradually darkened, and he said with an unpredictable expression, “You have a pair of skillful hands, let me see…in what way are they skillful”

Hearing this request, Feng’er stretched out her hands hesitantly, but she didn’t think that her hand would immediately be held by the sect master.

Feng’er looked at the sect master’s focused expression staring at her hand, and her face gradually turned red.

Yin Rui carefully looked at the pair of hands.

The skin was as white as snow, even the nails were glowing with a beautiful pink color.

It was really a pair of skillful hands, really… a pair of skillful hands that made people jealous.

Feng’er saw that the sect master held her hands for a long time, and couldn’t help but whisper shyly, “Sect…Sect master.”

“It would be nice to give these hands to me.” Yin Rui said in an unusually soft voice with a strange smile on his face.

Feng’er really didn’t understand what Yin Rui meant this time.

She raised her head suspiciously, but felt the hand that was holding hers suddenly tightened, like an iron pincer…

The people who were guarding outside only heard a shrill female voice coming from inside.

The cry came and went quickly, as if experiencing unbearable pain in an instant, and then fainted abruptly.

They didn’t know what was going on inside, but there was a chill in their hearts.



*High-branch: If you guys have read a lot you may have heard of goden thigh, this is similar to that.

It means getting a successful or powerful person.

*Phoenix: I’m quite sure we talked about this before, but well it means climbing the social ladder.

But it’s usually a bigger jump in the ladder, for example from working class to the upper class.

We’re not late woohoo!!!


Sociology be making me use fancy terms.




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