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10 years of letters

Bishui felt that the sect master was acting very strange today.

Firstly, the master that usually gets up early woke up really late today.

They waited outside with a water basin until the sun was high up in the sky, only then did he call them in.

The second is that the master had been distracted, although other people couldn’t see it.

She had been serving the master for ten years, so she knew that although the master always had a cold face and seemed to be thinking deeply, in fact, he was absent-minded. 

Also, the master ordered them to go out from time to time.

When he waved them back again, Bishui, who was walking at the back, couldn’t hide her curiosity.

She quietly looked back and saw that the master took out a piece of paper and contemplated what to write.

Looking at the paper, Bishui shook her head. Maybe he was worrying about the affairs of the sect.

Yin Rui stared blankly at the contents of the letter.

[What should I do I want to hug you] 

What should I do I want to hug you…

This sentence seemed to have become a magic spell.

No matter how Yin Rui forced himself not to think about it, this thought continued to hover firmly in his mind.

Every time this sentence appeared in his mind, the urgency in his heart became stronger…

Waking up on the antique bed again, Bai Fan received a reply from Yin Rui, with only three simple words on it. 

[How to hug]

But these three words made Bai Fan stumped, yes, how to hug him In the end, Bai Fan could only reply [Let me hug myself, this is your body, and it means I’m hugging you.] After writing, Bai Fan put his arms around his chest and hugged himself, but after finishing this somewhat joking action, he couldn’t laugh anymore.

His heart became filled with a strong sense of helplessness.


The next day

[That doesn’t count.]



[Oh, then what do you say, should I owe you]


[…Okay, you owe me.

You must pay it back later.]


The stone walls rumbled open, and Yin Rui walked into the dark room full of portraits.

He first stopped in front of them to take a look for a moment, then walked to a big mahogany box in the middle of the room.

He opened the lock, smoothed the letter in his hands and placed it inside.

He looked at the box full of letters and became silent for a long time.

Bai Fan must not know that every letter he had written to Yin Rui for the past ten years had been put into this large wooden box by Yin Rui.

There was even a long curtain pressed at the bottom of this box…that was the beginning of the letter exchange between Bai Fan and Yin Rui.

To Yin Rui, these letters were the only thing that could prove Bai Fan’s existence.


Xiao Wang had already booked the ticket, and Bai Fan was all ready to set off.

Before boarding the plane, Bai Fan suddenly thought that he hadn’t called Luo Shuai.

Luo Shuai said that if he really wanted to thank him, he should give him a call.

He also already promised him, but after leaving the reunion, he had been procrastinating, and almost forgot about it until now. 

Luo Shuai wouldn’t think that I’m untrustworthy…right

Bai Fan thought for a while, and decided to dial the number that occupied the top of his contact list.

Luo Shuai was currently in a bad mood at this time.

It had become his habit to take out his phone from time to time to check, but the call he expected never came.

All kinds of thoughts passed through Luo Shuai’s mind, sometimes the scene of Bai Fan rejecting him ten years ago flashed, and other times the more mature Bai Fan he saw not long ago appeared, no matter which Bai Fan it was, it would disturb his mood.

Sometimes he would feel hatred in his heart. 

Bai Fan, do you think I’m the Luo Shuai from ten years ago Do you think you can run away again by changing your phone number and just a few words This time, I won’t let you go…

On this day, a few friends in the business industry invited Luo Shuai to go out with him.

Luo Shuai couldn’t refuse, and because he was really upset, he decided to go.

The high-level clubs they went to provide almost all services.

Everyone in the banquet would eventually become drunk, then the young boys at the sides would start approaching them.

A 30-year-old man had already passed the stage of innocence.

He immediately got a room without further question.

When the two of them were rolling on the bed in high spirits, the phone rang. 

Luo Shuai would usually turn off his phone on weekdays, but today, for some special reason, he kept it on.

When he heard the phone ringing, Luo Shuai hesitated for a moment.

The boy under Luo Shuai raised his hand and wrapped his arms around Luo Shuai’s neck, panting, “Just, just ignore it, hurry up…”

Luo Shuai knew that the current situation was really unsuitable for answering the phone, so he ignored it, but the ringing did not cease, and all this ringing made Luo Shuai feel uneasy.

All that ringing truly ruined the moment, the young boy pouted in dissatisfaction, “Who is it It’s really annoying.”

Luo Shuai reached out to grab the phone, then froze when he saw the caller ID. 

He saw the words “Bai Fan” on it.

At that moment, a new wave of ringing came again.

After thinking, he subconsciously pressed the answer button, but when Bai Fan’s voice came out, he panicked.

What was this situation

“Hey, Luo Shuai.”

“Ah, I-I’m here.” Luo Shuai’s first reaction was to reach out and firmly cover the mouth of the boy under him, and the boy made two whines in dissatisfaction.


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