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Meeting Luo Shuai

What is this Bai Fan lay on the bed as usual and took out today’s letter in the dark grid, but he almost thought that it was an illusion, or that he hadn’t woken up yet.

He only saw that the cause and various symptoms of sexually transmitted disease(STD) were written on the letter, especially those terrible symptoms such as festering sores, festering and falling off of the anterior vulva, and the nose column could fall out.

A normal man would get shivers reading this, and even a man of men would go numb.

What’s more excellent is that there is a paragraph attached to the back of this letter.

In short, Yin Rui was very worried that Bai Fan would meet up with so many women every day.

This is to prevent him in advance, and to allow him to have a clearer and more direct understanding of STD.

He had purposefully called a few STD patients to the manor, so he can observe the effects up close.

The veins on Bai Fan’s forehead popped out, while gritting his teeth he said, “Yin Rui.” That letter had been squashed and deformed in his hands.

If Yin Rui could appear in front of him right now, he would definitely grab him and beat the kid up.

Although Bai Fan sent a stern letter to Yin Rui and dismissed several STD patients in the mansion, this incident seemed to cast a shadow on his mind.

In the next few days, no matter what kind of beauty Bai Fan’s mother arranged for him on a blind date, Bai Fan felt uncomfortable, and the content on Yin Rui’s letter would always pop out in his mind.

Bai Fan’s mother probably noticed that her son was not in good shape for the past two days.

When he got a day off, Bai Fan’s mother pinched his face and said, “Look, why have you lost weight again Have you been eating well Wait, mom will go shopping, and cook you a delicious meal tonight.”

Bai Fan heard that his mother was going out, so he quickly grabbed her, “Mom, don’t go.

I’ll go buy it, it’s so hot outside.”

Bai Fan’s mother was so happy about her son’s filial piety. Alas, everything about my son is great, but when will he bring a beautiful daughter-in-law back and let me hug my grandchild.

Bai Fan took the shopping list and went out.

It was hot since it was June.

As soon as he left the house, a wave of heat hit him.

His qi automatically circulated on its own inside his body, dissipating a good amount of heat.

The area where Bai Fan’s parents live was extremely elite, the greenery accounted for as much as 70% of the whole area and not far from the city.

Although the supermarket was not far, the shopping list written by Bai Fan’s mother contained braised chicken.

His mother especially requested it to be a fresh chicken, she did not want frozen chicken from the supermarket.

In order to buy this type of chicken, Bai Fan had to travel a little further.

Because he wasn’t familiar with the location of the local market in Z city, Bai Fan didn’t drive his own car, instead he took a taxi.

After arriving at the place, Bai Fan started to buy everything according to the shopping list.

Everything was bought really fast, except for the chicken.

Since it had to be slaughtered on the spot, and there was a line of customers in front of him, Bai Fan waited for half an hour before he got a chicken that had been processed.

Looking at the shopping bags in both hands, Bai Fan smiled contentedly, now he can go back and deal with his mother.

Bai Fan walked out of the market and began to stand on the side of the road to get a taxi, but maybe because the weather was too hot today, he didn’t see an empty taxi at all, so Bai Fan could only walk along the road to look for one.

Finally, in front of a hotel, Bai Fan finally saw a taxi stop, the people inside looked like they were about to get off.

Bai Fan hurriedly walked forward, waiting for the people inside to pay the fare and come out.

“Sir, to Jingtai Garden please.” Bai Fan felt that the person who got out of the car was standing by, but he didn’t care because he was eager to go back and was about to get into the car.

But he heard a male voice filled with a little bit of hesitation, “Bai Fan”

Hearing his name suddenly, Bai Fan was stunned for a moment, then he looked up at the man in a suit standing beside the car, only to feel how familiar the man looked, and gradually, the unclear memory of ten years emerged from the depths of his mind, ” …Qian Qiang”

Seeing Bai Fan who called out his name unexpectedly with the same expression on his face, Qian Qiang stepped forward and gave Bai Fan a bear hug with a big smile on his face.

“You bastard, you haven’t changed a bit in ten years, you’re still so handsome!”

Bai Fan was a little unused to this kind of enthusiasm, but he didn’t reject it.

He looked at his past roommate in the university dormitory whom he hadn’t seen in ten years, and smiled sincerely, “Long time no see.”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen you for ten years.

You didn’t even contact any of us after graduation, you won’t even pick up your calls.

It’s like you’ve disappeared from the world.” Qian Qiang said with a smile.

Bai Fan smiled too.

Seeing Qian Qiang, many memories came back to mind, life in college, his ex-girlfriend, and…Luo Shuai.

The two old buddies both laughed and talked about things from the past, and Qian Qiang suddenly said, “Oh right, you’re also here to join the class reunion right”

“Wait…Class reunion”

“Yeah It’s in this five-star hotel.

C’mon, let’s go in together, why are you still holding…” Qian Qiang noticed the shopping bags Bai Fan was carrying, and his expression became a little strange.

Bai Fan hurriedly said, “Ah, I’m not here to participate in the class reunion, I just happened to pass by.”

Qian Qiang had a bit of suspicion on his face.

It was such a coincidence that he came to the door of the hotel, but anyway, nevertheless, seeing Bai Fan here was a good thing.

Luo Shuai used to be the closest to Bai Fan.

If Bai Fan can help talk about ‘that’ matter, Luo Shuai should agree to help.

Thinking of this, the smile on Qian Qiang’s face became more enthusiastic, “Let’s go in and talk.”

Before Bai Fan could say anything, he was pulled into the hotel by Qian Qiang.

The doorman saw the shopping bags he was carrying, and his expression was a little hesitant, but seeing that Bai Fan was together with Qian Qiang who was in a formal suit and shoes he didn’t stop him.

After walking into the hotel, Bai Fan saw a banner hanging in a prominent position in the lobby, riting “S University Alumni Gathering after 10 Years”, and there was a sign-in booth on the side.

Bai Fan walked upstairs, but he suddenly felt that this hotel looked familiar.

After turning his head to see the name of the hotel in the lobby, he couldn’t help laughing.

It was such a coincidence that this hotel happened to be the hotel where Xiao Wang was staying.

Qian Qiang chatted with Bai Fan as he walked, it was nothing more than work and life after graduation, and finally, Qian Qiang suddenly brought up the question, “By the way, it’s fine if you don’t contact us, but why not Luo Shuai You didn’t even leave him your contact information, Luo Shuai even went and asked everyone for it.”

“Luo Shuai is also coming today” Bai Fan was shocked.

“Yeah, many people are coming for him.

You really didn’t stay in contact with him at all Ah, but it doesn’t matter, we will meet soon.”

Bai Fan suddenly had the urge to leave immediately.

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