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Soaking in the medicinal bath while dealing with Yin Nanhan is such a pain.

Bai Fan sighed, it was absolutely nerve wrecking.

He was almost unable to answer the question just now, it seems like he can’t let his guard down even while studying.

Bai Fan got out of the tub, then rinsed his body with water to get rid of the herbs stuck on him.

After getting ready, he looked toward Yin Nanhan and said, “Father, Rui’er will be going now.”

Yin Nanhan did not open his eyes, but slightly nodded. 

Seeing Yin Nanhan’s indifferent attitude, Bai Fan scoffed in his heart.

He was never this polite to his own real father, this cheap dad really is…

Bai Fan walked out of Yin Nanhan’s courtyard as he inwardly slandered him.

After exiting, he could see more people and the atmosphere became lighter.

Everyone who went past him would stop and exchange a few pleasantries, only when Bai Fan nodded his head, they would go back to do their own things.

This was a world with a strict power hierarchy. 

Bai Fan continued walking, until he heard what seemed to be a cat’s cries, followed by a few kid’s laughter.

“Don’t let it get away!”

Due to curiosity, Bai Fan changed his course and walked towards the source of those voices.

Only to see a white cat poking into a cave, meowing and wanting to run into the cave to escape, but the tail behind him was ruthlessly grabbed by a number of small hands.

The children around there excitedly grabbed the tail in their hands, trying to drag the white cat back, but the white cat’s tail was already thin, and it was about to break.

Seeing this scene, Bai Fan frowned.

He didn’t like the children of the servants in the backyard at all.

When Yin Rui was not a young master, he was often bullied by them.

Bai Fan stepped out and said in a tone that imitated Yin Nanhan, “You dare to move the cat of this young master”

The appearance of Bai Fan surprised the children, their hands loosened, and the cat’s tail slid out of their hands.

Seeing the white cat running away, the child in the lead showed a little annoyance on his face.

Although they already know that Yin Rui is of different status now, when they see the person who they used to bully casually in the past have such power now, they become really unhappy.

Still unconvinced, they talked back, “You are talking nonsense! It’s obviously a wild cat, how can it be your cat”

Bai Fan raised his eyes lightly, “Everything in this mansion is owned by my Yin family.

I said it’s my cat, then it’s my cat.

Haha, are you dissatisfied”

“You…!” The child wanted to say something, but the other children behind him grabbed the corner of his clothes.

They may have heard the adult’s advice, and they were still a little worried.

Although the child was angry, he still endured it.

“In the future, not only this cat, but all the cats in this house are mine.

If you dare to touch any of them… Well, you’ll see the consequences.

I’m sure you will like brushing the toilet.” Bai Fan dropped these words without looking at the child.

His face turned blue in an instant, and Bai Fan left in a good mood.

Bai Fan didn’t know, all his actions were watched by a pair of eyes.

After everyone left, Yin Nanhan slowly walked out of the shadows.

He pondered for a long time with his hands behind his back. 

“What a kind-hearted child, but …the heir of the Black Moon Sect shouldn’t be so merciful and soft-hearted.”

When Bai Fan woke up, it was just when the first rays of sunlight appeared, it’s still bright outside.

He still had some time before he started work.

Bai Fan got up and put on a sports suit.

After washing up, he jogged to the park not far from where he lived.

Although it was only six o’clock, there were many people in the park, most of them were aunts and uncles.

Among them, the flat square had the most people.

The rest of the place was also full of people who like to exercise alone.

Bai Fan jogged all the way and found a remote corner with lush foliage to relieve his muscles and bones, and began to practice punching.

Sikong Boxing was created by the martial arts master Sikong Mo.

Sikong Boxing is a set of superior boxing methods, it has a variety of routines and is rich in content.

The techniques focus on offense and defense coordination, the footwork needs to be flexible and steady.

Strength and softness must be combined and  Yin Nanhan picked this out of many boxing techniques which he is required to master.

In fact, Bai Fan has learned a lot of boxing and swordsmanship.

TheY were all selected by Yin Nanhan, but he wasn’t that good.

Yin Nanhan only required him to get used to them, and to be able to know the advantages and disadvantages of these styles of boxing and swordsmanship.

So in the future, he is able to recognise them at a glance, this is also a very important course for the children of martial arts families.

After punching heartily for more than an hour, Bai Fan stopped and adjusted his breath for a while, he then looked down at his watch, seeing that there was not much time left, he jogged back.

On the way, Bai Fan bought breakfast and went back to his residence.

After a simple meal, he took a shower and put on a business suit and went to work.

When Bai Fan is at work, in addition to completing his own duties, he spends all his time learning and reciting ancient prose.

When some colleagues flip through his book out of curiosity, as soon as they see the full text of traditional Chinese characters and unidentifiable words, they all let go with a headache.

During the lunch break, Bai Fan had just memorized an ancient text.

When he suddenly remembered about the web post he interacted with a few days ago.

He looked forward to it, but he didn’t expect that there would actually be a reply, and not just one, but a lot.

Bai Fan looked at the replies with a smile and went to eat.

After the meal was over, Bai Fan also finished reading this reply.

This person admired his opinion, and he raised a few questions about martial arts.

This anonymous person was the real deal, the words used in his questions and replies were particularly ancient.

Bai Fan’s hard work of memorizing ancient prose these days was not for nothing.

He looked at those questions carefully again, he realized most of them were already explained to him by Yin Nanhan.

Bai Fan unceremoniously recited Yin Nanhan’s words on the spot and uploaded it after organizing the language more obscurely.

When Bai Fan thought of this post again, he found that the person actually had a new reply, and judging from the tone of the reply, Yin Nanhan was indeed a master of the generation, and his words could persuade people no matter where they were.

Since then, the two have kept in touch again and again in this thread.

The mysterious person who practiced ancient martial arts always raised some doubts about martial arts from time to time.

Bai Fan would answer if he could, but when he couldn’t, he just kept silent.

What made Bai Fan extremely stressed was that no matter when he replied, the person on the other side responded within a few minutes, so that Bai Fan could only keep this web page open in the end.

This post, which originally had zero replies, quickly generated more than a hundred, but the privacy of exchanges in forum posts was not guaranteed, and sometimes unrelated people came in.

After a while, the two finally exchanged contact information.

Of course, this contact information is just the number of an instant chat tool.

At the same time, in another world, Yin Rui was taken away by Yin Nanhan while he was having class.

Yin Rui looked at the increasingly desolate area around him and said nothing.

Yin Nanhan finally brought Yin Rui to the sect’s dungeon, Yin Rui’s dark eyes that had no emotion finally changed, because he saw the two people deep in the dungeon.

“Do you recognize them” Yin Nanhan asked lightly.

Yin Rui nodded without any hesitation.

The unkempt woman in the dungeon was the former sect master’s wife, and although he didn’t know who was the immobile man lying on the side, he could guess that it was most likely the man the lady hooked up with.

“Since you recognize them, do you hate them” Yin Nanhan said slowly.

Yin Rui gritted his teeth and said, “I do.”

“Okay, now go kill them.” Yin Nanhan threw a knife in front of Yin Rui with a flat face, as if all he asked Yin Rui to do was to cut a watermelon.

Yin Rui’s eyes flashed in surprise, and he looked at Yin Nanhan subconsciously.

“What are you hesitating about Don’t you hate them I’ll give you a chance to take revenge now.

They don’t have any ability to resist.

Why, you don’t have the guts” Yin Nanhan looked at the two people in the cell as if they were corpses.

The sect master’s wife had a terrified look in her eyes when she heard those words, crawling over to ask for mercy, but as she was bound by those iron chains, she could only stop after going for a few steps, while the man lying on the ground had his tendons and hamstrings picked and broken, he was unable to move at all, so he could only make a few anxious sounds in his mouth.

“Are you afraid Rui’er If you want to be the heir to Yin Nanhan, what you’re doing now is not enough.

Since I can give you everything you have now, I can also make you lose it.” Yin Nanhan’s voice became cold.

Yin Rui’ whole body trembled.

Although he was only eight years old, he already knew how to observe words and expressions.

He knew that Yin Nanhan’s expression was serious.

If he didn’t follow suit, he would really lose everything.

In just a short moment, Yin Rui thought a lot.

He thought of his mother who died tragically, the experience of nearly dying in the backyard several times, and the biggest secret in his heart, the only person who brought him warmth —— Bai Fan.

Thinking of all this, the expression on Yin Rui’s face gradually became numb, because he knew that he couldn’t refuse.

Since his identity changed, he had no other way to survive.

The only way to survive was to keep going.

Become stronger and keep climbing up.

Once he loses everything he has now, his fate will only be more miserable than before.

In the past, he couldn’t protect the people he valued, and he couldn’t protect himself, but in the future…

Yin Rui looked at the woman who was full of misery now.

It was her.

She killed his mother.

Didn’t he want this woman to die countless times before But now that he has a chance… It’s nothing, it’s nothing… Yin Rui picked up the knife on the ground, walked step by step to the woman who shrank back in fear.

When the blood splashed on his face, his hands trembled involuntarily, but he didn’t stop, then walked to the man lying on the ground, he was killed with the same knife.

Yin Nanhan watched all this silently.

Although he got what he wanted, the situation seemed to be different from what he imagined.

Could it be that he was wrong that night This guy is nowhere near softhearted.

On this day, Yin Rui figured out his situation.

Similarly, he also understood Yin Nanhan.

He went completely cold in his heart, and he will no longer have any expectations for this man.

He wanted to treat Yin Nanhan the same way as he did to the two people just now, but all of this was deeply hidden in him.

He knew that he was not strong enough now, so he had to endure it.

That night, Yin Rui developed a high fever.

When Bai Fan woke up in Yin Rui’s body, his throat was thirsty.

Touching his forehead, Bai Fan was taken aback, what happened to this child He had such a high fever.

Fortunately, Yin Rui was different today.

Someone took care of him when he had a high fever.

Bai Fan watched Bi Shui and many maids rushing in and out to give him a cold compress.

He gradually fell asleep in a daze, but before dawn, he miraculously woke up.

He walked softly to the table and wrote a letter to Yin Rui in soft handwriting.

When Yin Rui regained consciousness, he immediately noticed the discomfort all over his body.

When he saw the letter full of worry and concern that Bai Fan wrote to him, he was stunned for a long time, and then he covered his face with his hands.

He laughed softly, what did he do Is he feeling guilty for killing that woman, someone who made his life uncomfortable and should have died long ago This kind of weakness is something he will never have again in the future.

From now on, he will always live a good life, and he will not be hurt nor sick, because Bai Fan will suffer and hurt too.

Yin Nanhan seems to be trying to verify something.

In the next few days, he would bring Yin Rui to kill a few people.

Among these people, there were servants who had bullied Yin Rui before, as well as people whom Yin Rui had no acquaintance with.

But Yin Rui seems to be gradually getting used to this kind of thing.

His hands became steady, his movements were clean and neat, and even his emotions didn’t fluctuate much.

Yin Nanhan can’t help but shrink his pupils when he sees this cruelty.

When he himself was eight years old, he wouldn’t be able to do it.

Bai Fan felt that Yin Rui was a little strange recently, he doesn’t seem to be very happy, but he can’t see Yin Rui’s expression, so naturally he couldn’t confirm his guess.

When he woke up, Yin Rui was resting.

No matter how he looked in front of the mirror, all he could see was his own expression.

​​Bai Fan shook his head helplessly in front of the mirror, and put on the set of white robes placed by the bedside and pushed the door open.

Bai Fan suddenly realized that Yin Rui only prepared white clothes for him recently.

After reporting to Yin Nanhan, Bai Fan consciously climbed into the tub to soak in the medicinal bath, but after Bai Fan closed his eyes, Yin Nanhan, who was meditating cross-legged with a calm face, opened his eyes.

He carefully looked at the man sitting in the tub, wanting to see through all his secrets.

He thought he understood his own child, but Yin Rui’s performance in the past few days had made him change his mind.

He found that he couldn’t see through him, and in this world, there were only a few people who he couldn’t understand.

Yin Nanhan didn’t know how to describe his son.

If he had to use one word, it would be more suitable to call him cold and hot.

Yin Nanhan noticed that Bai Fan was wearing white clothes tonight, and he remembered what Yin Rui said after killing those sect traitors a few days ago.

Yin Rui raised his head and said to him with blood splattered on his face – in the future, just let him do this kind of work during the day, don’t look for him at night.

Yin Nanhan just remembered that he just casually asked why, and what Yin Rui answered at that time.

Oh, yes… He said that he was afraid of getting his clothes dirty.

Yin Nanhan’s eyes turned to the white clothes again, indeed, white is truly easy to get dirty.

Yin Nanhan also remembered that Yin Rui always wore black clothes during the day.

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