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Chapter 1 : The Beginning of Everything

A pair of dirty little hands with a few scars on them, slowly clenching these fists, and then releasing them again.

Bai Fan had been staring at these little hands for a quarter of an hour.

That’s right, these hands are indeed his, but what happened…

Bai Fan looked up at his surroundings.

This dilapidated house was antique and abnormal.

The wind kept blowing through the paper window, causing the hanging curtains to flutter, like a haunted house in Strange Tales of Liao Zhai.

Bai Fan got out of bed anxiously, dragging his body which was several times smaller than his original one and walked towards the bronze mirror on the dressing table.

To be honest, Bai Fan was extremely nervous when he looked in the mirror.

He was afraid of seeing himself faceless.

What if there’s a female ghost stretching out her nails to grab him

Bai Fan held his breath and carefully observed the image in the mirror. Very good, there is no ghost. In the mirror was a little boy, seven or eight years old.

The young boy’s face was so dirty that he couldn’t clearly see his appearance, but his eyes were dark and lifeless, so much that it’s quite scary.

But after blinking a few times, Bai Fan felt better.

He finally saw his current appearance in the mirror, and found no non-human beings around him.

Bai Fan finally had a sense of security, but even so, he still didn’t understand what was going on and where he was.

    “Growl~” A loud noise frightened Bai Fan.

Bai Fan realized that it was his own stomach rumbling.

After noticing this, sensations of this small body which he had overlooked due to shock came back.

Bai Fan’s brows frowned immediately, his hands pressed against his abdomen. Hungry, very hungry.

He had never been so hungry before.

His stomach was cramped and violently agitated.

Bai Fan endured it for a while, his face gradually becoming pale.

He never knew that hunger at a certain level could feel worse than any illness in this world.

He used to think that the hungriest moment of his life was when he stayed up all night to play games and forget to eat, but that level of hunger is completely incomparable with the present one.

After all, at that time, although he was hungry, he could still use video games as a distraction.

However now, it has reached a point where he couldn’t ignore it.

Bai Fan grabbed his abdomen tighter and tighter, cold sweat started to drip from his forehead, and his hands and legs started to feel weak.

This can’t do, he needs to find something to eat.

Bai Fan stood up and began to search the house over and over again with the strong desire to find food.

There was nothing on the table except for an old teapot.

He opened the teapot, there was half a pot of cold water, Bai Fan tried to taste it a bit, it seemed to be fresh, and then he poured it all into his mouth, no matter what it was, as long as it could relieve his hunger, anything would be fine.

After drinking half a pot of cold water, the feeling of hunger still did not diminish.

Bai Fan could only continue to look for more food.

It may be that the Gods were touched by his determination.

Finally, Bai Fan found a small cloth package under the blanket of the small bed.

The small blue cloth package was tightly hidden and wrapped tightly.

Bai Fan opened it expectantly, and was immediately moved.

Inside was half a steamed bun.

Although this bun was cold and hard, additionally there were unknown teeth marks, and it smelled a bit sour, but it was definitely still edible.

Bai Fan immediately swallowed it dry in three seconds, not even drinking any water in the process.

After finishing, he still felt hungry.

Nevertheless, after eating, Bai Fan finally recovered a bit of strength, but only 50% of his hunger was replenished.

Bai Fan looked at the closed door, hesitating for a moment, however, he eventually stretched out his hand and pushed it open.

It was dark outside, there seemed to be a big tree, with leaves rustling by the wind.

The shadow of the tree that reflected on the window felt like a group of demons dancing.

Bai Fan immediately shut the door again.

Bai Fan admitted he was a bit scared.

Although he had done a lot of bold things in his life, those situations were incomparable to the present one.

No matter how you look at it, it is still safer in the room.

Bai Fan sat for a while, feeling a little sleepy, covering himself with the thin blanket on the bed, and fell asleep unconsciously.

Bai Fan was awakened by a sound.

Just when he was still a bit dazed, a man pushed his arm, “Get up, stop sleeping! Today’s that ruthless Exterminator’s* class, you don’t want to fail, do you”

Bai Fan heard a familiar voice, he was initially in a trance, but afterwards he immediately woke up. The Exterminator Failing He opened his eyes all of a sudden, staring blankly at the man who stretched out his hand to push him, “Luo Shuai, is it really you”

Luo Shuai was a little uncomfortable with Bai Fan’s fully-focused eyes, he dodged slightly, and then patted him casually, “Of course it’s me, what nonsense are you talking about”

Another roommate on the side heard them and started teasing, “Bai Fan probably thought it was his girlfriend who woke him up.”

“No, no, hehe.” Bai Fan said repeatedly and couldn’t help but giggled.

He came back, he really came back, his familiar roommates, his familiar bedroom, the weird scene last night, really was a dream. But for a dream, why was it so real

Luo Shuai gave Bai Fan a complicated look, then shook his head, “You should quickly get ready, we’re eating in the canteen.”

Canteen, Bai Fan’s eyes lit up.

Even though he knew that what happened last night was just a nightmare.

But this hunger made him feel that lingering trauma.

As a result, Luo Shuai was surprised to find that the person he usually had to wait for for a long time actually got ready and was standing in front of him only after a short while, moreover, he kept urging him to walk faster.

The four people in Room 509 rushed straight to the canteen.

For breakfast, many of these young students think it is unnecessary, and it is inevitable to be a little perfunctory.

Just buy a few buns and it will all be solved.

The buns in the cafeteria tasted so-so, and some people even stuffed them into the trash can halfway through eating.

“Sir, 2 vegetable buns.”

“Give me 4 meat buns.”

“I want 2 red bean buns and 1 Siu mai*.”

“Give me 10 meat buns, and 2 more steamed buns!”

The loud voice made everyone look towards its source.

What they saw was a handsome man in white sportswear, everyone took a look and went on to do their own things.

Maybe he was just buying his friends breakfast.

But those were the thoughts of ​​the people who didn’t know him.

The three people in Room 509 all looked at Bai Fan with weird eyes.

In the end, the four of them just took their own breakfast and sat in the cafeteria, Bai Fan’s pile of ten meat buns and two steamed buns became a highlight.

What surprised the members of Room 509 most was that Bai Fan actually ate seven meat buns and one steamed bun.

Luo Shuai couldn’t help taking another bite of his own steamed buns, the taste was the same as before, and it didn’t suddenly become delicious.

What happened to Bai Fan

After a full meal, Bai Fan finally felt that everything last night was far away from him.

Looking at the three meat buns and one steamed bun left on the table, Bai Fan hesitated slightly.

Last night made him have the feeling of ‘cherish’ for the first time, but before he could take any action, the three from Room 509 became impatient, “Come on, let’s go, we’re going to be late.”

Bai Fan was rushed, and it was really cumbersome to bring these steamed buns to class, so he didn’t insist, and was dragged away in an instant.

At the same time, in the quaint dilapidated house, the little boy who was asleep on the bed opened his eyes.

There was a dark and cold glint in them.

After he got up, he found a familiar piece of blue cloth which fell on the ground, he was taken aback for a moment, then immediately climbed onto the bed to turn over the inside, it’s gone…

After the classes ended, the people from Room 509 returned to their dormitory.

Among them, Qian Qiang, the most active person, walked in and gesticulated with clothes on his body.

After that, he took a comb and combed his hair carefully.

As a finishing touch, he sprayed perfume.

Luo Shuai laughed with a sigh, “Where are you going, dressing like that”

Qian Qiang stroked his hair, and said proudly, “I’m going on a date.” In the end, he was still worried, “Luo Shuai and Bai Fan, listen to me, your bro finally found a chic, you two will stay in the house nicely ok Don’t mess up my date this time.” Qian Qiang’s words reveal deep fear of the two of them.

After all, this kind of thing was a lesson learned by experience.

When he was a sophomore, he finally hooked up with a beautiful junior.

As a result, when the two of them were deepening their relationship, they happened to run into Luo Shuai and Bai Fan.

He naturally wanted to say hello, but he didn’t think that the loveable junior since then started to inquire about Bai Fan and Luo Shuai overtly and secretly, and she has kept asking him to invite his friends in the dormitory out.

In the end, of course the relationship fell apart.

Although neither Bai Fan nor Luo Shuai accepted the junior, Qian Qiang still had a long face for a long time.

Luo Shuai naturally knew what Qian Qiang was worried about, so he sneered, “Don’t worry, we will lock ourselves in the house.

Just remember to bring us food.”

Bai Fan, who was turning on the computer, turned his head and smiled at Qian Qiang, “I’ll be playing Warcraft.”

Everyone knows that Bai Fan is extremely devoted to playing Warcraft.

He won’t stop until he is satisfied.

Qian Qiang left with ease.

Before leaving, he happily threw in a sentence, “I will bring back barbecue.”

After Qian Qiang left, the 509 bedroom suddenly became quiet.

Bai Fan logged into World of Warcraft.

Luo Shuai also opened his laptop, plugged in headphones and played music, and browsed the web with his hand on the mouse.

Shen Zhuoliang, the most silent ‘good boy’ in the dormitory, was buried in the pages of his book, quietly listening to the sounds of pages.

In the game world, one is most unaware of the passage of time.

Bai Fan played round after round, at a critical juncture, but suddenly felt that his concentration was decreasing, and at the same time, a feeling of fatigue arose from the depths of his soul which could not be resisted.

He was trying his best to keep his eyelids open, but still ended up falling silently on his desktop, his consciousness plunged into darkness, only the game interface on the computer screen flashed brightly.


Bai Fan was awakened by a strong sense of hunger.

He frowned. Didn’t I eat a lot today After eating, how could I still be hungry  When he opened his eyes, Bai Fan was shocked. Thi-this place…no……

Looking at this familiar dilapidated room, Bai Fan looked down only to see a pair of small dirty hands.

A chill went down his spine.

In the bedroom of 509, Shen Zhuoliang who accidentally caught a glimpse of the time, immediately put his book down, picked up a few thermos, and said, “Guess I’ll get the water today.”

Luo Shuai took off his earplugs and smiled, “Hurry up and go, before it’s too late.”

Shen Zhuoliang nodded and saw Bai Fan lying motionless on the computer desk before going out.

A trace of doubt flashed in his eyes, but in the end he opened the door and walked out.

After Shen Zhuoliang left, Luo Shuai closed his laptop and got up and walked behind Bai Fan.

He had noticed Bai Fan’s abnormal behavior of lying on the table before, but he only thought that Bai Fan was just tired of playing and layed on the table to take a rest.

However, it has been so long now, and he was still not moving.

“Bai Fan, Bai Fan!” Luo Shuai gently nudged Bai Fan.

After receiving no response, he added a little bit more strength in his hand, but Bai Fan still didn’t wake up.

Luo Shuai bent down anxiously, but what entered his view was a peaceful sleeping face.

Luo Shuai was stunned, and then relaxed, “You idiot.” 

Seeing that Bai Fan was really uncomfortable sleeping on the table like this, Luo Shuai gently removed Bai Fan’s hand from the mouse, logged out the game, and clicked Shut Down.

After the desktop was turned off, Luo Shuai helped Bai Fan up, but he became worried when he was about to carry Bai Fan to bed.

Because Bai Fan was sleeping in the upper bunk, if he wanted to send Bai Fan up by himself.

Obviously it would be impossible alone.

Luo Shuai could only call Bai Fan a few more times again.

Still not getting a response, Luo Shuai just gave up, this idiot, it seems that he didn’t sleep well for a few days, he could even fall asleep while playing a game, and so deeply at that.

He looked up at the upper bunk then looked at Bai Fan who was sleeping unconsciously.

Luo Shuai shrugged, with a little selfishness, he put Bai Fan on his bed with a smile, “Who gave you the permission to sleep so deeply I’m a kind person, so I’ll compromise.”

When Shen Zhuoliang came back with hot water, he was stunned to see Bai Fan lying on Luo Shuai’s bed.

“This guy is dead asleep, I can’t bring him up to his bed, I can only let him sleep here.” Luo Shuai explained helplessly.

After hearing Luo Shuai’s explanation, Shen Zhuoliang nodded, picked up the book on the side, and continued to read it.


In this same old ghostly room, all kinds of complicated guesses flashed through Bai Fan’s mind, but he couldn’t figure out anything.

He couldn’t tell whether this scene was a dream or reality.

In the end, the desire for the answer he was searching for was defeated by the hunger in his stomach.

The roar in his stomach, and the unforgettable hunger from the previous night all tortured him.

So he subconsciously did the same thing yesterday, he started searching for food in the house.

There was nothing inside the bed.

Nothing at all, in other places, there was also nothing to be found.

Except for the half pot of cold water in the teapot on the table, nothing else was found.

Bai Fan sat weakly on the bed.

He began to miss the steamed buns that were thrown by him in the morning, and also the three fresh meat buns.

Bai Fan was in a trance.

He suddenly felt something hard in his arms, and took it out subconsciously.

It turned out to be the familiar blue cloth package.

Although today’s is even drier than yesterday’s, there is indeed something in it.

Bai Fan couldn’t wait to open it.

There was half a piece of orange-ish pastry with tooth marks in it, although he didn’t know who left the marks, but Bai Fan didn’t mind.

It was edible, and he was willing to accept it no matter how bad it was.

Bai Fan happily ate the whole piece of pastry.

The blue cloth wrapped around the pastry was thrown to the table casually, afterwards he became full and satiated, He then once again wrapped himself in the thin blanket and fell asleep.

Before sleeping, he earnestly prayed that tomorrow he would be in the dormitory.

The sound of the wind roared all night, and the curtains in the house drifted with the breeze until the first ray of sunlight came.

The child on the bed moved his eyebrows.

Before he fully awoke, his little hand moved to his chest and touched it unconsciously.

He stiffened, and a pair of black eyes opened shockingly. It’s gone again!

The child sat up and immediately saw the blue cloth which was arrogantly discarded on the table at first glance, his eyes now filled with raging anger.



Translator’s Note:

This is our first time translating, hope you like it:)) If there are any mistakes, please feel free to tell us


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