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286 Panic Spreads and Talks with the Alliance

The next moment, a notification popped up.

[Prompt: Unknown Conflict]

The Thousand Illusionary Flowing Light and the Thousand Night Flowing Light repelled each other as if two tigers could not share a mountain.

Ling Yi tried a few times but failed, so he gave up on the idea of keeping it.

“It seems that I can only give this divine artifact to Shurou and the others to use.”

He put the divine artifact back into his backpack and was about to rejoin the battle when he heard another “beep”.

Then, a message popped up automatically.

[Vermilion Bird: Are you fighting the Beast Kings clone Hows the situation Are you confident]

Thinking about how he would release the real Beast King if he defeated this Beast Kings clone, Ling Yi couldnt help but be shocked.

“Sh*t… Ill have to let the people outside prepare before killing the clone later.”

He immediately gave a reply.

boxn ovel.


[01: Hurry up and get ready.

Im sure to win.]

[Vermillion Bird: Sure win Take it slow, then.

Dont kill the clone yet.

We still need to approve the plan to mobilize resources and arrange personnel, which will take some time.]

[01: Okay.]

That was what happened this time, but Ling Yi continued to attack with his full strength.

At the very least, he had to beat the clone to the very last bit of life force before slowly dragging it out.

At the same time.

In the outside world.

When Nangong Li received the reply, she immediately informed the Divine Union, so that the entire Alliance knew about this.

“Have you heard 01 said that he would definitely defeat the Nest Gods clone.”

“I heard, I heard… Haah… The future wont be peaceful again.”

“Thats right.

Once the black veil is broken, the divine general of the lair will appear again.

At that time, the level 1 black sky will make a comeback.”

If it had been uncertain before, it was now almost certain that the divine generals of the lair had reappeared.

In just a few minutes, the sudden news turned into a “wind of horror” that blew all over the world.

Tai Jing Ocean, a rural area in the southern city of Ao Zhou.

A few men were still chatting outside the house when the door was pushed open with a bang.

A young man with yellow hair ran out in a panic and shouted, “Not good, not good! The Nest God is about to reappear in the world!”

A few middle-aged and elderly people in tank tops, shorts, and slippers didnt react for a moment when they heard that.

“Lets run! Well take refuge in the White Eagle Kingdom first!”

When the young man finished his second sentence, the group of people finally reacted and all revealed a look of horror.

“What The Beast King is coming out again”

“Whats going on Isnt there still some time before the black veil is broken”

“Once the Beast King comes out, well be the first to be affected!”

An old man stood up and asked the young man, “When are you coming out Tomorrow Or the day after tomorrow”

“Later! Hell be out soon!”

The young mans answer almost sent the old men away.

As ordinary people, they were particularly afraid of demons.

Even a high-level demon could easily control their life and death, let alone a high-level Beast King!

Seeing the old mens pale faces, the young man gritted his teeth and shook his head, consoling them, “No, no, no.

We still have time.

01 hasnt killed the Beast Kings clone yet.

He said hes going to win for sure, so hes stalling inside.”

“Maybe hell drag it out for an hour or two.

We can still make it if we run now.”

Before he could finish his sentence, the monster alarm in the town sounded.

Di Wu-Di Wu-

Di Wu-Di Wu-

After repeating it twice, a female voice suddenly sounded.

“Highest level monster alert! It is estimated that a large number of monsters will arrive in an hour.

Please evacuate the town immediately!”

“Highest level…”

Everyone panicked when they heard the alarm.

“Hurry! Im going to book a ticket to White Eagle.”

“No, there are no more tickets!”

“What about the other northern countries”

“Its all gone!”

“If we cant take the plane, well take the boat.

We cant stay here!”

This scene did not only happen in this place.

The countries that were closer to the Nest Gods territory were all busy and chaotic.

On a small island a few thousand meters away from the dark veil, in the invisible domain.

Inside a huge khaki-colored tent, players from the various nations Alliance had gathered and were having a detailed discussion on how to deal with the Nest God.

Of course.

It was said to be a joint discussion between the countries, but in the end, the decision was made by the few most powerful ones.

Tong Wei, the head of the Divine Unions action Department, was sitting at a corner of the circular conference table.

He suggested, “The Nest God has been strengthened by devouring Black Sky energy and Gods Path, and its strength is completely different from before.

To prevent it from increasing its strength for other reasons, I suggest the Bai Alliance use the divine artifact of destruction, thefinal moment.

Upon hearing this.

Karnoth, the head of the northern Alliance, crossed his arms and nodded.

“Thats right.

We can only hope to kill the Beast King if everyone takes out their divine weapons.”

The Bai Xiongs Alliances head was called Rante.

Seeing Tong Wei and Karnoth echoing each other, he couldnt help but smile in disdain.

“Sure, we can bring out thefinal moment, but this divine artifact of ours can only be used twice a year.

The Divine Alliance will have to use theBrave Legion to deal with the Beast King, and the North will have to use theKingdom-annihilating Reincarnation.”

Tong Wei had already expected this and just nodded with a smile.

Karnoth waved his hand and replied, “No problem.”

The two of them agreed so readily that Rante secretly frowned, wondering if he had been tricked.

“Alright, then next…”

They discussed in detail for a moment and finally decided-


The Divine Union had used the “Hero Corps” to temporarily increase everyones combat power.


The North will useNational Annihilation to create a spell formation that can resurrect the dead without any cost.


When the Nest Gods health dropped below a certain level, the White Alliance would use “the moment of termination” to kill it!

After making their decision, everyone walked out of the domain and headed to the edge of the island.

As they looked at the dark barrier in the distance, everyone turned their attention to the Divine Unions general, the Vermillion Bird, Nangong Li.

By now, almost everyone knew that she was the liaison between the Divine Union and 01.

“Are you all ready”

She asked the crowd again with uncertainty.

Originally, with her status, the people from other countries would not pay much attention to her if she asked this question.

However, with her ability to contact 01 directly, no one dared to ignore her.

“Im ready.”

“Do you want to wait a little longer I can see that there are still ordinary people fleeing nearby.”


After a brief discussion, they looked at the time.


“Mm… Lets ask 01 for his opinion first.”

“I think its fine.”

The crowd was not clear about the situation inside the veil, so they let Nangong Li ask.

[Vermilion Bird: Whats the situation on your side]

[01: The clone is already low on health.

I can kill him at any time.

WHow about you Still not done]

[Vermilion Bird: Im sorry, sorry.

Its fine, but they said they wanted to buy some time for the crowd to escape.]

[Vermilion Bird: We dont know how long it will take to kill the Beast King and we cant stop the expansion of the Black Sky, so it is necessary to let them leave first.]

[01: Thats true.

When I came, I just wanted to give it a try.

I didnt really think I could defeat it.

Otherwise, I would have told you in advance.]

[Vermilion Bird: Its fine.

So now…]

[01: Ill delay it for another hour.]

[Vermilion Bird: No problem]

[01: Easy.]

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