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285 Battle with the Beast Kings Clone

“Fiery Dragon!”

A Fire Mirror behind him appeared, and two hundred Elite Fire Dragons and two Fire Dragon Kings flew out.

“The gate of heaven realm!”

Eight Battle Angels with wings on their backs, gold-rimmed battle robes, and giant swords in their hands formed a row behind him.

The Ice Queen waved her hand gently, and a sea of Ice energy appeared out of thin air in front of him.

Then, the leader of the creatures, the Ice Spirit, appeared!

This was her skill [Ice Spirit summoning], which she had used against the Five-Crowned Dragon.

As soon as the fifty-meter-long, spinning Ice Spirit appeared, it waved its giant hand of ice and summoned a large number of Ice Elements.

The battle here could not be seen from the outside world, so the two could use their full strength!

It was also when these summoned beasts appeared that the hundred-meter-tall Nest God clone officially awakened.


boxn ovel.


[A new way to spend gold Who broke through 10 billion] (TRENDING)

[01 challenges the Dark Veil!] (TRENDING)

[The Nest God is about to reappear Global Black Sky is about to return] (HOT)

Not long after Ling Yi entered the dark veil, the whole world knew that he had entered the dark shroud to challenge.

Most people, like Crick, had an optimistic attitude.

Since 01 has entered, the black veil is most likely going to be broken.

The entire Alliance will have to think about how to deal with the Nest God that has reappeared.

The Nest God has been in the main world for so long.

The entire Alliance must have thought of a countermeasure long ago.

“Didnt the rumors say that after breaking the colored veil, someone would use a divine artifact of destruction”

“Its not like there are no restrictions on the use of a divine artifact… Which country would be in a hurry to use it if it doesnt really threaten their homeland”


Shenxias upper capital, Luo Manor.

Luo Yao, who had already reached level 72 through the divine artifact Thousand Illusionary Lights, looked at the hot search on the forum and jumped up in excitement.

“This is great, this is great! Sister Qin, Ling Yi went to challenge the black veil!”

She called out in surprise to the woman who was leaning against the stone railing of the pavilion and looking at the lake under the pavilion with her hand on her chin.

The woman was tall and had a head of silver-gray soft long hair.

Under her willow-like eyebrows were a pair of brown eyes, which were imposing and full of light.

She was wearing a white battle armor, and her wrists, shoulders, neck, and other key parts were covered with gold patterns.

It looked very expensive.

The silver-haired lady was Qin Mengya, who had been reborn from Luo Yaos body.

She was the former number one player among the younger generation in Shenxia.

Hearing Luo Yaos call, Qin Mengya turned around and smiled gently.

“Dont make such a big fuss.

Youre an adult now.

You need to pay attention to your image.”


Luo Yao bounced to her side and shouted happily, “Ling Yi has entered the black veil.

My father should be back soon!”

In the past, Qin Mengya would have analyzed 01s chances of winning.

But now, after being slapped in the face by 01 so many times, she was just like Luo Yao and many others, full of confidence in him.


He should succeed.”

She nodded and said, “You still have the Thousand Illusionary Lights, right Now that weve used it up, pass it to him.

This way, hell have an easier time.”


At the same time.

The countries around the world that received the news also quickly took action.

“01 went to challenge the black veil! The Nest God will be back soon!”

“Lets go to Tai Jing Ocean!”

“Is a Global Black Sky returning” Someone sighed.

“Stop sighing.

This is a reality that cant be avoided…”

“33 times! Yang Qi Dragon!”

In the black veil, Ling Yi flashed to the Nest Gods side and released a Yang Dragon attack that was 33 times stronger.

The Golden Yang Dragon roared and rushed into the spiders pitch-black poisonous armor, eliminating one of the three layers.

Seeing this, Ling Yi was overjoyed, “Success! It seems like the color veil wasnt strengthened!”

As he spoke, he also activated his [Eye of Truth] to look at the colorful veil.

[Divine Color Body Protection (10 stars) (Passive) (Combination Derivative)]: The surface of its body is covered with three layers of colorful film, which can only be damaged by Yin energy, Yang energy, and vitality.

When the colored veil is present, the user will not suffer any damage.

As long as there was one layer of color veil left, the rest of the color veil would recover within one minute.

If all three layers were broken, it would take a week to recover.

He had seen this skill when he first came in.

It was considered to be a rather average skill.

The first layer of the rainbow veil has been broken.


Ling Yi dodged the Beast Kings vine attack and teleported to the other side to launch another Yang energy attack with 33 times the normal output.

Very quickly.

Three 33 times Yang energy attacks, a total of 990 Longevity Factor, finally broke through the three layers of color veil.

After that, the Ice Queen, who was in the distance, rushed over with a group of summoned beasts!

The two sides began to fight–

“[Triple Seal] (hit), [30 Times Pain] (hit), [Wind Storm]”

The Ice Queen cast [Meteor Throw]


A beam of blue light streaked across the sky and shot into the tree trunk of the Nest God.

It was the Ice Queens weapon skill, [Meteor Throw].

In an instant, an ice flower was born inside the trunk and grew rapidly.

In the end, it was so big that it pierced through the bark and came out from the inside.

The Nest God paused for a moment, then extended its vine again to sweep at the surrounding summoned beasts.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

In an instant, the Ice Elementals and Elite Fire Dragons exploded in the air like balloons, turning into thin smoke and dissipating.

[Fire Dragon King: Fire Jet]

[Battle Angel — Holy Light Sword Aura]

Two crimson flames and eight golden sword energies attacked the Nest God from different angles as the latter was actually multitasking, using vines to block every attack.

Not only that, but the undamaged vines could also turn around and attack the summoned beasts…

After about ten minutes.

After the Ice Elemental and the Elite Fire Dragon, the two Fire Dragon Kings, eight Battle Angels, and Ice Spirit all died in battle.

In the end, only Ling Yi, the Ice Queen, and the Beast King were left.

At this moment, the three parties lives were respectively–

[Ling Yi: 100%]

[Ice Queen: 1%]

[Beast King: 77.43%]

The Ice Queens agility was higher than the Beast Kings, but because she was immune to death, she doesnt bother dodging as often, especially if she could land a hit.

Ling Yi sighed.

“As expected.

Its still up to us in the end.”

The summoned beasts performance was completely within his expectations.

Ling Yi wasnt disappointed.

However, when he saw the Beast Kings life force drop so slowly, he couldnt help but feel slightly annoyed.

The Ice Queen seemed to have sensed Ling Yis frustration, so she pulled herself away from the attack of the vines and flashed to Ling Yis side.

“Master, we can definitely win.

Its only a matter of time.”

“Mm… Its going to take a long time.”

Even if it could deal 10 times the damage, the Beast Kings clone would not be able to kill Ling Yi in one hit, let alone kill the Ice Queen, who was immune to death.

It didnt have any active skills, so it didnt use any explosive power.

Thus, the outcome of the battle was already out.

The undying duo would only win, and the enemy would only lose!

The nearby Nest God clone didnt give the two any time to speak, and continued to attack them.

The two of them were faster than it, so it was easier for them to avoid its attacks.


[Luo Yao has sent you a gift: Divine artifactThousand Illusionary Lights]


The information that flashed in front of his eyes caught Ling Yis attention.

He dodged and attacked as he opened his backpack to look at the divine artifact that had been returned.

“I already have Thousand Night Flowing Light.

Can I still keep this one”

Out of curiosity, he dodged to the side and took out the divine artifact to try.

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