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At this moment,

Ling Yi, who was being watched by everyone, stretched out his hand and slowly touched the Eternal Spirit Monument that was emitting a dazzling white light.

The monument was placed in a circular well, and there were green algae crawling on the gray-white monument.

The midday sun shone through the transparent glass above the ancient monument, making it look simple and beautiful, like a wonder from ancient times.

Ling Yis fingertips brushed across the monument and he retracted his right hand.

He stretched out his other hand and activated the ability of the divine artifact in his left hand.

Super Enhancement!

After a burst of gorgeous golden light flashed, the ancient monument in front of him gradually returned to its flickering white state.

Ling Yi thought to himself that the strengthening process should be complete, so he activated his [Eye of Truth] to check.

[Eternal Spirit Monument (Unique)]: One of the three legendary monuments.

It will take effect as long as it is placed on the ground.

Any living being could drip their blood on it and obtain a life-long spiritual protection.


During the spirit protection period, when the person who dripped blood died an abnormal death in the main world, they would be reborn in the stone monument in the most perfect and healthy state.]


Spiritual Protection Rebirth can only be effective once a year on any living being.]


If, within the same year, you die again after going through a spiritual protection rebirth, and if you can not be resurrected permanently within seven days, the soul of the deceased will be absorbed into the monument.

When midnight arrives on the first day of the following year, it will automatically consume the next years spirit protection revival chance to resurrect.]


The stone monument could not be destroyed and can only be moved by the owner.]

Ling Yi was surprised to see the effect after the super enhancement.

The fact that it was already impressive enough to be able to use it once in your life, but to be able to use it once a year

Ling Yi didnt expect this upgrade.

So even if he used up the annual resurrection chance, when he died again, his soul would be kept in the monument and when the coming year comes, he would be resurrected once again!

‘This is equivalent to adding a time limit to all abnormal deaths.

‘Its far better than before!

Ling Yi nodded.

He took one last look at the Eternal Spirit Guardian Monument before turning around.

Then he walked out of the hall under the fervent gazes of the pilgrims.

He still had the [Insight Crystal Ball], so he could look at the ancient monument whenever he went back.

For now, he had to set up the potential crystal first.

When he walked out of the hall, he used [Faceless Mask] in his rucksack, and his figure blurred again.

Upon seeing this, the player brought by Nangong Li removed the halo around him after she saw her higherup nodded.

Compared to the limited space in the hall, the people outside could be described as a sea of people.

These people were either here on a pilgrimage or were merchants who came here to do business because there were so many people in one area.

Seeing the Phoenix Sword Saint follow a blurry figure out, the people nearby were all stunned.

“Eh Was that the Phoenix Sword Saint What is she doing here”

“I cant see the figure of the person in front of her clearly… F*ck! Dont tell me thats the 01 from the rumors!”

The moment they heard someone shout “01”, the people who were playing with their phones, chatting, and enjoying the shade under the trees all turned to look at him as if they had heard big news.

Three people walked out from the entrance of the hall, and the one in the lead was a person with a blurry figure.

“Yes, yes! That must be 01!”

“He exchanged for an ultimate crystal today.

He must have gone in to strengthen the Eternal Spirit Guardian Monument!”

Everyone looked at him up and down with wide eyes.

Although they knew that they couldnt see anything, it was enough for many people to brag about meeting him in the main world.

Very quickly,

Ling Yi arrived at the best spot that the Divine Union had chosen.

He extended his left hand to activate the power of the divine artifact.

Beams of light of various colors flew out from the air in all directions and gradually gathered into a seven-colored crystal that grew larger and larger in front of him.

After a while, the potential crystal was completed.

Ling Yi took the lead to start the test.

He stood in front of the crystal and said softly, “evaluate my potential.”

The next moment—

A message appeared in front of him.

[You have god-like potential.

All attributes 10]

At the same time, ten pure white spots of light flew out from the rainbow crystal that was suspended half a meter in the air.

They circled around him several times before slowly fusing into his body.

“How was it” Nangong Li, who was beside him, asked curiously.

‘It should be based on the number of light spots to determine a persons potential…

Ling Yi didnt say much and let Nangong Li test it herself.

He discovered that 10 light spots had also flown out, meaning she would get an additional ten attributes as well.

The assistant she hired followed closely and received seven spots of lights.

While the crowd was still in shock and surprise, Ling Yi used the [Global Teleporter] to send Lin Shurou and the others over after they had changed their forms and asked them to test it out one by one.

Lin Shurou received 5.

Yunji received 9.

Xia Wanqing received 9.

‘Strange… What is the basis for its potential

Ling Yi touched his chin and thought to himself when he saw that Lin Shurou only had five spots of light after fusing with LingEr.

‘As long as there are cultivation resources, anyone can become a powerhouse.

Is this potential really useful

After the test, the group did not leave immediately.

Instead, they stayed where they were and watched as they let others use it.

They were curious about the average range.

7, 6, 5, 6, 2, 5, 3, 4, 5, 5…

After a few hundred people reviewed it, he realized that most of them were between 4 and 6.

There were very few people who got below 4 or above 6.

‘It seems that those with potential below 4 have very low potential, 4 – 6 is the normal range, and 6 and above are high.

Ling Yi didnt know how they measure a persons potential, so he didnt think too much about it.

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‘Now that I think about it, what are the other two legendary monuments

‘And how can I get them

Ling Yi suddenly thought of this after he returned.

Since the “Eternal Spirit Monument” was one of the three legendary ancient monuments, there must be two more.

‘If one legendary stone monument can bring about such a huge change, then if I obtain the other two, after the systems mutation and the ultimate crystals super-enhancement, the effect will definitely be very heaven-defying!

After he had informed Nangong Li of the effects of the strengthened stone monument, the Divine Union was quick to announce it.

Right now, the entire Shenxia was in a state of revelry.

In Qianjiang City alone, he had heard hundreds of thousands of words of gratitude through the [Aeolus Call] in just a few minutes.

Of course, it would still be the same as before.

Ordinary people were allowed to drip their blood to protect the spirit only if they had no criminal record and met the various requirements set by the Divine Union.

Receiving praise from the entire nation could directly affect the rate at which the [Ancient Divine Body] absorbed the Longevity Factor.

If he had obtained the other two stone monuments and offered them up before the battle, wouldnt he be able to launch a 100 times critical hit in just a few seconds


‘Its possible, but… Unless one of the remaining two legendary ancient monuments has a very frequent effect or needs to concentrate its power, the effect will decrease again after a while…

Although he thought that, he still took out the [System Prompt] and asked how he could obtain the other legendary ancient monuments.

However, this time, the prompt did not successfully give an answer.

The flames danced chaotically in front of him before finally dissipating with a bang.

“Sh*t… The system prompt isnt clear either.”

Ling Yi furrowed his brows and searched on the forum.

The result was the same as before.

No one knew how to get their hands on the legendary ancient monument.

“Forget it.

Ill just have to let nature take its course.”

Sighing, he got up and went back to his room.


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