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“I thought this was a private group outing”

Liu Sheng, who had a fair face and golden bangs, shook his head in dissatisfaction when he saw them.

Luo Yuan and Nangong Han had planned to come to the cave to search for treasure.

Liu Sheng had been lucky enough to catch wind of the news and followed them.

He wanted to take a ride and pick up the things that the two big shots didnt want.

Now that there were other people, he might have had to share most of the loot with other people, which disappointed and irritated him.

Beside him, his good friend Bluepool was staring at Yunjis beautiful face in a daze.

Even though he couldnt really see her, due to Gods Path protection, he still could see a glimpse of her beauty.

Yunji sensed his gaze.

She furrowed her brows and snorted coldly.

Bluepool was instantly sent flying as if he had been hit hard and smashed into the rock wall with a loud bang!

“Bluepool!” Liu Sheng hurriedly rushed to his friends side and helped him up.

Seeing that his good friends nose was bleeding, Liu Sheng frowned and looked up at Yunji in anger, “Didnt I just look at you for a while Is there a need to be so heavy-handed”

Her thick black hair covered half of Yunjis face, and the only part of her face that was exposed was as cold as ice.

She didnt reply and instead took a step forward to close the distance between her and Ling Yi.

The two of them were almost touching.

Liu Sheng wanted to look good in front of the two big shots.

Therefore, after helping his friend up to show his good character, he quickly took out a stone key from his pocket and smiled as he walked, “The Sword Saint gave me the key and asked me to open the door.

Ill open it now.”

He walked to the front of the stone door and inserted the stone key into the keyhole.

However, to his surprise, the keyhole was too small.

It didnt fit.

Luo Yuan and the others also noticed the situation and walked closer.

“Thats weird.

How can the key not match” Luo Yuan took the key and tried it himself.

He found that the key was indeed bigger.

“Is there a second key” Nangong Han crossed his arms.

“But the information we got was only one key… What do we do now”

“Ill try to cut it a few times.”

While Luo Yuan and the others were in a dilemma, Yunji blinked her beautiful eyes and looked at Ling Yi with amusement.

Everyone was surprised to see Nangong Han unsheathing his soul-bonded weapon and slashing at the stone door and stone lock.

This Sword Saint… Seemed to be a man of action.

“I still cant open it,” After a few slashes, Nangong Han turned around to leave.

Ling Yi was curious to see his fate change.

He checked his fate again and realized that it had indeed changed.

[… Because he couldnt open the cave door, he was deemed useless by the Shadow King.

He was killed by the Shadow Kings sneak attack on the cliff.]

He died even faster!

“… Wait a minute!”

Ling Yi called out to him.

Then, as everyone looked at him, he took out the needle that Yunji had given him and walked to the stone door, saying, “I might be able to try.”

He inserted the needle into the keyhole.

Then, with a “clack,” the lock popped out.

He unlocked it so fast that the few of them were stunned.


Luo Yuan looked at Ling Yis face and was speechless.

Strangers who had no possession of the key could enter, but they, who had the key, couldnt.

It felt as if they were the ones who were freeloading from these kids.

Nangong Han was even more dumbfounded.

He moved like the wind as he reappeared in front of Ling Yi.

He opened his mouth to say something, but when the words reached his throat, he swallowed them back.

In the end, he could only pat his shoulder and say, “Good job, kid.

Thank you.”

“Its fine, its what I should do.”

“When we enter the treasure room in the cave, you can take whatever you want.

Luo Yuan and I only want the true Soul Pill.”

Nangong Han said straightforwardly.

Luo Yuan didnt expect Nangong Han to expose their intention to them that soon, but he agreed with this suggestion.

After the stone door was pushed open, none of them dawdled any longer and quickly entered.

‘Sister Qin, what do you think of Liu Sheng

As they were walking on the bridge to the fifth checkpoint, Luo Yao suddenly asked Qin Mengya in her mind.

Qin Mengya was surprised but still answered.


Why are you suddenly asking”

‘Ive always heard that hes perfect and an excellent marriage candidate.

‘The only reason my dad agreed to let him come is most likely because he wants to see his true ability.

Luo Yao turned around and glanced at Liu Sheng.

Then, she looked at Ling Yi, who was not far away from her, ‘But I feel like hes not even as good as a normal player like Ling Yi.

Qin Mengya was relieved to hear Luo Yaos thoughts.

“Astute observation.

Its good that you can even tell that.

It seems like youre not as gullible as you were before.”

“Thinking back to his performance in the first few checkpoints…” She began, her tone quickly became serious.

“In the first checkpoint, where you were supposed to get a key by using a flying rope, both you and Ling Yi each got one pretty easily.

I noticed that after he observed you, he also climbed up the rope to swing over.

But, he was almost shot to death by an arrow in the dark halfway through.

He was overestimating himself.”

“In the second checkpoint, the monsters nest, he didnt consider the surroundings during the battle and almost accidentally injured others many times.

I remember that both of us heard that he had been lectured for this very same reason a few days ago.

He had even promised to pay attention to his surroundings in the future.

This is carelessness, reneging on ones words, and unrepentant.”

“In the third checkpoint, when facing a Killing Intent Illusion, although using half a minute to pass through the illusion road was still acceptable, Ling Yi only used less than ten seconds.

Its fine if his heart isnt as good as Ling Yis, but now hes even questioning him.

Hes a frog at the bottom of a well, speaking without thinking.”

“In the fourth checkpoint, Cave of Treasures, his performance was just average.

Theres nothing much to say.”

After listening to Qin Mengyas explanation in her soul, Luo Yao was enlightened.

She might not be as observant as Qin Mengya, but she did notice his bad attitude.

Now that Sister Qin had mentioned it as well, her impression of him suddenly plummeted.

‘What about Bluepool

“Hes just a villain whose head is full of women.

Its disgusting to even look at him.”

Luo Yao nodded and looked at Ling Yi who was not far away.

She asked,What do you think of Ling Yi

“Hes not bad,”

Qin Mengya crossed her arms, shook her head, and laughed.

“I can only say that it makes sense for Yunji to like him.

If I can be resurrected, I might like him too.”

“Ive observed him the most along the way.

Hes an easy-going man, has a good observation ability, and is very understanding.

He has a good temper, and hes not arrogant at all.”

“His eyes are clear and pure, but they contain a trace of unquestionable firm belief.

He is a person with a goal and a bottom line.”

“If you pay attention to him, you will find that although he doesnt talk much or take action, every time he does, he can give an impeccable solution to the current predicament.”

At this point, Qin Mengya paused for a while.

After sorting out her thoughts, she concluded, “Hes a man with a perfect personality and an unfathomable depth.”

“Even Yunji, who has always been proud and aloof, has been tamed by him and obediently accompanied by his side.

He must not be as simple as he looks,”

Luo Yao didnt expect that the usually strict and cautious Sister Qin would give him such a high evaluation.

As an onlooker, she could not see as clearly as Qin Mengya.

Now that Qin Mengya pointed it out, she gradually recalled the various details she deemed as nothing during their journey.

‘Ling Yi seems to be from District 66.

He should only be around level 10 then… Then what reason does he have to come here in the first place

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