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Chapter 7.1

A week later, Bai Jing’s notebook was filled with dense points of knowledge, all related to gambling on stones.

However, this knowledge was rather fragmented, and could only be regarded as a preliminary understanding.

Switching off his light brain, he prepared to go to the rough stones area to get a feel for it and to try to gamble up a piece of all gambling material as soon as possible in order to qualify for the apprentice gambling test.

Before going to sleep, he searched the nearby quarry areas, and found that there were three in total.

As expected, the largest of them was the Gu Group’s No.5 rough stones area, which was under the Gu Group’s name.

After checking the route, he lay down in the soft bed and slept well all night.

At seven o’clock in the morning, Bai Jing washed up and left the house in his most ordinary white T-shirt and black trousers as well as a pair of old-fashioned black rimmed glasses.

Walking down the remote path, he noticed that the bodies of Jiao Gui and the two men he had brought with him had disappeared and that the ground had been cleared of all traces of the pieces of flesh and spattered blood.

He glanced at the path casually then walked with an unchanged expression to the hover car ride.

As he reached the platform, he relaxed slightly.

A whole week had passed since he had killed Jiao Gui and the two hitmen he had brought with him and nothing had happened until now, which meant he had escaped for now.

There weren’t many people waiting for the morning hover car, so Bai Jing was able to follow the crowd onto the white hover car and settle down in the corner.

The hover car was like a long airship floating in the air, speeding along a spiral track, going up and down, up and down, so fast that it was impossible to see out the window.

Bai Jing’s slender fingers grasped the handrails on either side tightly, his whole body tensed up as he closed his eyes with all his might to fight against the sense of weightlessness and dizziness brought about by the high speed.

In less than two minutes, the hover car stopped at the station slowly.

Bai Jing’s face having turned white, he immediately unbuckled his protective belt and staggered out the door.

On the other hand, everyone else on the hover car looked normal, without any hint of discomfort from the high speed, as if they were already used to it.

Most of them got off at this stop, so the moment the door was opened, they headed for the rough stones section.

Bai Jing sat on the bench outside for a long time to relieve himself , waiting until he had managed to restrain the urge to vomit a little.

The entrance to Gu Group’s No.5 rough stones section.

Bai Jing pointed his light brain at the detector, and a sweet electronic voice sounded, “Citizen with ID 1053166247’s credit clearance has passed, please enter.”

He had just entered the hall when the detector behind him sounded a warning, “Warning! Warning! Citizen with ID 982348501‘s credit clearance has failed, depriving the citizen of his gambling privileges in the Gu Group’s Mine!”

“F*ck, isn’t it just a loan of 10,000 starcoins that hasn’t been repaid yet, I’ll get it if I’m able to bet on rough stones!” A middle-aged man who looked mad cursed but was dragged out of the gate by two tall uniformed men.

Bai Jing didn’t look back, he just walked straight into the hall which was lit up very brightly.

There were five entrances on the right side of the hall, each marked with the words ‘A-E’ above it; there was only one entrance on the left side of the hall, marked with the letter ‘S’.

Hundreds of blue reception robots wandered through the hall, and with a single swipe of the light brain on the central screen, they would come forward to answer questions.

Bai Jing swept up after the others, and a blue robot came to him with a ‘ta-da-da’ sound.

[Robot number G5178 at your service, Little Blue will solve any problems this guest has.] The round little blue robot’s chubby eyes narrowed into two horizontal lines, looking distinctly well-behaved.

Bai Jing: “May I ask what these entrance letters stand for” He had just come into contact with gambling stones, so didn’t understand a lot of the things that were common to others.

[Little Blue replied: These letters represent the grade of the materials section.

Whenever a batch of raw stones comes to Gu Group’s materials section, they would be zoned by many professional gamblers to ensure that the price of the raw stones matches the quality relatively.

The materials in the Zone S are of the highest grade, mainly for auction; the materials in Zone E are of the lowest grade.]

Bai Jing: ” Then the price of the materials in Zones D and E is approximately”

[Little Blue replied: the materials in Zone D has three grades, selling for 1W, 3W and 5W starcoins respectively.

The materials in Zone E, also known as the scrap zone, sell for 500 starcoins per kilo of material.”]

“Okay, thanks.” Bai Jing looked at the balance on his light brain.

With less than 20,000 starcoins, he could only sift through the materials in Zone E for now.

[You’re welcome.

What other questions do you have, please Little Blue will answer them for you immediately.]

“No need for now.” Bai Jing intended to go straight to the materials in Zone E to select rough stones.

[Please rate the service from robot number G5178, 5 for very satisfied, thank you.]

Bai Jing tapped on the option with only 5 points expressionlessly, received a thank you from the little blue fatty, and then with a ‘ta-da-da’ it ran off to the next customer.



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