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Gluttonous Crown Princess Chapter 22.2

“I can’t eat so much by myself.” Pei Yan raised his eyes towards Fu Xirui.

Fu Xirui instantly understood, and immediately distributed three salted egg yolk pastries to Preceptor Song.

Preceptor Song no longer held back and only sighed, “The Crown Princess really treats Your Highness with care… If we’d known she was such a caring person, you two should have gotten married earlier.

With a caring and tender person by your side to take care of you, you would be in good health soon too.”

Pei Yan thought inwardly that it was still not too late.

With a light smile on his face, he picked up a piece of pastry and began to eat, and his black eyes unconsciously revealed a trace of imperceptible pleasure.

After having tea, the two of them discussed the matter of spring taxes.

Seeing Fu Xirui emerge with the empty cups and plates, Zhan Ping, who was standing guard at the door, was astonished.

“This… Everything has been eaten!”

Fu Xirui smiled, “Yes.

His Highness ate three pieces, and Preceptor Song ate five.

The Crown Princess’s craftsmanship is really beyond words!”

“His Highness actually ate three pastries Eunuch Fu, why didn’t you persuade His Highness If he ate so much now, how is he going to have stomach for dinner”

“Three pastries are nothing.

Lord Zhan, you didn’t see it last night— His Highness ate such a large bowl of fried rice, a large bowl of soup, and several fried chicken wings.

If you ask me, our Crown Princess is really His Highness’s lucky star.

I believe that before long, His Highness will grow stronger and become healthier.

It’s a blessing to be able to eat!”

Hearing Fu Xirui’s affectionate “our Crown Princess”, Zhan Ping’s brows furrowed.

“Eunuch Fu, have you forgotten how much embarrassment she had caused His Highness previously Now, with just a few pastries, you’ve defected…”

Fu Xirui was taken aback, then said, “Lord Zhan, you are too prejudiced against the Crown Princess.

Actually, the Crown Princess is quite nice.”

He explained a little, but seeing Zhan Ping’s unrelenting obstinate appearance, he decided to not waste his breath and just thought to himself, It takes a long journey to know how powerful a horse is, and long time to understand someone’s heart.

Let’s wait and see.

Who knows, you might defect in the future yourself too.


The rain stopped, and the nursemaid led the Sixth Princess back to Tingyu Pavilion.

The Sixth Princess was holding a small piece of salted egg yolk pastry and enjoying it.

Just as she rounded a palace door, she saw the Fifth Prince coming toward her.

The Fifth Prince was the second youngest child in the palace.

He was nine this year, and his biological mother was Noble Consort Xu.

He was born at the time of the great drought in the northwest, which had caused Emperor Zhaokang to lose a lot of hair from worry.

Coincidentally, as soon as the Fifth Prince was born, a heavy rain fell in the northwest, solving the drought.

Therefore, Emperor Zhaokang doted on this young son very much, and regarded him as a little lucky star.

With the love of their Imperial Father, and a mother who was a Noble Consort, it could be said that the Fifth Prince had grown up in a honey jar, which had also caused him to develop a lawless character.

Upon seeing this little devil, the Sixth Princess reflexively put her hands behind her back and greeted him timidly, “Greetings, Fifth Imperial Brother.”

The Fifth Prince frowned.

“It’s you, Xiao Liu.

Where are you coming from”

The Sixth Princess’s long lashes drooped slightly, “I— I… went to the Eastern Palace to play for a while.”

“The Eastern Palace Why did you go there Brother Crown Prince didn’t think you were annoying”

“It was Crown Princess Sister-in-law who asked me to go and play…”

“Crown Princess Sister-in-law” The Fifth Prince was stunned for a moment before remembering that there was such a person.

He was just about to continue asking when he saw the way the Sixth Princess kept her hands behind her back.

His brows furrowed, “What are you hiding”

“N-nothing.” The Sixth Princess was a little flustered.

“Look at you, what a mouse.” The Fifth Prince raised his chin and motioned with his head at the eunuch beside him.


See what she’s hiding.”

The eunuch went over immediately.

The nursemaid instinctively shielded the Sixth Princess, but she dared not stop him.

After all, the Fifth Prince was the Noble Consort’s precious darling.

If they displeased the little devil, they would have to suffer for it.

When he saw that the Sixth Princess was hiding a small piece of pastry, the Fifth Prince couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

“Why bother hiding a piece of pastry Did you think I’d snatch that from you or something”

As soon as those words fell, his nose couldn’t help sniffing about.

“What smells so good”

The eunuch also looked around before his gaze finally locked onto the pastry in the Sixth Princess’s hand.

“Your Highness, it seems like… it’s coming from the pastry the Sixth Princess is holding.”

The Sixth Princess was little, and so was her mouth.

After a couple of bites, there was still half of the pastry left, which happened to reveal the rich layers of filling inside.

Upon seeing that the Fifth Prince was staring straight at the salted egg yolk pastry in her hand, the Sixth Princess said softly, “Fifth Imperial Brother, I’ve already eaten this halfway.”


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