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Ye Feng released an extremely powerful mental energy, he used it together with the [Netherworld Eyes] and instantly activated it.

Terrifying lightning swept in all directions, the other party was stunned.


“How is it possible!” Evil Spirits eyes widened, and the mental power it released was torn to pieces almost instantly!

“Hmph! Its just a clone!” Ye Feng snorted coldly.

He had long noticed that the aura of Evil Spirit was not ordinary, thus he guessed that Evil Spirit should have a clone.

“But since its just a clone, then…”

A cold smile appeared on Ye Fengs face.

“Then Ill send all of your clones to their deaths!”


He took a step forward, and a wild and domineering aura suddenly spread out!

“[Sea Gods Power]!”

In an instant, the water elements in the sky gathered together and turned into a destructive force, annihilating all Evil Spirit clones in the surroundings!

“Ah, what the h*ll is this”

“No, my clones!”

Wails and screams were heard, Ye Feng was like the god of the sea.

He was slaughtering his way through and slaughtering wantonly.

In just a few seconds, Ye Feng had killed seven to eight clones of Evil Spirit.

He even detonated a sea of lightning, causing Evil Spirits strength to be greatly reduced.

“D*mmit! You should die!”

“Ye Feng! Ill remember you! There will be a day when youre exhausted.”

“Ill definitely tear you to pieces and let you taste the pain of purgatory!”

Evil Spirit shrieked, his voice filled with hatred and resentment.

Hearing this, Ye Feng revealed a mocking smile.

“Hehe, you still dare to threaten me”

He took a step forward and appeared in front of Evil Spirit in an instant.

He stretched out his hand, his fingers clenched into a claw, and ruthlessly stabbed into Evil Spirits chest.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Evil Spirits heart was crushed in an instant!

He spat out a mouthful of blood and his body suddenly exploded!


The dark energy around Ye Feng gathered together and turned into a huge black lotus!

The black lotus was round, with a diameter of more than ten meters.

The black lotus slowly rotated, releasing a terrifying evil aura.

The black lotuses formed by the dark energy could suppress all life essence, making the surrounding space extremely oppressive!

“This is the soul of Evil Spirit”

Ye Feng stared at the huge black lotus floating in the air, his eyes flickered with golden light.

Within the black lotus, there was the soul of Evil Spirit.

But this Evil Spirits soul was too strong.

Even Ye Feng would need to spend a lot of time to get rid of it.

“Get out!”

Ye Feng waved his palm.

The powerful wind blade sent the dark energy flying!

“Ahaha, kid, dont even think about it!!”

However, at this moment, the black lotus suddenly bloomed with a dazzling light.

Immediately, an endless black mist spread.

There were many ferocious faces hidden in the black mist.

Once one got close to it, one would be in fatal danger.

However, Ye Feng was not afraid, his strength was far above these Evil Spirit clones, he could easily deal with them.


With a single palm strike, he instantly split an Evil Spirit clone into two!

The other two Evil Spirits took the opportunity to escape into the distance!

“You want to leave Its too late!”

A cold killing intent flashed in Ye Fengs eyes, after which, a terrifying force spread out and directly suppressed the black lotus!


The black lotus trembled intensely, the dark energy within it churned wildly, as if it wanted to break free from its restraints and rush out of Ye Fengs control!

“No! I cant let him leave!”

Evil Spirit was both shocked and furious!

The Evil Spirit clones were all condensed by him using a special secret technique.

Although they had no consciousness, they had extremely strong fighting will.

Even if his real body descended, he might not be a match for them when they joined forces!

Now that they were destroyed by Ye Feng, the Evil Spirits suffered a huge loss!

He was unwilling to accept this!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ye Feng punched out three times in a row, directly shattering the black lotus.

After that, he punched out and completely shattered it.

The black lotus crumbled and turned into endless dark energy.

“Hmph! I dont think your strength is that great!”

Ye Feng looked around indifferently.

He punched out and another cloud of black mist exploded.

“Do you think you can escape this time”

Ye Feng had a cold smile on his face.

He knew that the black mist was formed by Evil Spirits remnant will.

Once the black lotus was destroyed, the remnant will of Evil Spirit would also disappear.

“Ye family b*stard! Youre looking for death!”

Finally, a sharp roar sounded from all directions!

This was the angry roar of Evil Spirit.

It carried a monstrous viciousness, like an evil ghost from the abyss of h*ll!

The roar pierced through the void and even affected the surrounding environment.

Weng, weng, weng, weng, weng!

At this moment, Ye Feng could hear countless cries and wails, causing him to have a splitting headache!

Not good!

“An illusion”

Ye Feng gritted his teeth.

All the muscles in his body tensed up and he hugged his arms tightly!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In one breath, he forcefully expelled these miserable voices.

“Hmph! Just a small trick!”

Ye Fengs lips curled up, the cries of those Evil Spirits just now could not hurt him at all!

But immediately after, a gust of wind swept over.

Boom! Boom!

The boundless darkness struck, as if the sky was falling and the earth was collapsing!


Ye Feng squinted his eyes.

He looked at the end of the darkness.

That was where Evil Spirits true body was!

“You actually didnt die,”Ye Feng mumbled to himself.

That attack just now was enough to turn any peak A grade expert into ashes.

Even a stronger existence would be severely injured.

However, not only did Evil Spirit not die, but he also recovered and became stronger!

Ye Feng squinted his eyes.

This Evil Spirit should be cultivating some kind of evil forbidden technique.

It could increase his strength by devouring dark beings!


A dark aura filled the air and covered the entire area.

A huge Evil Spirit stood in front of Ye Feng.

His body was as tall as a small mountain, his face was thin, eyes were deep, skin was dark, and his entire body was emitting an evil aura.

He was like a demon god from the depths of h*ll, suffocating everyone!

“Keke! I told you, you cant beat me! You will never be able to defeat me in this lifetime! I will destroy everything, destroy this planet! Hahahaha!”

Evil Spirit laughed wildly.

And at this time, Ye Fengs gaze landed on the black lotus behind Evil Spirit.

His eyes shot out a burning fire.

“Ill be taking your things!”

Ye Feng snorted coldly.

He stomped on the ground and charged forward.

“Youre overestimating yourself!”

Evil Spirits eyes were filled with ridicule.

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