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“This should be a flying-type creature, right”

Ye Feng guessed that these flying-type creatures were relatively rare on Earth.

However, he had seen them before.

It was just that the strength of this flying-type creature was a little too weak.

It had the strength of an A grade

This made Ye Feng slightly surprised.

This flying-type creature could not even be compared to an ordinary A grade powerhouse.

Why did it give him a sense of danger

Could it be that this flying-type creature also possessed a spiritual attack!

Ye Feng frowned and used his spiritual force to probe over.

This creatures mind was in a mess.

“As expected…”

Ye Feng revealed a look of realization.

Spiritual attacks were similar to elemental skills.

They could affect a persons thoughts and cause the enemy to be temporarily absent-minded.

Moreover, once it was touched, it would cause damage.

This flying-type creature used spiritual attacks to attack Ye Feng, causing Ye Feng to be caught off guard and suffer a loss.

However, Ye Fengs spiritual power had long been reborn.

Even if he encountered an A grade spiritual-type creature, he could easily resist it.

“Since youre a spiritual-type creature, then youre just right for me!”

Ye Feng laughed coldly.

In his eyes, this kind of flying-type creature had already become prey that he could wreak havoc on.


He directly pounced forward.

Ye Fengs speed was extremely fast.

He arrived almost in an instant.

His fingers were like hooks, grabbing onto the creatures throat and punching toward the creatures stomach.


The creature let out a painful cry.

Ye Fengs punch was too strong, causing it to be heavily injured.


Ye Fengs arm shook, and the creatures chest directly exploded.


The creature roared angrily, but it was useless.

At the moment of its death struggle, the spiritual energy in its body exploded.

Ye Fengs spiritual energy was shaken, and his head hurt.

“How troublesome!”

Ye Feng shook his head.

He did not expect the consequences of his spiritual power being attacked to be so severe.

However, this kind of damage only lasted for an instant, and then it disappeared.

“As expected of spiritual power that has increased cultivation to a certain extent.

It can actually recover…”

Although it was only for an instant, it was enough to prove how terrifying an A grade symbiote was.

If this move was used properly, it could be used to challenge a higher level.

However, such a move would deplete ones mental energy very quickly.

Ye Feng shook his head and did not think anymore.

“Lets leave this place first.”

He was prepared to continue exploring in depth and see if he could find some precious medicinal herbs or ores to increase his strength.

After all, his strength was too low right now and he had to increase his strength as much as possible.


Suddenly, a shrill howl resounded in the surroundings, making ones hair stand on end.

Ye Fengs heart was alarmed.

He suddenly raised his head and looked towards the source of the sound.

He saw that at the entrance of the cave in the distance, rows and rows of bats were densely packed.

These bats were completely black, their fangs were ferocious, and their eyes flickered with a dim light.

“These guys… are all A grade!”

Ye Fengs eyelids twitched.

These bats were all A grade creatures!

There were many of these bats, at least close to a hundred of them.

They were all roaring at the sky, as if they would break the seal and rush out at any moment.


Ye Fengs face was gloomy.

He did not expect so many creatures to gather here.

The aura of these creatures was extremely strong.

Each of them was equivalent to a high-level symbiote among ordinary people.

A group of Agrade symbiotes charging out was simply disastrous.

Ye Feng knew that things were not good and hurriedly turned around to run.

He simply could not afford to provoke such monsters.


Ye Fengs speed was extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, he had covered a distance of thirty feet.

However, at this moment, a ball of pitch-black fog suddenly appeared out of thin air and blocked his escape route.


Ye Feng stopped in his tracks.

It was a ball of gray fog that covered an area of about five to six meters.

In the fog, one could vaguely see distorted faces.

These were all spirits of the dead.

“Hmph! Its just an illusion.

Do you want to confuse me”

Ye Feng was not afraid at all.

His mental fortitude could be said to be abnormal.

No matter how powerful the illusion was, it would not be able to trap him.


Ye Feng activated his spiritual power and a majestic spiritual storm swept out.


This spiritual storm collided with the gray fog and immediately blew a lot of the fog away.


Logically speaking, such a spiritual storm could definitely destroy the construction of those illusions, but the gray fog was still there.

Ye Feng stared at the gray fog.

He kept feeling as if there was a terrifying existence inside the fog spying on him.

“The leader of these creatures”

Ye Feng narrowed his eyes and focused on the gray fog, ready to attack at any time.

“Hehehe… You finally broke into our territory…”

A hoarse voice came from within the gray fog, sounding full of malice and evil.

Immediately after, the gray fog surged and churned, and a huge ugly head drilled out from within the gray fog.

Its head was triangular, its mouth sharp and slender, its two eyes suffused with a seductive red glow, and its thick tail was like a scorpion.

“Human boy… You have barged into our nest… This is our forbidden land, any intruder will die…”

The creature spoke hoarsely, causing Ye Feng to have goosebumps all over his body.

“You are very strong, I admit it, but you are still too young…”

“I have lived for a long time… We Vampires have a long life.

My lifespan is much longer than yours.

You are not my match at all…”

“However, your spiritual power is quite strong.

I need your spiritual power!”


The creature let out an ear-piercing smile.

It stretched its huge body and revealed a ferocious expression.

“Are you negotiating with me” Ye Feng laughed coldly.

He was not frightened by the other party.

On the contrary, it aroused the thirst for blood in his heart.

This was a battle between life and death.

Who would win or lose was still unknown!

“Ga ga ga! I will capture you back to our blood pool and slowly enjoy… Ga ga…”

The creature let out a cruel laugh.

It spread its wings and flew toward Ye Feng.

This was an A grade creature, and Ye Feng did not dare to neglect it.


Ye Feng waved both his palms, and two sharp blades slashed toward the creatures wings.

However, the creatures wings were extremely hard.

The two sharp blades slashed onto the wings, leaving only two shallow scars.

Shua! Shua!

Two blood arrows shot out, but the creature showed no signs of stopping its attack.

Its speed became even faster, bringing with it a string of black shadows.

In the blink of an eye, it arrived, and its sharp claws and teeth slapped hard on Ye Fengs back.

Instantly, a bright claw mark appeared on Ye Fengs back, almost tearing off a piece of flesh.

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