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After that, Su Bai put on his shoes and left.

Ye Feng didnt know why Su Bai was in such a hurry, but with his sharp hearing, he could hear that it was a teacher on the other end of the phone.

He really didnt know which teacher it was.

But he could at least confirm one thing.

He went out this time because the teacher had ordered him to do a task.

Ye Feng hadnt been here for a long time, but Su Bai had taught him a lot of basic things.

For example, university students often had temporary or non-temporary tasks, which required them to go to different places to keep their spiritual power stable, or other tasks.

Because in this big world where spiritual energy was recovering, there were all kinds of creatures causing trouble all the time.

At this time, they needed to send people from all over the world to solve it.

These were the most basic field missions for them as the top five universities, also known as the Five Great Universities.

On one hand, they could quickly train their combat thinking, and on the other hand, they could also earn credits for practical lessons.

Ye Feng also began to look forward to his first mission, which was to do something.

After all, he had not been in this Academy for long.

He had been here for more than a month, and he had been preparing for the freshmen assessment and the Promotion Exam.

These two assessment matters had already made him extremely busy, not to mention other things.

Moreover, he had not officially started the classes here.

However, as a freshman who had passed the assessment, he would soon arrange the classes to be studied.

Ye Feng still maintained some interest in what he was about to learn.

At least, compared to what he had learned in the middle school and high school textbooks, it was definitely much better.

After eating and drinking to his hearts content, Ye Feng burped again in satisfaction.

It seemed that it had been a long time since Ye Feng had eaten such a satisfying meal.

When he went home previously, he had only eaten a little before he was disturbed by Lei Jia who had suddenly appeared.

Ye Feng could be considered to have taken revenge for this.

After all, Lei Jia did not enter the shortlist to study at the main campus in the end.

He even beat Lei Jia until he swelled up like a pigs head in the ring.

After tidying up, Ye Feng returned to his bed.

He was about to begin his cultivation.

Currently, he had two main goals for his cultivation.

The first was to continue suppressing the Water Elemental Dragon Kings Soul Curse that was residing in the depths of his soul.

The second goal was to break through 100% of his evolution progress!

When he fought in the arena, every time he released his power, he felt a strange power in his body.

It had been hiding in his body the whole time.

However, he couldnt use any form to guide this power.

He couldnt use the power of the Dragon Seed or the power of the ultimate water element.

After all these were eliminated, in the end, only the evolution progress was left.

This had always been an unsolved mystery.

Moreover, every time he was about to break through, he would miraculously return to the critical point.

This feeling was very strange, but Ye Feng couldnt find any reason for it.

“Forget it… I dont care so much anymore.

Ill just start cultivating directly!” Ye Feng shook his head and opened the inventory of his personal account in Zhutian Mall.

There were the prizes given out to the winners of the competition.

Apart from the cultivation consumables, a secret manual made Ye Feng very happy.

This was a secret manual called [Dragon Vein Technique].

Moreover, since this secret manual was at A grade, its rarity was even marked as out of print.

“This secret manual is a good thing!”

Seeing theout-of-print A grade, Ye Fengs eyes were wide open.

What kind of concept was this

An out-of-print A grade secret manual!

In all of China, there shouldnt be many out-of-print A grade secret manuals, right

Moreover, this secret manual not only had offensive and defensive properties, but it also had the effect of increasing ones own attributes.

This was simply heaven-defying!

Ye Feng had never seen or even heard of it before, but now he actually encountered it here

Although he did not know how powerful it was, a top-secret cultivation method that could be rated as A by the system should not be bad.

In short, he had struck it rich this time!

Ye Feng opened the details, wanting to see what was recorded in this secret manual.

Following that, a majestic stream of information surged into his mind, and a road map appeared in his mind.

After reading the introduction of the [Dragon Vein Technique], Ye Feng became excited.

The [Dragon Vein Technique] had a total of three chapters.

The first chapter was the Dragon Vein Chapter.

As the name implied, it was used to temper the body, increase the physique, and increase the potential of the body.

It was a type of circulation technique that allowed all the muscles, bones, meridians, and blood in the body to merge into one, making the body become stronger and tougher.

This was a kind of tempering method.

Although Ye Fengs current body had a trace of Dragon Blood, it was still far from being comparable to a real Dragon.

If he could cultivate the Dragon Vein Chapter to the perfection realm, he would be able to condense the power of the Dragon Seed.

And the power of the Dragon Seed represented the compatibility between the physical body and the Dragon race.

As long as the Dragon Seed could take shape, then Ye Fengs body would be able to completely transform and become a pure Dragon race!

At that time, he would have a trace of Dragon Might, and within the same chapter, he could sweep through all the Dragon clans.

And now, he already had 72% of the Dragon Seed.

This also meant that he could be considered to have finished cultivating the first chapter!

The strength he had now was not inferior to a Level 3 sub-Dragon!

The second chapter was called the Dragon Tendon Transformation Chapter.

It was about how to use spiritual energy to condense Dragon Scale Armor, allowing the body to have a hard Dragon Scale Armor, blocking most of the damage.

This kind of cultivation method could greatly increase the cultivation speed.

But Ye Feng did not lack the time to cultivate now.

According to the introduction of this secret manual, Ye Feng estimated that if he cultivated to the extreme, his body would be able to reach the Dragon Scale state.

The third chapter was the Dragon Bone Chapter.

It described that if he cultivated to the highest chapter, he could use his own flesh and blood to condense a bone, turning the bone into a metal bone.

Ye Feng roughly read the description of the secret manual and felt that this Dragon Bone Chapter was quite domineering.

However, if he looked carefully, this Dragon Bone Chapter seemed a little ridiculous.

The reason why this secret manual was out of print and was rated as A grade was definitely because this secret manual was not something that ordinary people could cultivate.

It could even be said that even if someone obtained this secret manual, it would only be treated as scrap paper.

Because logically speaking, cultivating the Dragon Vein Technique required the genes of the Dragon race, but how could an ordinary person have something like the genes of the Dragon race!

Therefore, when everyone found out that the first place in the Promotion Exam had obtained the super surprise of this A grade out-of-print Dragon Vein Technique, they no longer had that kind of envious gaze.

On the contrary, they felt that Ye Feng had suffered a great loss and had actually risked his life to obtain such a trash secret manual.

Even using it as scrap paper would take up too much space.

But to Ye Feng, this was a good thing!


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