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Chapter 252 champion killer, Delicious food


Hearing this, Ye Feng was also somewhat moved.

After all, to be able to enter the club formed by these experts was also an honor for him!

What Ye Feng lacked the most right now was resources, so he very much hoped to be able to obtain some resources through this club activity.

Seeing Ye Feng agree, Professor Lei also smiled.

“Thats good.

As for the specific arrangements, Ill send you a message.

Just pay attention and check!”

“No problem!” Ye Feng agreed.

After saying that, Professor Lei also turned around and walked toward the venue.

Just as Professor Lei left, many students surrounded Ye Feng and congratulated him.

Ye Feng also nodded slightly to express his gratitude.

Then, under the warm congratulations of the crowd, he also walked down the arena.

Ye Feng put away his things and prepared to head to the dormitory to rest.

“Eh Isnt this Ye Feng You actually entered the freshmen roll!”

“Yes, I didnt expect Ye Feng to actually be able to enter the freshmen roll.

Its too amazing!”

At this moment, Ye Feng suddenly heard the voices coming from around him.

He looked around in puzzlement.

He saw that there were many students in the surroundings discussing something.

When they saw Ye Feng looking at them, their gazes instantly focused on Ye Feng.

Numerous envious gazes stared at Ye Feng, as if they wanted to melt Ye Feng.

Ye Feng smiled bitterly, wondering if these people were crazy

He was just an ordinary person!

Ye Feng didnt care what these people were thinking.

He just wanted to go back to the dormitory, take a good sleep, and train hard.

The messy flowers were becoming more and more attractive!

Ye Feng sighed and ignored them.

He turned around and walked toward the dormitory.

When he returned to the dormitory, he saw Su Bai fiddling with something in front of the computer.

When he saw Ye Feng walk in, he immediately jumped up and cheered.

“Yo, isnt that Big Brother No.

1 Youre finally back!”

Ye Feng was a little confused.

He looked at Su Bai and was a little confused.

“Whats wrong with you today”

Su Bai chuckled.

“Dont you know Youre really amazing.

You actually won two consecutive championships in the freshmen list within this month!”

“Oh, so thats what happened.

You knew too!”

“Yeah! You didnt know I was so excited.

Youre really lucky this time!”

Su Bai looked at Ye Feng as if he was looking at a celebrity that he had been chasing for many years.

Ye Feng slightly shrugged his shoulders.

He had heard such words too many times, so he was naturally immune.

He was too lazy to explain anything.

“The internal forum of our college has already posted your competition situation on the hot searches! Guess what your new nickname is!”

Su Bai said with narrowed eyes and a smile with a mysterious look on his face.

“New nickname How would I know that” Ye Feng replied.

Su Bai continued to keep him in suspense: “Its called — Champion Killer!”


Ye Feng almost choked on Su Bais words.

Champion Killer!

What kind of stupid nickname was that!

And it was used on himself.

“What the h*ll are you talking about” Ye Feng rolled his eyes.

“Im not talking nonsense.

If you dont believe me, lets bet that this nickname will definitely reach the top.” Su Bai said seriously.

“I dont dare to bet with you.

Youre the administrator of the forum.

What cant you do”

“Haha, dont worry.

If I lose, Ill treat you to a meal.

I can even help you deal with a few girls!” Su Bai said with a sly smile.


As Su Bai said that, he suddenly slapped his thigh.

“Oh, right!”

“Whats wrong with you now Did you forget a girls date” Ye Feng teased.

“Brother, did you bring back the food I asked you to bring for me”

Su Bai looked at the other partys empty hands as if he knew that this scene would happen sooner or later.

Ye Feng scratched his head awkwardly.

This guy had already sent a message to him to reserve tonights dinner before Ye Feng even started the competition.

But during the competition process, he was nervous and excited.

If he wasnt careful, he would have forgotten.

Ye Feng didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“The competition was so exciting that I really forgot about it.”

“I knew it.

Thats why I ordered two takeout in advance.

Lets eat together!” Su Bai patted his head and opened the food box immediately.

A strong fragrance was suddenly emitted.

After Ye Feng smelled it, his stomach immediately rumbled.

He was indeed a little hungry.

He did not care about his image as he sat at the table and started eating.

He looked like he was enjoying it.

“Oh my, this is the best takeaway in the Academy.

The ingredients are carefully selected and they are very good.

Take your time and eat slowly.

There are many more!”

Su Bai looked at Ye Feng who was wolfing down food and a smile appeared on his face.

He knew very well that this big brother usually practiced after eating and drinking.

So, he was very happy to see Ye Feng like this.

At least, Ye Feng didnt waste any food!

“Well, its really delicious! These dishes are really great.”

Ye Feng praised while eating.

“Big Brother, eat slowly.

Dont choke.”

Su Bai saw Ye Feng eating quickly and immediately reminded him with a smile.

Looking at Ye Feng eating, Su Bais heart was filled with emotion.

He naturally knew what kind of battle Ye Feng had experienced during this period of time, but Ye Feng had grown in such a short period of time.

This speed was too terrifying.

“Brother, what exactly happened to you during this period of time Why did you become like this”

While eating the delicious food, Su Bai also opened his mouth to ask.

He really wanted to find out what exactly happened that caused Ye Feng to instantly turn from trash into a super expert!

“Aiya, its a long story.

When I have the chance, Ill tell you slowly.

In any case, you wont lose out.”

Speaking of which, it had been a long time since he had eaten.

Ever since he came back to Cloud Mist Academy, he hadnt eaten anything.

It wasnt because he was hungry, but because he had swallowed a lot of things after training, which could provide him with endless energy.

So Ye Feng could almost not eat, but he was still hungry.

Su Bai saw Ye Feng wolfing down food and showed a gratified smile.

He thought to himself, Ye Feng was still the same as before.

He hadnt changed at all!


Right at this moment, Su Bais phone suddenly rang.

Su Bai hurriedly took out his phone.

When he saw the number, he was stunned.

“Alright, Ill be there right away.”

After chatting for a while, Su Bai hung up the phone.

He looked at Ye Feng who was still wolfing down his food and sighed.

“Youre lucky.

You can also help me eat my portion.

I wont be back for a few days.”


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