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Most importantly, Ye Fengs aptitude in this area was too high.

Moreover, he also had an [Analysis] sequence that specialized in analyzing these secret manuals.

Ye Feng still had the system.

Needless to say, if it was a secret manual, it might be more useful to him than other consumable items.

Therefore, Ye Feng was very satisfied with these prizes.

He chose this secret manual without hesitation!

“Congratulations, everyone.

You have finally won the champion of this years Promotion Exam.

Now, you have received 100 million star dollars as a reward,” the host continued to announce, “In addition, the contestants who get into the top five will also receive a surprise reward! Now, you can go and receive the prize!”

“10 million!!!”

Hearing the hosts voice, everyone immediately became excited.

They did not expect that the top five would have such benefits!

10 million was not a small amount, but it was very rare!

“This competition can be said to be extremely exciting, especially Ye Feng, who is even more stunning! As expected of a heaven-gifted genius!”

“This is also expected.

After all, Ye Feng is only 20 years old.

At this age, he already has such powerful strength.

If nothing unexpected happens, Ye Fengs future will definitely be a powerhouse of a generation!”

“Yeah, this years Promotion Exam is already a historic one!”

The audience discussed animatedly and were all shocked by Ye Fengs results.

Hearing the voices coming from all around, Ye Feng only smiled faintly.

He did not think too much about it.

Following that was the award ceremony.

Many teachers of the Academy attended this award ceremony.

After all, this was a Promotion Exam, and in the future, they would be promoted to the main campus on the Symbiotic Continent.

The award ceremony naturally had to be very grand!

“Ye Feng, Im so happy that you won the first place in this competition again!”

Ye Feng turned around and saw a middle-aged man with white hair walking over.

He immediately smiled and replied, “Professor Lei, you flatter me.”

What Ye Feng did not know was that Professor Lei was also the Chief Examiner of this Promotion Exam.

When he was watching the surveillance cameras backstage, his gaze never left Ye Feng.

Any slight movement, he would immediately notice Ye Feng.

He also did not disappoint his expectations.

Ye Feng obtained the first place in this competition as he wished.

This person was none other than Professor Lei!

These few days, this Professor Lei had been paying close attention to Ye Feng.

The reason why Professor Lei paid so much attention to Ye Feng was not only because of Ye Fengs performance these few days, but also because of his results!

He did not expect that Ye Fengs results this time would actually be so heaven-defying, directly jumping from the last place to the first place!

Moreover, according to the strength monitoring system, it was also discovered that the strength in Ye Fengs body seemed to have obtained a new fluctuation, which meant that Ye Feng might have awakened some new skill before the battle!

In short, Professor Lei was extremely satisfied with all aspects of Ye Feng.

“I didnt expect that the Slime symbiote in your body could erupt with such terrifying offensive power.

Youre really a genius!”

Professor Lei adjusted his glasses, his gaze never leaving Ye Feng from the beginning to the end.

He stared at Ye Feng with a smile.

Ye Feng might be a little embarrassed, so he replied, “Actually, when I was fighting with Lei Jia, I still had some doubts.”

Hearing Ye Fengs question, Professor Leis eyes lit up, and he hurriedly asked, “Oh What doubts do you have Tell me.”

To be able to ask such a question from this genius mouth, no matter how boring the question was, it was the most worthwhile topic to study!

Ye Feng looked around and found that no one was eavesdropping on their conversation, so he whispered out his doubts.

“I always feel that Lei Jia seems to be hiding some secrets,” Ye Feng answered truthfully.

“Youre right, Lei Jia is indeed hiding something!”Professor Lei nodded and continued to ask, “Then did you see whats wrong with Lei Jia”

When he was supervising the exam backstage, Professor Lei indeed found something wrong.

Especially during Lei Jias matches, there was a power that was deliberately hidden.

According to what Ye Feng said, it was similar to the smell of blood, as well as a kind of ancient smell!

“His cultivation method seems to be a little strange.

Moreover, his blood seems to contain some kind of evil aura, making me feel it is very dangerous.

This aura is very dense, as if it is emitted from some ancient bloodline.

I dont know how to describe it.”

Ye Feng shook his head and replied.

“En, Ive long discovered this.

I think Lei Jias bloodline should come from the bloodline of an ancient demonic beast.

Although I dont know who this demonic beast is, from Lei Jias bloodline, I can also conclude that this ancient demonic beast must be very powerful.

And the reason why Lei Jias cultivation speed is so fast is probably related to his cultivation method.

Im not clear about this at the moment.

When I have time, I can go and have a good chat with him!”

Professor Lei nodded.

Ye Feng frowned as he recalled the scene of his confrontation with Lei Jia.

He still had lingering fear in his heart.

“Yes, this matter is indeed worthy of suspicion.” Professor Lei nodded.”The situation you mentioned, weve encountered it once before.

Its just that we havent found the reason.

However, we still have to capture this person.

I think this is also a clue.”

“Ill look into the information when I go back.

Ill give you a definite answer about this matter.”

Professor Lei spoke and patted Ye Fengs shoulder with a smile.

“Dont worry.

Since this is related to your Promotion Exam, Ill definitely do my best!” Professor Lei said with a smile.”Oh right, you can be considered the first in the Promotion Exam now.

Our Academy has some celebration programs.

I wonder if youre interested in participating”

Ye Feng heard this and was stunned for a moment.

Then he smiled and said, “Is there anything fun”

“Yes, not only to celebrate the Promotion Exam, but there are also some activities that are organized by a club in our school.

They have invited many students, all excellent students from different departments!”


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