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Lei Jia was actually defeated by Ye Feng!

This outcome was really too out of their expectations.

But it was also within reason.

After all, Ye Feng had only maintained a very calm attitude from the start to the end while Lei Jia had practically always been rushing forward and retreating explosively.

He did not seem to be that stable.

Furthermore, Lei Jia had even used the Lei familys inheritance, the divine-level Heavenly Punishment Amulet, but he was still defeated by Ye Feng.

This result was truly unexpected.

What everyone did not expect the most was that Ye Feng actually used a spiritual energy attack method in the end to carry out a blow.

Furthermore, he had been defeated so miserably!

Lei Jias face was filled with disbelief.

His nerves suddenly collapsed.

All along, he had been suppressing the others, but today, he was being suppressed and beaten by others.

Such a huge disparity made his heart fill with a sense of defeat.

His eyes were filled with resentment.

He had always been a proud existence since he was young.

“Oh my god, are my eyes playing tricks on me Lei Jia was defeated by Ye Feng Moreover, he was beaten so badly”

“Its really unbelievable.

Lei Jia has already gone berserk to such an extent.

His overall level has reached at least the peak of B grade, and even stepped on the threshold of A- grade strength.

I didnt expect that he was still defeated by Ye Feng!”

“This battle has completely refreshed my worldview.

Ive long heard of Ye Fengs great name.

Today, watching closely, he is indeed strong!”


In the audience stands, many people exclaimed one after another.

At this moment, they were all stunned.

They had never thought that such a situation would happen.

Ye Fengs strength had already exceeded their imagination!

‘This is impossible, this is absolutely impossible! I dont believe that all of this is real! This must be a nightmare.

Ye Feng cant possibly win against me.

He definitely cant win against me!

Lei Jia screamed crazily in his heart.

Unfortunately, he had indeed lost now, and he had lost extremely miserably!

Ye Feng was also stunned.

He also did not expect that Lei Jia was actually so weak.

He had lost so easily, and he had lost so miserably.

He had not used all of his strength yet!

“Ye Feng, how did your strength suddenly increase by so much”

Lei Jias eyes were filled with unwillingness.

He simply could not believe that Ye Fengs strength would become so strong.

Even when Lei Jia used all the family resources, he was still unable to defeat him!

Ye Feng looked at Lei Jia and the corners of his mouth curled into a devilish smile.

He said, “What does my strength increase have to do with you Perhaps this is called talent!”

“Hahaha, good, what a talent!”

“You are a genius, you are a genius!”

“Ye Feng, you are simply a monster.

We will never be able to catch up with you!”

“Thats right, from the strength you displayed just now, your potential is absolutely heaven-defying!”

“This Ye Feng actually defeated Lei Jia and even won such an intense competition.

Its too unbelievable!”

“Its too unbelievable.

Im afraid we wont be able to reach this level in our lives!”

“Yeah, Lei Jias level of mutation has also reached a level that weve never heard of, but its still not one percent of Ye Fengs!”


The audience roared crazily.

They were already convinced by Ye Fengs strength.

They had already determined that Ye Feng was a monster

“You, youre bullying people!”

Lei Jia was extremely angry, but Ye Feng ignored his words and directly turned around to leave the arena.

He knew that he hadnt reached the peak yet, so the admiration of these audience members for him was only temporary.

Moreover, their admiration for him was only a flash in the pan.

“I now announce that Ye Feng has won this round of competition! Congratulations, Ye Feng, your points have reached 110 high points and youre ranked first!”

As soon as the host finished speaking, the crowd suddenly came to a realization and shouted, “Congratulations, Ye Feng! Congratulations, Ye Feng!”

Ye Feng looked at the audience around him and nodded slightly.

He already had a very clear judgment of his own strength.

If it was a regular competition, Ye Feng would definitely be able to easily win, but… This time, it was not a regular competition, but a competition provoked by Lei Jia.

This kind of provocation was simply intolerable to him!

Therefore, Ye Feng chose this method and directly defeated him!

Ye Fengs strength was proven!

And he also got first place as he wished.

This Promotion Exam also came to an end.

This competition let the audience know who was the true genius.

No matter which aspect, Ye Feng was a comprehensive player.

Now that the Promotion Exam was near the end, the quota for obtaining the top 10 points was also announced.

Under everyones excited cheers.

Ye Feng obtained the quota to head to the main school with the result of first place with 110 points.

According to the order of the accumulated points, they were Ye Feng, Luo Nuo, Xu Yuan, Zhang Manyu, Xu Liusi, and so on.

Among those who fought against Ye Feng, apart from Lei Jia, whose strength was too weak to qualify, the remaining 10 people in total obtained the quota for promotion.

After all, from the very beginning, the system had started to distribute the opponents according to everyones average strength.

Those who were able to fight with Ye Feng in the end were basically the outstanding ones in this Promotion Exam.

Therefore, Ye Feng did not pay much attention to it.

“Everyone, pay attention.

You need to be a second year to have the right to apply for an opportunity to study in our main campus.”

The host explained on the stage.

Because they were teleported to the Symbiotic Continent, the environment there was very dangerous.

Without the standards of second-year students, the risk of going there to study would be very high.

Therefore, this was also the lowest requirement and limit.

This also meant that Ye Feng could only keep the quota and wait until he was a second-year student before he could go to the Academy located in the Symbiotic Continent.

This was not a big deal.

Ye Feng was not in a hurry to go.

There were still many things waiting for him to complete here.

As for the ten participants, other than Ye Feng and Li Feng, they were all second or third-year seniors, so they could set off to the Symbiotic Continent to cultivate the next day.

However, Ye Feng and the others still needed to wait until next year before they had the conditions to open the wormhole to go over.

After that, the host distributed the rewards of the rankings.

They were directly sent to everyones accounts in the Zhutian Mall.

The rewards this time were very generous.

There were medicines, weapons, and even secret manuals.

Weapons were still too weak in front of Ye Fengs Sea Stone Trident.

He simply did not take a fancy to them.

However, there were quite a number of training medicines.

These were necessities that were used for training and consumption.

However, the most attractive thing was the secret manuals.

This was something that Ye Feng knew because these secret manuals were all high-level secret manuals that belonged to the collection of Cloud Mist Academy.

Basically, the lowest ranked secret manuals were all A grade.

Moreover, they were all extremely precious.

An average person would not be able to obtain them at all.


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