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Ye Fengs body seemed to have suffered a lightning strike as his body retreated several steps.

His clothes were torn and a scorch mark appeared on his skin.

“This… This doesnt make sense!”

“F*ck! This Lei Jia is actually so awesome!”

“F*ck! If I had known earlier that I would lose when I bet on him, I would definitely have made money with such terrifying strength.

Otherwise, wouldnt I have suffered a great loss!”

The crowd outside the arena discussed animatedly.

They were all shocked by Lei Jias sudden burst of strength.

Originally, they all thought that Ye Feng would win without a doubt.

Who knew that Ye Feng would be heavily injured just after this exchange!

Such a difference in strength was too great!

“Ye Feng!”

“Brother Feng!”

Seeing Ye Feng being beaten until he vomited blood, Xu Liusi and the others all stood up in panic, their eyes filled with worry.

“Haha! This time, arent you going to die!”

At this moment, Lei Jia also laughed out loud.

Ye Fengs performance just now made his heart palpitate.

But the more it was like this, the more excited his heart became.

This way, he could display his strongest strength!


His figure shot out and rushed straight toward Ye Feng!

Ye Feng looked at Lei Jia who was rushing over, his face suffused with a cold luster.

He turned his body to the side and avoided the opponents attack.

Lei Jia twisted his body and his speed increased explosively.

He swung his huge fist once again, striking toward Ye Fengs head!

However, Ye Fengs speed was even faster!

His arm suddenly swept horizontally, slashing towards Lei Jias head!


Lei Jia roared angrily and his left fist fiercely smashed down!


The two peoples fists fiercely collided.

Ye Fengs fist contained a huge force while Lei Jias fist was incomparably hard.

The collision between the two people emitted a muffled sound of metal colliding.

Following that, their bodies retreated at the same time.

“Again!”Lei Jia roared, his body suddenly darting out, his two fists fiercely smashing toward Ye Fengs face!

This guys fist carried a biting cold killing intent!


Ye Fengs fist also fiercely smashed toward Lei Jia!

The two people flew out almost at the same time!

This time, the two people fell onto the ground at the same time!

Lei Jias eyes were fixed on Ye Feng.

This guy actually did not die!

“D*mn it! How is this possible!”

Lei Jias heart was filled with shock and anger!

His cultivation level was only B- grade, while Ye Fengs cultivation level was at the peak of B grade!

Their strength was simply the difference between clouds and mud! If that were the case, wouldnt he lose without a doubt

“You are very strong, but with just this strength, you cant kill me!”Ye Feng said indifferently, and then his body swayed as he pounced toward Lei Jia.

His wrist shook a few times, and countless spiderwebs directly hacked onto Lei Jias shoulder like an extremely sharp dagger.

Chi la–!!

Lei Jias shoulder blade was instantly broken, and a piercing pain surged through his entire body.

“B*stard!”Lei Jia roared angrily, and his body shot out once again.

His right leg ruthlessly kicked Ye Fengs chest, and this kick almost broke Ye Fengs ribs.


Ye Feng laughed coldly, and his body suddenly spun.

After dodging the other partys kick, he directly punched, ruthlessly imprinting on Lei Jias chest!


Lei Jia wildly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, and his body flew out like a cannonball, fiercely landing on the ground.

Ye Feng slowly walked to the edge of the arena.

He lowered his head and looked down at Lei Jia, saying, “Youre really weak!”


Hearing this, Lei Jias lungs were about to explode from anger.

How could he not understand that his strength was far inferior to Ye Feng! If it was an ordinary person, he would have long won!

“D*mn it!” Lei Jia gnashed his teeth.

Then he reached out and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

His eyes were red as he stared at Ye Feng.

“You dare to look down on me!”

Lei Jias voice was sinister and vicious.

“Im not looking down on you.

Its just that youre too weak.

Since youve chosen to challenge me, then you should know the ending!”

As he said this, Ye Fengs hands reached out like lightning and sent Lei Jia flying with a punch.

Immediately after, his palms contained a powerful water elemental power.

Next, as long as he restrained Lei Jia and attacked with a water elemental attack, Lei Jia would definitely be defeated!

A strange smile appeared on Ye Fengs lips.

His palm, which contained terrifying water elemental power, suddenly slammed down!

“Get lost!”Lei Jia roared loudly.

He crazily circulated the power in his body, and the blood in his body seemed to be burning up.



His entire body instantly swelled up, and the muscles on his body protruded out like pieces of steel, emitting a dazzling light!

His legs were incomparably thick and sturdy, like a bears incomparably sturdy thighs!

The surface of his skin was also covered with a layer of light blue fur, and within the fur, a blue light was emitted!

“What a formidable mutation!”

When everyone saw this scene, they all sucked in a breath of cold air!

Lei Jias mutation shocked them!

This was the manifestation of a symbiotic body.

This kind of situation required extremely high talent, and the compatibility with the symbiotic body also had to be extremely high.

Only then could one activate one of the methods to increase ones combat strength.

This kind of situation was something that Ye Feng had encountered in his match with Luo Nuo.

At that time, Luo Nuo was manifesting the symbiotic body, the Xuan Turtle, which was used to increase his incomparably terrifying defensive ability in an attempt to defend against Ye Fengs violent attacks.

And now, Lei Jia was using this method in an attempt to increase his own combat strength.

This kind of method that completely relied on the power of the symbiotic body was also known as manifestation.

Moreover, once manifested, they would possess formidable strength, which was even more terrifying than ordinary mutated creatures!

Therefore, when manifesting, their strength was also suppressed, and they could only display two-thirds of their strength.

This was equivalent to being a cripple.

However, when his spiritual ability was increased by more than three times, his power was increased by five times!

“This is an innate ability… The manifestation of the symbiotic body!”

Seeing Lei Jias appearance, a trace of shock appeared on the faces of Luo Nuo and the others.

They were all people who understood the Lei family.

Naturally, they were very clear that this family not only studied the Thunder Fruit, but also had some understanding of the symbiotic body.

They were also very clear about Lei Jias innate ability!

This kind of innate ability was the crystallization of the Lei familys meticulous research and development.

It was also the core of all of the Lei familys technology!

Once this innate skill was activated, one would be able to transform the symbiotic body into a form.

The characteristics of the symbiotic body would then grow on ones body.

All of ones comprehensive attributes would increase crazily, and their attack power would increase explosively!

Moreover, after transforming, ones strength would increase by several times, and one would be able to raise ones cultivation level in a short period of time!

“Its too late for you to admit defeat.

Moreover, its impossible for me to admit defeat for you!”Lei Jia fiercely threw down these words.

“There can only be one person alive in the arena today.

Its me, not you!”

Ye Feng saw the other partys appearance and looked at him with disdain.

He indifferently shook his head and waved his arm.

Hu hu!


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