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896 Crisis Approaching! Two Top-notch Experts! Both Want to Take Advantage

At that moment, Chu Feng had already embarked on his journey again.

One day, two days, three days…

He crossed cities unhurriedly and obtained a lot of points.

It had to be said that towards the end of the trial, the guys who were still alive were all extremely rich.

Killing one was equivalent to killing ten or a hundred of them!

Of course, among the remaining warriors, the weak had long been eliminated.

The rest were harder to kill!

They were either powerful or had top-notch fleeing abilities.

No fool could survive until now in this world where the strong preyed on the weak.

Chu Feng was also happy to fight with these guys.

At the entrance of a school, on the roof, a red flag fluttered.

Two groups stood in the air and were fighting crazily.

The battle was earth-shattering, and houses collapsed.

In the dark, Chu Feng leisurely hid his figure and waited for both sides to suffer losses before he took advantage.

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With Chu Fengs current realm, it was simply not something that ordinary Lesser Gods could discover.

To Chu Feng, even if these Lesser Gods were added together, they would not be his match.

However, Chu Feng wanted to experience the feeling of being a fisherman.

Just as Chu Feng was happily looking at the free martial arts blockbuster, the next moment, Chu Feng suddenly pursed his lips.

He no longer hid and walked out.

In a flash, he stood between the two groups and stopped the fight.

“Whos there!”

Someone exclaimed.

Chu Feng simply could not be bothered with them.

He turned around and slowly removed the red flag that was in the middle of the battlefield.

He carefully folded it and kept it in his arms.

To Chu Feng, or to all the Hua Xia people, this blood-stained flag could not be trampled on.

This was faith that could not be blasphemed.

Not even in the virtual world.

That was why Chu Feng had no choice but to walk out.

Then, he pursed his lips and glanced at the two groups.

“You guys can fight, but why do you have to sabotage things Its fine if you destroy other things, but you even dare to touch this.

Are you tired of living”

The crowd was confused by Chu Fengs inexplicable words.

Why could they hear every word clearly, but it didnt make sense when the words were connected

Where did this lunatic come from

What was he talking about

They had never seen the live broadcast of the battle between Chu Feng and Kui, so they naturally did not know how terrifying the person before them was.

“Kid, get lost quickly, or Ill kill you too!”

At the same time, the other group of people snorted.

“Where did this lunatic come from However, to be able to survive until now, he probably has a lot of points on him.

No matter how small a mosquito is, its still meat.

Why dont we kill this kid first before we fight each other”


With just a few words, these two groups reached an agreement.

It made Chu Feng laugh.

His ability to mediate fights had improved.

Look, he had already turned the enemies into friends.

The smile on Chu Fengs face instantly angered the two groups.

Coincidentally, Chu Feng was sandwiched in the middle by the crowd.

The two groups of people swarmed forward, planning to eliminate this annoying fellow first!

“Sigh… Looks like I wont be a fisherman this time.”

Chu Feng shook his head helplessly.

Was it that difficult to experience something new once

As he spoke, Chu Feng did not hesitate at all.

He drew his saber and a shocking saber beam suddenly tore through the sky.


There was a violent explosion.

Chu Fengs indifferent figure slowly walked out from the center of the battle.

Behind him, more than ten incomplete corpses slowly fell to the ground.

Their eyes widened in disbelief.

They truly died with grievances!

Chu Feng did not even look at them and set off again.

He had to experience this kind of killing seven or eight times a day and was already used to it.

“Hmm… The points this time are a little too few.

Its only about 60,000 points.

Youre just poor people, and you are still gang fighting Bah!”

Chu Feng spat on the ground.

Just as he was about to leave, behind him, a sinister laughter could be heard.

“Tsk tsk, youre Chu Feng, right Youre the one who pushed me down from the top ten However, you dont look like much.

You can only bully these Lesser God ants.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng raised his eyebrows and slowly turned around.

In front of him was a skinny old man.

His face was thin, and he was only skin and bones.

His skin was old and dark red.

He was like a bloodthirsty sword that emitted a towering sword intent.

“Hmm… You old trash, youve finally caught up.

Ive been waiting for you for a long time.”

Not only was Chu Feng not surprised, he even grinned.

Through the real-time updated location information, the others could see his location.

Naturally, Chu Feng could also see the locations of the others.

Chu Feng knew very well that a few of them had been tracking him.

Chu Feng even knew that Yu and the others were looking for him.

However, Chu Feng did not wish to implicate Yu and the others.

The following battles were not something they could participate in.

That was why Chu Feng could not be bothered to stop and wait for them.

As for the fellow before him, Chu Feng had some understanding of him.

He seemed to be called Jian Ba, a sword master of the Eight Limbs Sword Sect.

He was originally ranked tenth, but he had been squeezed out by Chu Feng a few days ago.

From that moment on, the man had been approaching him like a madman.

Today, he had finally encountered him.

This guy was a powerful enemy.

In terms of strength, he was not weaker than Kui, or even stronger.

The sword was an offensive blade to begin with, and it was even better at explosive power.

Of course, in terms of defense, he was probably inferior to Kui.

Therefore, overall speaking, the strength of Kui was not weaker than an ordinary Greater God.

To a certain extent, since Chu Feng was able to defeat Kui, he could also be regarded as a Greater God.

Of course, the guys in the trial world did not know.

Hearing Chu Fengs leisurely voice, the thin old man could not help but be surprised.

“Looks like youre very confident”

“I wonder how many strikes you can withstand from me”

As he spoke, the thin old man actually planned to attack directly.

However, Chu Feng hurriedly stopped him and grinned.

“Old man, are you in a hurry to die Im afraid you dont want to be taken advantage of, do you”

“What do you mean”

The thin old man frowned.

Chu Feng pursed his lips.

“Youre too careless.

Before fighting with others, shouldnt you first observe if there are any enemies around If you come up and fight without caring about anything, youll be easily used by others!”

“Right, Great Guardian Yin Sheng You seem to have come earlier than this old man.

Why Do you want to be a fisherman”

When the thin old man heard this, he hurriedly pulled up the points ranking and opened the information about Yin Shengs location.

He would not have known if he had not seen it, but he was shocked when he saw it.

Yin Sheng was actually hiding not far from them!

Seeing this, Chu Feng grinned.

“Therefore, old man, you have to keep up with the times and make good use of the search function!”

After a pause, Chu Feng suddenly said, “Hmm… Two of you came at once.

This is a little difficult”


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