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All of this happened in an instant.

No one understood what had happened.

Except for Chu Feng!

At that moment, Chu Feng was extremely awake.

In this raid, he had to kill at least eight divine-grade spiritual bodies to complete the mission!

He was still far from it!


As the Terror Knights dead eyes glowed red again, an invisible fluctuation instantly stirred space and time!

The divine-grade spiritual body in front of him, which was comparable to a late-stage Lesser God, was imprisoned before he could figure out what had happened!


Chu Feng ordered again.

Although the Second Commander and the other two were still excited, they attacked with all their might again without thinking!

Raging energy fluctuations swept in all directions!

The full-strength attack of the four golden-armored commanders was not something a late-stage Lesser God could withstand.

The next moment…

This person followed in the footsteps of the previous senior.

In just a few breaths, two divine-grade spiritual bodies had died!

This scene completely shocked everyone.

The short spiritual body, Hardy Gray, was still on the way.

Seeing this scene, he roared in disbelief.

“How is that possible!”

“What happened!”

“Why did You Qi and Bolton just let themselves be killed!”

At that moment…

After the death of two companions, the remaining three divine-grade spiritual bodies finally reacted.

Their faces were filled with fear as they hurriedly shouted, “Demons! Demons! Theyre demons!”

“Lord Hardy! Come and save us!”

“Black shadow! Black-armored knight! I see it! Its a burly black-armored knight.

Its eyes can emit a strange energy fluctuation and can even imprison time and space!”

“I was behind Burton just now.

I sensed it very clearly!”

“Although Burton was only imprisoned for a moment, he still died instantly when the four people opposite him attacked at the same time!”

“Lord You Qi must have experienced the same just now!”

Clearly, they were all divine-grade experts.

Even though they did not react in time when their first companion was killed, by the time Chu Feng and the others killed the second one, these guys had already come to a realization.

Everything was because of that mysterious black-armored knight!

“Run! Run! Lets split up and escape!”

The remaining three divine-grade spiritual bodies had no intention of resisting.

They instantly fled in the direction of the main force!

Seeing this, Chu Feng felt helpless.

“These guys reactions are really not bad.

I thought I could kill another one.”

After all, the Terror Knight was only a top-notch quasi-god and not a divine-grade!

Once these guys were on guard, it would be more troublesome to restrain them.

Not to mention, these three guys were actually as timid as rats and fled!

There was not another way.

Chu Feng could only shout.

“Chase them in pairs! Kill as many as you can!”

Hearing Chu Fengs order, without any hesitation, the Second Commander and the Seventh Commander formed a team and chased after the nearest divine-grade spiritual body.

Chu Feng cooperated with the Fifth Commander and also found one to chase after!

In an instant, explosions sounded in the world!

As the main force of the divine-grade spiritual bodies was not far away, Chu Feng and the others only had a few breaths of time.

The four of them really used all their strength.

However, the other party also knew that they would die if they were caught.

They even used all their strength and even began to use a forbidden technique to escape!

Seeing this, the Second Commander narrowed his eyes.

“Chu Feng killed two of them just now.

I cant be inferior to that kid! Otherwise, I might be mocked!”

He calculated in his heart.

A long spear suddenly appeared in the Second Commanders hand, emitting a terrifying aura.

Then, the Second Commander glared angrily and roared, “Speed, Strength, Sharpness, Penetration, Explosion, Soul! Increase!”

As the Second Commander finished speaking, the long spear in his hand seemed to have been reborn, and its aura suddenly soared.

The next moment, the Second Commander suddenly threw!

The long spear was like an arrow that had left the bow.

With a terrifying power, it instantly caught up to the divine-grade spiritual body that was frantically fleeing ahead!


It easily pierced through.

The next moment, this divine-grade spiritual body exploded into a bloody mist!

This scene Chu Feng was almost stunned and exclaimed, “Innate supernatural power, Blessing of the Craftsman God!”

“You dont even have a Spiritual Abode.

How can you still use it!”


Chu Feng clearly remembered that he had long devoured the Second Commanders Spiritual Abode!

Thus, Chu Feng also knew this talent!

In fact, it had already become an indispensable part of Chu Fengs combat strength!

But why…

At that moment, the Second Commanders arrogant voice could be heard.


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