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Everybody looked at the confident smile on Chu Fengs face.

Although they did not know what this guy wanted to do, along the way, Chu Feng had already brought too many surprises to the crowd!

Therefore, without any hesitation, the other three golden-armored commanders grinned at the same time.

“Why wouldnt I dare Today, Ill risk my life to accompany you!”

The Second Commander said directly, “You take command.

Well listen to you.”

Chu Feng did not hesitate and grinned.

“Actually, my plan is very simple.

I observed just now.

Although the enemys array is powerful, it has a weakness, which is that it consumes too much energy!”

“Every direction of the array needs at least three divine-grade spiritual bodies to support it.”

“In other words, as long as we reduce the number of enemy divine-grade spiritual bodies to less than twelve, this array will collapse on its own.”

“Listen, isnt it very simple”

Chu Feng smiled lightly.

However, the three people beside him were stunned.

The Second Commander could not help but mutter.

“This… This is your plan!”

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

“How is it Isnt it simple and straightforward”

The three golden-armored commanders rolled their eyes.


How could it not be simple!

Wasnt it just killing

Wasnt it just killing eight divine-grade spiritual bodies!

But the problem was, if we could defeat them, would we still have to worry here

They could just rush forward and cut the enemies down!

There were a total of nineteen divine-grade spiritual bodies on the other side!

Among them were three peak Lesser Gods! Six to seven late-stage Lesser Gods!

Wouldnt they be courting death if they charged forward!

One punch from each of them would kill us!

Suddenly, the Seventh Commander seemed to have comprehended something.

He did not believe that Chu Feng would be so rash.

“Could it be that you want to use the Great Emperors will to control them”

“That works, and the effect is probably quite good.

It just needs time!”

“There are too many enemies.

When you control one of them, the other divine-grade spiritual bodies will swarm forward.

We wont be able to stop them!”

To put it bluntly, the Great Emperors will was powerful enough to forcefully enslave a divine-grade spiritual body.

However, the problem before Chu Feng and the others was that there was not enough time!

Chu Feng shook his head mysteriously.

“No, regarding the will of the Great Emperor, I have other uses!”

“Then you…”

The three of them were even more puzzled.

They were simply unable to guess what Chu Feng was up to.

Chu Feng glanced at the short spiritual body in the distance but did not explain.

He had not forgotten that this guy seemed to be able to eavesdrop on everyone!

He did not know if this guy could eavesdrop on the armors transmission, but he had to be wary.

“The three of you will be my thugs later.

You will fight wherever I tell you to.

There must be no delay!”

Chu Feng was straightforward.

The three of them also glanced at the short spiritual body and nodded in understanding.

After preparing everything, Chu Feng took a deep breath.

Then, he shouted, “Lets go!”

Just as he finished speaking, the four golden-armored commanders erupted at the same time, their speed instantly soaring to the extreme!

“To the east, there are five divine-grade spiritual bodies, one peak Lesser God, two late-stage Lesser Gods, and two early-stage Lesser Gods! Its them!”

Chu Feng shouted.

There was a group of divine-grade spiritual bodies protecting the surroundings of the Spirit Army.

Furthermore, the overall strength of the divine-grade spiritual bodies in each direction seemed to have been carefully considered.

Even if the Great Emperors City came out in full strength, they would not be able to do anything in a short period of time.

As long as the enemy could hold on for a while, their companions would be able to come and support them!

Clearly, the Spirit Army had made sufficient preparations before the battle.

The Second Commander felt that Chu Fengs actions were too risky.

The other partys strength was not inferior to the four of them at all.

Once they were restrained, they would not be able to leave even if they wanted to!

However, since he had already decided to let Chu Feng command him, the Second Commander only gritted his teeth.

He would go crazy with this kid for once!

Catching the enemy off guard, it was not until Chu Feng and the other three arrived in the east that the short spiritual body reacted.

However, he only sneered.

“These lunatics actually dare to come! Fortunately, the Spirit King has already made arrangements.

Since theyre here, dont go back!”

The short spiritual body sneered and roared, “You Qi, the five of you must hold on for a moment.

The reinforcements will arrive immediately.

Everyone, follow me!”

He gave the order.

All the divine-grade spiritual bodies instantly surrounded the east.

However, Chu Feng acted as if he did not see it.

He still led the three commanders in.

In front of him, an extremely burly spiritual life form was sneering at Chu Feng.

“Kid, you want to kill us Unfortunately, we have five divine-grade spiritual bodies.

Were not weaker than you!”

Chu Feng did not have time to waste his breath.

The killing intent in his eyes soared.

“Peak of the Lesser God Realm Cut the crap.

Ill kill you first!”

In front of him, the burly spiritual life form still wanted to talk nonsense and stall for time.

He suddenly realized that a black-armored knight who was much more burly than him had suddenly appeared in front of him.

“A black-armored soldier from the Great Emperors City”

This thought flashed across his mind.

The next moment, the burly spiritual body suddenly realized that everything around him seemed to have slowed down.

Everything seemed to have been slowed down by a thousand or ten thousand times.

It was as if… as if time had stopped!

What was going on

Before the burly spiritual body could think further, he saw a familiar burly figure.

“Eh, why does this body look like mine”

“No! Thats not right! Why is my head flying!”

Realizing this, his consciousness stopped abruptly.

A peak Lesser God spiritual body had died!

He did not even have the chance to resist!

At this moment, a loud roar that resounded through the world suddenly sounded.

Chu Feng and the other three were all panting heavily, looking like they had exhausted their strength.

Their eyes were filled with excitement!

It worked!

The Terror Knight could not even imprison a peak Lesser God for a second.

Strictly speaking, it was only an instant!

If it were Chu Feng himself, he would not be able to do anything in such a short period of time.

Dont forget that Chu Feng was not fighting alone!

Under Chu Fengs advance orders, the four golden-armored commanders went all out and did not hold back at all.

They actually instantly killed a divine-grade spiritual body comparable to a peak Lesser God!

This was the power of the Terror Knights top-grade talent!

Space-time talent had always been the top-notch talent!

At that moment…

The Second Commander and the other two were extremely excited.

“How… How did this happen!”

“That guy was just motionless, letting us kill him!”

“I think I only saw a black shadow flash past just now…”

Listening to the three of them communicate excitedly, Chu Feng was still extremely rational.

Killing a peak Lesser God was far from enough!

After all, their goal was to paralyze the enemys defensive array!

Taking advantage of the fact that these guys were also scared silly, he continued to kill!

At this moment, Chu Feng was incomparably cold.

Soon, he chose another unlucky person.

“Late-stage Lesser God, just so-so.”

The next moment, before this unlucky fellow could react, a black shadow that seemed to have walked out of hell to take revenge appeared in the world again…

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