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957 Hostile

Fang Heng then shifted his gaze to Duke Bellamy, who was standing at the side.

Bellamy noticed Fang Hengs gaze and nodded to him.

Just as Fang Heng was about to give an order, Mo Jiawei hurriedly walked out from the teleportation array behind him, his face full of excitement.

“Old Fang, whats going on If theres a big move, at least let me know in advance so that I can be mentally prepared…”

Mo Jiawei had been very confused earlier.

He had just been brought to the camp by the Federation in the real world, and after entering the game, he received a bombardment of messages on the survival radio from all kinds of people.

They were all congratulatory messages.

After taking a closer look, it turned out that Fang Heng was preparing to make a move on the entire world of the vampires!

Mo Jiawei was stunned.

How did Fang Heng cause such a big commotion after only one visit to the Necromancer Association

“God, the outside world is in chaos.

Youre finally popular.

Many players of the advanced games are here to watch the show.” Mo Jiawei roughly told him about the situation outside, then asked, “What happened”

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“I accidentally triggered a mission.

I just wanted to get more of the aura of the death realm, but I accidentally made the whole thing bigger.” Fang Heng felt a little helpless after knowing that it had caused such a great impact and sensation in the real world.

If he had known in advance that the system would announce the news to the entire vampire game world, he would have chosen to be more cautious.

After all, there were many people in the real world who were interested in the vampire Kings coffin.

Who knew that he just clicked “agree” and the system would make an announcement in the entire world of the vampires It even revealed his name!

Now that things had come to this, Fang Heng could only choose to make the best of it and take advantage of the fact that the major forces in the game had not fully reacted to the situation to quickly complete the task!

“Em… Okay.”

Was it really just to get more aura of the death realm from the start Why did he feel like he was setting up a big trap

Mo Jiawei looked at Fang Heng suspiciously.

Either way, Fang Heng had done similar things many times, so he didnt find it strange and didnt think too much about it.

Then, Mo Jiawei suddenly thought of something.

He leaned over and whispered in Fang Hengs ear, “Oh right, when I arrived just now, Meng Haos friend contacted me urgently from the game.

He asked if we were interested in taking action against District 9.”

“District 9 Prince Carl is still there, right” Fang Heng frowned subconsciously.

He remembered that when they entered the vampires District 9 back then, they spent a lot of effort to finally successfully trick Prince Carl and obtain the vampires holy weapon, the headdress, from him.

Moreover, Prince Carl had left a mark on him.

As long as he appeared in District 9, he would be immediately sensed.


After we left, the Prince went into hibernation again.

Meng Hao and his friend says they have a plan.

If it succeeds, it will deal a heavy blow to the vampires in District 9.

They asked if we were interested.”

Then, Mo Jiawei leaned over and whispered a few words into Fang Hengs ear.

After hearing it, Fang Heng lowered his head and started to think.

Meng Haos scheme was actually quite feasible!

However, the success rate was still a little low.

Should he make more adjustments to the details

While Fang Heng was thinking, lines of game hints appeared on his retina.

[Hint: You have triggered the side mission, hostile District 9.]

[Mission name: Hostile District 9]

[Mission description: The Elders Council of the world of the vampires District 9 are not willing to listen to your command and have announced to the public that they believe that your identity as the Vampire King is false.

Its time to shut them up!]

[Mission requirement: Obtain the loyalty of the vampires in District 9 or make the opposition rate in District 9 less than 50%.]

[Possible rewards for completing the mission: Increased influence on the worlds of the vampires, level increase in vampire royal power glory.

(The shorter the time taken to complete the quest, the more generous the rewards the player will receive.)]

[Mission penalty: While the mission exists, the players influence in the worlds of the vampires will continue to decrease.]

[Hint: You have triggered the side mission, hostile District 2 (click here for more details)]

[Hint: You have triggered a side mission, hostile District 3 (click here for more details).]


Fang Heng couldnt help but want to curse when he saw three missions pop up all at once.

District 2 and District 3 had long been under the control of the twelve corporations behind the Western Federation, so it was fine if they were against him.

But to think District 9 was also a thorn

Now that he thought about it, he had a long-standing grudge against District 9.

It was reasonable for the Elders Council of District 9 to make this choice.

Fang Heng cursed in his heart and immediately lowered his head to think of countermeasures.

With these three missions, the growth rate of his influence in the worlds of the vampires suddenly slowed down.

It was only thanks to the special skill, vampire royal power glory LV2, that his influence among the vampires did not decline.

At present, the situation in Districts 2 and 3 was still unclear.

There might be Princes there, so it would be difficult to break through them in a short time.

In this case, the plan proposed by Meng Hao to enter District 9 was undoubtedly the most feasible.

Yes, pick the weakest one, and he had to be fast!

Seeing the changes in Fang Hengs expression, Mo Jiawei asked, “Fang Heng, whats wrong Whats the problem”

“Its okay.

Its just a little trouble.

Lets go to District 8 first and deal with District 9s problem as soon as possible.”

Mo Jiaweis eyes lit up, and he looked excited.

“Are you preparing to move again”

“Yes.” Since the game had given him a task and forced him to move forward, Fang Heng had no choice but to speed up the pace of unifying the vampires.

He nodded and said, “Tell Meng Hao that well prepare the Holy Light Thorn.

Tell them to get ready as well.

Well be taking action tonight.”

“So fast” Mo Jiawei was shocked for a moment before he said, “No problem.

Ill contact him immediately.”

“You go first.

Meet me at the teleportation point later.

Well go to District 8 together.”

“Alright.” Mo Jiawei nodded and hurriedly returned to the teleportation passage to contact the others.

Fang Heng then shifted his gaze to Hayez and the other vampires.

“I heard that the vampires in District 8 are still troubled by the Holy Court.

Since they have joined us, we will help them solve their problems.

Hayez, prepare to open the teleportation passage.

I will personally receive District 8.

Bellamy, lead the vampires and prepare for battle.”

The vampires eyes were filled with intense battle intent as they replied in unison, “Yes! Your Majesty!”

Fang Heng nodded, then headed back to the Zombie Apocalypses District 9 through the teleportation passage.

This was a surprise attack.

According to Fang Hengs estimation, if everything went well, they would completely solve the problems of Districts 8 and 9 within 12 hours.

While perfecting the plans details in his mind, Fang Heng walked toward the subsidiary transmission passage.

He planned to go to the vampires District 8 through the teleportation disc with Mo Jiawei to open the passage that connected to the Zombie Apocalypse world.

With that, he could send a large number of vampires and fusion Tyrant forms to join the battlefield…

Just as he arrived at the teleportation halls entrance, a familiar figure jumped out and blocked his way.

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