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956 Set an Example

Ni Tongming stood at the door of the room with a smile on his face as he observed Jian Muzhis state secretly.

“Whats the matter” Jian Muzhi asked in a deep voice.

“Three pieces of bad news.

First, District One has been conquered by the Federation.

You still have control of it in name, but Im afraid you cant return to the game immediately in your current state.”

“As expected,” Jian Muzhi stood up and walked to the side with a blank expression.

He took off his blood-stained coat and put on the protective suit beside him, “They will pay the price.”

Ni Tongming shrugged his shoulders, “I hope so.

The second piece of bad news is that the twelve corporations are very dissatisfied with your operation this time.

Someone suggested that you hand over the Vampire Kings remains and the twelve corporations will take over the follow-up research work.”

“Ha,” Jian Muzhi sneered in disdain, “How do you want me to respond The remains have already fused with my body.

If they want to take it away, let them try.”

Ni Tongming also revealed a mocking smile and raised a third finger, “Third, the mission of the vampires Territory Lord has been triggered.

Player Fang Heng announced that he has obtained the Vampire Kings coffin and inherited the Vampire Kings will.

He also sent a message to the various worlds of the vampires through the blood realm, requesting them to pledge their loyalty to him.”

Hearing this, Jian Muzhis face suddenly sank.

He turned his head and stared at Ni Tongming, his eyes filled with strong killing intent, “Its him!”

Ni Tongmings expression was also serious as he nodded and said, “Yes.”

Jian Muzhi clenched his fists so tightly that they crackled.

Fang Heng! So it was him!

boxn ovel.


He was the one who had stolen the Vampire Kings coffin!

For the past two days, he had been being pursued by the Federation.

In addition, the fusion between his body and the Vampire Kings remains was not perfect.

The Will hidden in his body was constantly nibbling away at his body, which had a great impact on him.

Jian Muzhi didnt have the time to investigate who had stabbed him in the back.

Jian Muzhi suppressed the killing intent in his heart and asked in a deep voice, “Whats with the mission of becoming the Territory Lord”

“Im not sure, its our first time encountering it too.

Youre the World Lord of Division 1, so you should get more detailed hints after entering the game,” Ni Tongming slowly walked forward as he spoke, “Our initial suspicion is that the vampires Territory Lord may have higher control authority than the World Lords.

In addition, he can control all the vampires in the entire realm.

Our players in the world of the vampires have received a mission prompt to choose whether to join the vampire faction that player Fang Heng belongs to.”

Hearing what Ni Tongming said, Jian Muzhis brows were tightly locked.

The uneasiness in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

Fang Heng!


Jian,” Ni Tongming looked at Jian Muzhi and said, “Without the help of the vampires, we will be in a very passive position.

The twelve corporations are getting a little anxious, so we still need to respond.

What are you going to do”

“Hmph, if he wants the vampires control, then let him take it himself.

Hell pay the price,” Jian Muzhi regained his calm confidence.

He was still thinking about how to take revenge, but he never expected that the other party would come to him.

That guy really knew how to pick the right time.

Right now was when he was at his weakest.

He had just finished fusing with the power of the Vampire Kings remains, and that power was not completely under his control yet, causing his current strength to be very unstable.

“Hes just a clown.

Let him dance around for a while.

Have all the vampire areas on standby and pay attention to Fang Hengs possible invasion.

Just work together to defend.

After all, we have two Princes.

After I completely integrate the power of the Vampire Kings remains, I will return to the game world to solve this problem.”

“Ill try my best,” Ni Tongming nodded and looked at Jian Muzhi, who was walking into the biochemical repair and recovery cabin.

He said in a low voice, “Good luck.”

Vampire Apocalypse District 6.

Fang Heng had been standing at the entrance of the blood realm for more than half an hour.

He didnt know that a great uproar had been set off in the outside world because of his matter.

A ray of light flashed at the entrance of the blood realm and Hayez walked out in high spirits, unable to suppress the excitement on his face.

Under the fervent gazes of the vampires, Hayez nodded and said, “Your Majesty, I have not failed you.

The vampires in District 8 have listened to your call and are willing to contribute the blood crystal and their holy weapon of the vampires.

They are also willing to seek your protection!”

Fang Heng was stunned.

He really managed to deceive someone

As soon as he finished speaking, the game hints popped up again.

[Hint: Vampire Apocalypse District 8s vampire Elder Council has pledged allegiance to you.

Your influence among the vampires has increased by 20000.]

[Hint: The players special state, vampire, royal power glory has been upgraded to LV2.]

[Vampire, royal power glory (LV2): In this state, the players vampire influence will increase rapidly (remaining 20 hours).]

[Hintt: The player has triggered a mission, to control the vampires of District 8.]

[Mission name: District 8s loyalty.]

[Mission Description: The vampires of Vampire Apocalypse District 8 have pledged their allegiance to you, but there are still some who are in a wait-and-see state.

In addition, there are many voices of opposition.

Please use various methods to make these voices disappear.]

[Mission Description: Increase control of District 8 to 90% (current 66%).]

[Possible rewards for completing the mission: Increased influence on the worlds of the vampires, and level increase of vampire, royal power glory.

(The shorter the time taken to complete the mission, the more generous the rewards will be.)]

[Mission Penalty: While the mission exists, your vampires influence will continue to decrease.]

[Special note: there may be competition with other players in the process of this mission.

Please be careful.]

The vampires were overjoyed to hear this news.

Hayez was overjoyed too, but he was still a little dissatisfied with the result.

He had thought that there would be more worlds of the vampires willing to surrender.

“Your Majesty, only District 8s world of the vampires has responded to our call for the time being,” Hayez continued, “Other than three worlds of the vampires that have clearly expressed their opposition, the rest are still observing.

We suggest that we accept District 8 as soon as possible and set an example for the other worlds of the vampires.”

Fang Heng answered with a soft “hmm”.

District 8 was his primary target, to begin with.

Now that he had the support of the elders in District 8, he only needed to go to District 8 and open the teleportation passage to get the blood crystal and the holy weapon of the vampires.

It was an unexpected surprise.

As for the newly triggered mission to control District 8, he had to find a way to complete it.

After all, as long as this mission was there, it would continue to reduce his influence on the world of the vampires.

Who could stand this

It was simple to complete too.

He just had to open a spatial gate and let Duke Bellamy lead a team to clean up the rebels.

The vampires in District 8 who hadnt surrendered would either surrender or die.

There were no Princes or Dukes in District 8 anyway.

With Duke Bellamy as the peak combat power and the fusion Tyrant forms that had inherited the Vampire Kings remains, they could probably achieve a crushing effect.

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