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Chapter 9: Only my rules work

Kang Xi looked at the King, who was reading a plea. “Prime Minister Kang Xi, look into this matter and tell the Crown Prince to clear the matter,” Qiu Zedong instructed Kang Xi, who took the scroll from the King.

“Your Majesty, the Sixth Princes behavior is still the same. People usually talk about the Sixth Prince and his evil ways to trouble the people around him,” Kang Xi said when saw Qiu Zedong beaming at him.

“Forgive me, Your Majesty. I meant that it is the time when the Sixth Prince should work on his personality. He must understand that his behavior can lead him to his own downfall,” Kang Xi said while being careful of his words.

“Kang Xi, you have been with me since childhood. When Lóng Wei was born you know what the old monk said,” Qiu Zedong said and recalled the day Lóng Wei was born.

“He is the Son of Dragon, who will change the history of this Great Kingdom,” Qiu Zedong said while remembering the words of the old monk.

Kang Xi smiled. “Pardon me, Your Majesty, but I think the old monk misread the stars. The Sixth Prince killed his mother. He committed the biggest sin. Thats why he is called the Sinned Prince. The acts of the Sixth Prince are enough to show that he will bring doom on himself and also malign the image of the Qiu Family.”

Kang Xis remarks displeased Qiu Zedong. He was his childhood friend, so he forgave him. “Prime Minister Kang Xi, I do not want to hear this ever again. Lóng Wei is a dear child to me. All his acts are a way to grab attention,” Qiu Zedong pronounced, thus shutting the mouth of Kang Xi.


“Forgive me for speaking wrongly about the Sixth Prince,” Kang Xi said half-heartedly. He had not forgotten how Lóng Wei beat his son five months ago. In his eyes, Lóng Wei was a spoiled, mannerless child, who happened to be born from a mistake.

“Prime Minister Kang Xi, I understand your anger towards Prince Lóng Wei. Forgive him for his mistake. Two young men ended up fighting over trivial matters. For you, I even sent the Sixth Prince to the Cold Palace,” Qiu Zedong reminded him and told him to let go of the grudge against Lóng Wei.

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“Your Majesty, I am grateful for that. However, I would have forgiven the Sixth Prince if he had felt a bit of remorse towards his actions,” Kang Xi proclaimed softly. Qiu Zedong did not overstretch the matter and hummed.


“Dont make faces at me. I might destroy your face. The palace maids are already scared to see your face. I dont know how they will react after it is destroyed,” Lóng Wei warned Gao Bing, who apologized to the Prince.

“His Highness always thinks wrong about this senior and respected Eunuch,” Gao Bing complained. “This is the last favor that I did on the Sixth Prince.”

Lóng Wei halted upon hearing his words. “Favor” He snickered. “Gao Bing, I did you a favor by not telling the King about your illegal ways to loot the Kingdom. You owe me a big favor and you must keep helping me until I get satisfied with your work,” he said with a stern expression.

Gao Bing silently agreed to the Sixth Prince and they resumed walking.

“The Crown Prince has ordered not to let anyone in,” Eunuch Lishi informed them and beamed at Lóng Wei.

“Lower your eyes if you dont want me to take them out,” Lóng Wei, upon noticing Eunuch Lishis beam, threatened him.

“Tell your Crown Prince that Father has given the order in writing,” Lóng Wei handed the rolled paper to Eunuch Lishi, who quickly opened it. “I am taking Li Hua away. Dont disturb the Crown Prince now. He might kick you out,” he said, changing the expression into a serious one, and walked away.

“Is it true, Senior Eunuch Gao Bing” Eunuch Lishi asked Gao Bing, who nodded in agreement.

“The Sixth Prince created a scene in the Hall of Justice. He emotionally blackmailed the King,” Eunuch Gao Bing briefed about the incident.

“Blackmailed” Eunuch Lishi frowned.

“Yes. He started to say that he would leave the Palace if this palace maid would not be his attendant,” Gao Bing stated.

Suddenly, Lóng Wei appeared from behind the pillar. “Gao Bing, you can slander me later. First, inform the inner palace head, who looks after the appointment of the servants about Li Hua,” Lóng Wei ordered him.

“Eunuch Lishi has to first show the order of His Majesty to the Crown Prince,” Gao Bing said.

“Fine,” Lóng Wei agreed and turned his gaze to Eunuch Lishi, “show me where Li Hua is. I am desperate to take her away.”

Eunuch Lishi told Lóng Wei to follow him, who was accompanied by Eunuch Gao Bing.

Li Hua was standing outside the Crown Princes chamber. Half an hour had passed, and she still was not told what her work would be. In the last few hours, so many things happened that troubled her. Lóng Wei was the name of danger, and she encountered him with her foolishness.

The footsteps fell into her ear, and she straightened her back. The Crown Prince would soon be near her. But when her eyes fell on the familiar dress and shoes, she gulped and lifted her eyes.

“I have come to take you back,” Lóng Wei pronounced, and his lips twisted into a smirk.

She had immediately lowered her head as soon as the Senior Eunuch started to speak.

“His Majesty has given the order to transfer you for the service of the Sixth Prince,” Eunuch Gao Bing informed her.

A few maidservants narrowly gazed in her direction.

“The Sixth Prince has not ever taken any servant to his manor, so make sure to serve him well. You will be punished-” before he could complete those words, Lóng Wei shut him up.

“In my manor, only my rules work. Ignore Eunuch Gao Bings words and listen to me only,” Lóng Wei asserted.

“Yes, Your Highness,” Li Hua replied in her soft voice.

“Come with me,” Lóng Wei said and turned to leave. He walked ahead and found Li Hua was more than a foot away from her. “I want you to walk close to me,” he loudly said.

Eunuch Lishi looked at Eunuch Gao Bings face, and said, “Did the Sixth Prince bang his head on the wall” His voice was audible to Lóng Wei, who answered in place of Gao Bing.

“I didnt bang my head, but I can bang your head on the wall behind you,” Lóng Wei said and snickered. “Just stay away from me if you dont want to-” he stopped speaking as he saw Li Huas inquisitive gaze at him. Those eyes enchanted him the moment they met his gaze.

“Thank you, Eunuch Gao Bing,” Lóng Wei said and walked away with Li Hua.



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