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Chapter 8: I will burn this Palace

Xiaoming knew that Lóng Wei was the most stubborn child among them. However, this time, he did not want to fall weak in front of his request.

“Sixth Brother, our Father has nothing to say in this matter. Li Hua belonged to the Queens Manor, so her decision matters. Moreover, the Royal Father did not speak any such thing to the Royal Mother, else she would not have let Li Hua serve me,” Xiaoming presented the facts before Lóng Wei.

“I wonder why the Crown Prince is adamant to have Li Hua in his manor.” Lóng Wei squinted his eyes. “What will the servants think if the Crown Prince continued to claim that Li Hua should be his personal attendant” His question wasnt wrong. Jingfei already had other thoughts in her mind.

The Crown Prince seemed possessive of Li Hua. His gaze was different from her and it made her wonder if Xiaoming liked this palace maid. The thought itself was giving her a cringe.

“Fine.” Lóng Wei let go of Li Huas wrist, who found the marks of his fingers on her wrist. She caressed it and saw his knuckles were bleeding because of the hit from the stick.

“I will take formal permission from the Royal Father so that the Crown Prince will not have any objection,” Lóng Wei announced and turned his gaze at Li Hua. “We will meet soon,” he said and left the orchid pavilion.

“Come. Eunuch Lishi will tell you about your work,” Xiaoming said and walked down the stairs. Li Hua looked at the broken stick and walked behind the Crown Prince.


“Your Royal Highness, the Sixth Prince does not do right in the Orchid Pavilion. He is supposed to show respect to you. His Royal Highness should complain about it to His Majesty once,” Eunuch Lishi started to fill Xiaomings ear. However, Xiaoming didnt pay heed to it.

“Eunuch Lishi, I will be in my study for a while. Dont trouble me till the lunch hours. Also, dont let anyone come in,” Xiaoming said upon reaching his manor. He turned to go to study when saw Li Hua. “Bring me lunch at noon,” he ordered her and walked away.

Eunuch Lishi also went after his master while the rest of the servants stayed outside the chamber with their bowed heads.

Xiaoming picked the book on governance which he had half-read. However, he was unable to focus on it. His mind was filled with Lóng Weis look that he gave him before leaving the pavilion.

“Why is he troubling me” Xiaoming mumbled and frowned. He leaned his back on the chair and pressed the temple of his forehead.


Lóng Wei reached outside the Kings manor. He walked into the foyer which directed him to the Hall of Justice. Two stone lion heads were carved at the bottom of the stairs of the Hall of Justice. Lóng Wei climbed those stairs and soon reached the top.

The last time he came to this side was a year ago. That time he wanted to go outside the capital. Luckily, his father had granted him permission to go out. He then killed the minister, who made fun of him in front of all the ministers. He chuckled upon recalling those memories.

He stepped inside the Hall of Justice when saw a chain of servants coming out, holding trays in their hands.

A high rising platform with a few stairs was held up by the golden arches. It had a redwood table with intricately carved motif patterns, brimmed with golden edges underneath it, with a throne deposited behind it.

King Qiu Zedong was seated on the Dragon throne, dressed in a bright golden gown stitched with red-golden embroidery on it. Several pearl ringlets were around his neck and he was holding the royal stamp in his hand. The fingers had golden and jade rings on them.

The Prime Minister and Eunuch Gao Bing were surprised to see Lóng Wei in the Hall of Justice.

Qiu Zedong put the stamp aside. “Why is the Sixth Prince here” He gestured to him to take a seat after Lóng Wei greeted him. But he did not take the seat.

“Father, I want a personal attendant, who will serve me,” Lóng Wei requested his father.

Qiu Zedong was amused to hear his youngest sons request. “You should have talked with Gao Bing regarding this,” he said and clasped his fingers.

“Royal Father, I had talked to Eunuch Gao Bing about this, who assured me that Li Hua would become my personal attendant. Because he did not deliver the message to you at the right time, the Crown Prince took Li Hua as his personal attendant,” Lóng Wei pronounced and looked at Gao Bing, whose eyes grew bigger.

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Qiu Zedong was puzzled to hear Lóng Wei. Earlier he had told him that he did not want any servants. But today he was demanding to have a personal attendant.

“Gao Bing, why did you not inform me” Qiu Zedong asked him.

“It slipped from my mind, Your Royal Majesty,” Gao Bing answered and then sincerely apologized. He knew if he would not support Lóng Wei in his lie, then the Sixth Prince would not let him sleep in peace.

“But Prince Lóng Wei, why this particular palace maid” Qiu Zedong asked in skepticism.

“Because she can handle my tantrums and my temper. It is Eunuch Gao Bings mistake that he didnt inform the Royal Father and the Crown Prince took her in his manor,” Lóng Wei said with displeasure and clenched his fists.

“Your Royal Majesty, I will look into the transfer of Li Hua to serve the Sixth Prince,” Gao Bing stated. He wanted to clear the matter with Lóng Wei as soon as possible.

“But the Crown Prince has already taken her into his manor. Find another attendant for the Sixth Prince,” Qiu Zedong ordered Gao Bing.

“No, Royal Father. I want Li Hua to serve me. Except her, I wont allow anyone in my chamber,” Lóng Wei stated.

The Prime Minister, Kang Xi, was suspicious of Lóng Wei. What was he planning The first thought that came into his mind. Was this palace maid on of his allies The cunning nature of Lóng Wei wasnt hidden from anyone. No one knew what new evil things were going on in his mind.

“Lets talk about this petty matter in the evening. It is not the time to talk about the transfer of a palace maid,” Qiu Zedong decided.

Lóng Wei snickered upon hearing his fathers decision. “Its not a petty matter, Royal Father. I will leave the Palace if Li Hua cant be my personal attendant,” Lóng Wei proclaimed.

The three of them were shocked to hear him. Gao Bing and Kang Xi smiled internally. It would be good if Lóng Wei left the Palace. No one cared about it. His presence only brought troubles to them and many others.

“What nonsense is the Sixth Prince spatting!” Qiu Zedong lost his temper and shouted at Lóng Wei. “It is your first day after coming out of the cold palace. Instead of reflecting upon your mistakes, the Sixth Prince is bothering me for a petty matter,” he got enraged with Lóng Weis childish behavior.

“I will burn this palace if the Royal Father keeps telling me its a petty matter. Eunuch Gao Bing promised me that he would transfer Li Hua. Is this the way everyone is going to treat me I dont care if I get punished for my stubbornness, but I want my father to fulfill my wish,” Lóng Wei stated.

Qiu Zedong glared at Gao Bing, who got on his knees. “Forgive me, Your Royal Majesty,” Gao Bing had to apologize for no reason. He had promised Lóng Wei that he would help him in any situation.

“Fine. She will be transferred to your manor. If you ever come to me for such matters, then I surely will punish you. Just because it is your first day in the Palace, I listened to you,” Qiu Zedong accepted Lóng Weis request, who finally turned happy. He thanked his Father.

“I will be glad if the Royal Father gives me this in writing,” Lóng Wei urged. Qiu Zedong picked a sheet and wrote his decision on it. Stamping on it, he forwarded it to him.

Lóng Wei walked to his father and took the sheet from him.

“I am overwhelmed by the Royal Fathers benevolence,” Lóng Wei said and came down.

“Hmm,” Qiu Zedong caressed his beard. “Gao Bing, go with the Sixth Prince and look into the matter,” Qiu Zedong ordered Gao Bing, who stood up and acknowledged the Kings order.

Gao Bing came near Lóng Wei and showed him the way out.

“The Sixth Prince didnt do right by involving me in his lie,” Gao Bing said in a low voice.

“At least, its better than your lie,” Lóng Wei said, folding the sheet.

Gao Bing made a face in anger, but except for following Lóng Wei silently, he had no other way.

Lóng Wei would throw the judgment of his father at Xiaoming, who earlier showed off his power.


The Second Husband



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