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Chapter 29: I am Possessive

Lóng Wei drank the water and placed the glass on the table. For some reason, he found breakfast tastier than the other days. Probably, because Li Hua brought it with so much love.

“Since my back is hurt, I cannot go out for a few days, otherwise everyone will be suspicious of me.”

Li Hua glanced at him with displeasure and put back the dishes on the tray. “Since His Highness does not need anything, I will rest in the room that was assigned to me,” Li Hua informed him, who immediately got up.

“Rest here. I told you to bring everything here,” Lóng Wei said. Li Hua shook her head and made him aware of the consequences that she had to face as a servant.

“You dont have to worry about anything. Moreover, you still have not reached your aim,” Lóng Wei stated, boring his gaze at her. Li Huas eyes furrowed at the Sixth Princes sudden statement. “I told you to aim above the arrows that I had shot yesterday,” he clarified.

Li Hua blinked her eyes before lowering them. “Your Highness, I dont want to learn it.” She confessed to having no interest in learning archery.

“You need to learn to protect yourself,” Lóng Wei said as his index finger brushed the skin of her forehead. He tucked the loose hair strands behind her ear and peered at her. “What if you get attacked in the future! You live with me, who loves to get himself involved in some of the dangerous tasks. You need to save me too when the time comes. You need to stay firm and kill your enemies,” Lóng Wei affirmed.


Li Hua was intrigued to hear his words. She had never thought about learning warfare. If she had, there was a possibility that she could save her family too. She could have killed the assassins. She was taught to be an ideal, noblewoman for her future husband. She never bothered to spend time increasing her strength.

Tears started to appear in her eyes, but she held them back anyhow. “I will return after taking them back to the royal kitchen, Your Highness,” Li Hua said. This time her tone was full of determination as if she found the missing direction towards her revenge. If she would learn to use weapons, she would be able to kill her enemies.

“Bring your things here while youll return,” he told Li Hua, who nodded.

Lóng Wei stepped away from her path. While walking, the words of Lóng Wei created a blunder in her head. Why did she never think about learning to use weapons She was more into finding the information which she still had not found.

Minutes later, Yuze entered Lóng Weis manor unannounced. Immediately, the Sixth Prince started to whimper like a baby and acted as if he was severely affected by the floggings.

“Yuze, I want to rest. Go back to your place,” Lóng Wei said while walking toward the recliner.

Yuze didnt listen to him and settled on the other recliner. “The Prince shall not act before me,” Yuze said with an amusing expression. Lóng Wei scrunched his brows and first locked the doors from inside.

Taking his seat, he asked Yuze why he came to the palace.

“To help you,” Yuze answered.

“No. You always praise my stars, and others laugh at me,” Lóng Wei corrected him.

“The Young Lady is brave. She jumped to save you. The Prince must be feeling extremely happy,” Yuze stated. Lóng Wei smiled and nodded his head.

“I wonder why the Sixth Prince brought the topic of marriage so early” Yuze caressed his beard and stared at Lóng Wei in skepticism.

“So, you are here to know the reason why I put forward my proposal for Li Hua in front of my Royal Father,” Lóng Wei rested his palm on his right knee and then leaned back on the recliner.

“The Crown Prince likes Li Hua, and I also like her. The Crown Prince is angry after I took Li Hua to my manor, so he will do anything to take her back from me. I am the Prince without power while he is the Crown Prince. No matter how hard I try later, everyone will agree with him. Yuze knows that I am possessive of what I glance at,” Lóng Wei explained to Yuze, who smiled upon hearing him.

Yuze was well aware of Lóng Weis personality. He was ten steps ahead of the other princes around him. Though his ways would be cunning sometimes, he would not lose against others. Every single act of his had gained him something. Yuze got curious about how the youngest prince thought of all this, so he asked him about it.

“When did the Sixth Prince realize all this”

“Last night,” Lóng Wei answered and smiled. “I am surprised that you helped me and convinced the King. Royal Father was angry about it,” he asserted.

“Didnt I inform the Sixth Prince that Li Hua destined to be his bride It is the order from Heaven,” Yuze affirmed.

Lóng Wei lifted his head and asked him how he found out about Li Hua. “Dont tell me that you can foresee the faces too,” he remarked and chuckled.

Yuze laughed and motioned his hand in the air, refusing him. “When the time comes, I will definitely tell the Sixth Prince about it,” Yuze stated.

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“Theres no use in keeping secrets from me,” Lóng Wei reminded him.

Yuze rose to his feet and moved ahead with the help of the thick stick in his hand.

“Why did you even come to the palace when your knees hurt Are you sure you can climb that uphill”

“Is the Sixth Prince concerned about this old man” Yuze arched his brow.

“Of course. You are the only one whom I can share everything with,” Lóng Wei stated without any hesitation.

“Dont worry. This old man will not die this early,” Yuze assured him.Not until I will make you achieve what Heaven wants for the Son of Dragon, he told himself in his mind.

“You didnt bring the sweets,” Lóng Wei suddenly asked him as he recalled the sweets that Yuze had prepared for him.

“The Sixth Prince didnt want to eat them, so I gave them to kids while coming to the palace,” Yuze answered. “I will make more,” he added.

“No need. Li Hua will make some for me,” Lóng Wei giggled and it made Yuze happy. Li Hua, who was passing through the door, heard Lóng Weis giggles. It confused her, and when the door opened, she immediately lowered her head as she saw Monk Yuze.

Yuze smiled, seeing her, and asked her if she made the decision. Li Hua shook her head and wondered if Yuze also knew about Lóng Weis lie.

“Such an opportunity will never come to you, Young Lady. Sometimes you are a door away from what you want because you do not dare to open it,” Yuze said something which made her look at him.

Yuze studied the confused expressions on Li Huas face. “Lóng Wei will help you reach your goal,” Yuze said with a smile and descended the stairs.

Li Hua stopped blinking upon hearing him. What did Monk Yuze mean by those words She looked inside the door and found Lóng Weis gaze at her. She gulped and scrunched her eyebrows.



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