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Chapter 28: On this Bed

Li Hua was unable to believe the truth Lóng Wei revealed to her. She again asked him if he was telling the truth to her or pranking her.

“My back is proof that I didnt get any beating,” Lóng Wei answered. “I could not let myself get a hit when I didnt do anything wrong. Also, the Royal Father punishes me every time with floggings. This time it was one hundred floggings. My back would have been broken,” he stated and started to laugh.

“I am so proud of my brain,” Lóng Wei praised himself.

Li Hua could not believe that she jumped in to save him. The King had given her two options: either to marry Lóng Wei or to leave the palace. She decided to tell the King what Lóng Wei did because that was the best thing.

She rose to her feet when Lóng Wei asked her about the reason to stand up.

“I am going to His Majesty to tell him what His Highness did,” Li Hua answered. Lóng Wei was dumbfounded to hear her.

“Have you lost your mind I told you the secret because I believe you. You are not supposed to reveal my secret to everyone,” Lóng Wei stated.


“Because I plead for His Highness. I am not supposed to follow the wrong and support it,” Li Hua stated and turned to go when Lóng Wei caught her wrist and pulled her down. She was pinned to the bed while he was hovering over her.

“Your Highness!” Li Hua frowned and twisted her hands to let go of his grip.

“When I told you to leave, then you should have listened to me. Now, you cannot go to the King to tell the truth. I will tie you up on this bed if you try to defy me,” Lóng Wei warned her.

Li Hua bit her lower lip as she found herself stuck. She should not have intervened when it was an act. She decided to talk to the King in the evening in private, but what if that angered the king. However, if she would not tell the King, she had to accept the marriage to him.

She jolted when she felt Lóng Weis fingers tip on her lips. “I am eager to make you mine,” Lóng Wei said as he slowly let go of her other wrist.

Li Hua moved her head away. “His Highness isnt supposed to do this,” she said and asked him to get away. Lóng Wei moved away from her while she quickly got up and stood meters away from him.

“Li Hua, I trust you a lot. If you tell my Royal Father, then he will not believe you. Trust me. You will get punished, and again I need to protect you,” Lóng Wei said, with a confident smile. The conviction in those words intimidated her. Lóng Wei was indeed not an easy person to handle. His mind was the most mysterious thing in the world.

Lóng Wei looked at the dishes on the table and asked Li Hua if she would not invite him for breakfast.

“The food is cold,” Li Hua replied frigidly, “Your Highness.” She went towards the table and put the bowls, and platters on the tray as she decided to take them back to the royal kitchen. Also, she wanted to calm herself down.

Being a servant, she could not even say anything to Lóng Wei.

“You can get angry at me if you want to,” Lóng Wei said.

Li Hua scoffed while mumbling, “As if I wont be punished for scolding the Prince.” She carried the tray in her hands and turned when got startled. Lóng Wei was standing close to her. His palms rested on the edges of the table, and the tray between them prevented their bodies from coming in contact.

His fingers touched her temple, then jaw, and rested under her chin. “I can allow you to scold me, get angry with me,” Lóng Wei said. The grin on his lips never left. His eyes for the nth time fell on her lips. When would he get the chance to taste them He thought.

“Your Highness, the breakfast hour will be over soon.” Li Hua gently pushed Lóng Wei from the tray in her hands and dashed out of the room.

Lóng Wei chuckled and looked at his fingers.


Xiaoming didnt eat a single grain, and it worried Eunuch Lishi. He asked the Crown Prince to start eating, but Xiaoming was in his deep thoughts.

The scene of Li Hua saving Lóng Wei kept reflecting in front of his eyes. The way she begged the King to withdraw the Sixth Princes punishment kept flashing. Why did she do that She could have lost her life because of Lóng Wei.

Xiaoming never felt jealousy towards Lóng Wei until today. The way he took a stand for Li Hua in front of everyone didnt please him at all. Last night, he could not sleep well. Li Hua was in his eyes for a long time. He had thought that after a certain period, he would bring her to his manor before confessing his love for her.

But Lóng Wei didnt let it happen. The Sixth Prince even challenged the Crown Prince that he would make Li Hua his official wife. Monk Yuze had also told the King to let Lóng Wei marry Li Hua and his mother, she seemed so excited.

No, he could not let it happen. Lóng Wei wasnt supposed to marry Li Hua. The good thing was that the King did not agree with it. So, he was somewhat relieved.

“Eunuch Lishi, did the Royal Father go back to his manor What about Monk Yuze” Xiaoming queried.

“Your Royal Highness, I heard from Eunuch Gao Bing earlier in the royal kitchen that His Majesty and Monk Yuze will be together till evening. Monk Yuze is here to read the stars for the soon-to-be wife of the Crown Prince,” Eunuch Lishi said with a broad smile.

Xiaoming had almost forgotten about that matter. Why did his mother not talk with his father about his disinterest in the marriage He left the meals in the middle, perplexing Eunuch Lishi.

“Your Royal Highness, what happened” Eunuch Lishi sounded worried.

Xiaoming did not answer him and went to his fathers manor. He wanted to stop his father from making him marry the Prime Ministers daughter.

As he reached outside the chamber, the maidservant informed him that the King was having his breakfast with Monk Yuze.

Eunuch Lishi stopped behind Xiaoming. Panting. “Your Royal Highness, why did you come here at this hour” His brows furrowed together.

“Eunuch Lishi must return to the manor. I have urgent work to discuss with my Royal Father,” Xiaoming ordered. Eunuch Lishi silently left while Xiaoming waited for his father to finish his morning meals.

After fifteen minutes, the grand chamber doors opened. The maidservants came out, taking the dishes back to the royal kitchen. The Crown Prince asked a maidservant to inform the King about him.

After a minute, the Crown Prince walked in as his father allowed him to enter.

He greeted him and Monk Yuze.

“Why did the Crown Prince wait for fifteen minutes to meet me It seems that matter is crucial,” Qiu Zedong stated. “Please take a seat, Crown Prince,” he gestured towards the seat.

Xiaoming thanked his father to give him the time and took his seat.

“Royal Father, I would like to make a humble request,” Xiaoming said. His fingers were curled and rested on his knees. Qiu Zedong wondered what his eldest son wanted to request.

“Royal Father, could you please not look for a bride for me” Xiaoming urged. “I do not want to marry the Prime Ministers daughter,” he said truthfully.

“May I ask the reason” Qiu Zedong asked as he rubbed his fingers.

“Royal Father, I have seen Miss Cha as a younger sister since the childhood,” Xiaoming answered.

Qiu Zedong hummed. “Who will you marry then Dont you want a powerful familys support” he queried the Crown Prince.

“Royal Father, I have decided to look for a bride myself. Please grant me a months time,” Xiaoming requested and lowered his head.

“How is the Crown Prince going to find a bride” Qiu Zedong asked him.

Xiaomings mind went blank. He had not thought much because, in his eyes, Li Hua was the perfect woman for him.

“Why is the Crown Prince pushing his marriage! He is the eldest child, and he must marry soon. After him, his sisters will be married off,” Qiu Zedong reminded Xiaoming.

“Forgive me, Royal Father,” Xiaoming said.

Monk Yuze read the facial expressions of the Crown Prince and said, “His Majesty shall give a months time to the Crown Prince.”

“Monk Yuze, the rumors have spread among people. Thats why I am concerned,” Qiu Zedong stated.

“I understand His Majestys worries. But sometimes it is better to wait than make a decision in a hurry,” Monk Yuze asserted. “Moreover, the birth year information of Miss Cha that His Majesty handed me, I glanced at it before having my breakfast. Miss Cha stars are not suitable for the Crown Prince,” he explained to the King.

Xiaoming lifted his head to glance at Yuze. He could not express how happy he was! Qiu Zedong had no words left to further go on with this conversation.

“Crown Prince, many capable young, noble ladies are in the Kingdom. I want to hear an answer from you soon,” Qiu Zedong said. Xiaoming happily thanked both his father and Monk Yuze.

His worries had ended today about his marriage. A month was enough to take Li Hua back from Lóng Wei. He took his leave with a victorious smile.


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