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Chapter 24: I want to marry her

In the Greeting Hall, the Princes and the Princesses were puzzled to see the old monk, Yuze. The last time Yuze came to the palace was five months ago when Lóng Wei was punished and sent to the Cold Palace.

“It is our pleasure to meet respected Monk Yuze,” Xiaoming said humbly.

Yuze smiled and replied, “I am glad that the Princes and the Princesses are happy to see me.”

“No one is happy to see you,” Lóng Wei answered and picked up the teacup. Qiu Zedong told Lóng Wei to be respectful towards Yuze, who told the King to let it go.

“Monk Yuze only comes when the Sixth Brother is around,” Qiu Mu snickered. “It seems Monk Yuze favors the Sixth Prince more than the others after he made the prophecy about him,” he remarked and sipped the tea.

“I equally favor every Prince,” Yuze stated.

The King apologized to the old monk for the odd behavior of his sons. “Monk Yuze is here to read the stars for the Crown Princes soon-to-be wife,” Qiu Zedong said, and everyone was astounded to hear that except Lóng Wei, who was not interested.


Xiaoming gazed at his mother, who was looking at the King. He had told his mother to give him time, then why she didnt talk to the King regarding that.

“Arent we going to discuss the punishment of the Sixth Brother, Royal Father” Qiu Mu asked. He was less interested in the matter of the Crown Princes marriage. Unless Lóng Wei would not leave the palace, it would be tough for him to breathe in peace.

Lóng Wei put the teacup on the table and said, “The tea isnt of my taste.” The tea server lowered her head in fear.

“Royal Father, announce my punishment first. The marriage matter can be discussed later. Everyone is gathered here to know my punishment,” Lóng Wei said, after he heard Qiu Mu.

“The First Sister is still in pain, so it will be best if the Sixth Brother gets punished,” Xiaolian said and looked at the King.

Yuze found that Qiu Zedong was troubled. Why would he not be! His children were not good to Lóng Wei, and it was not only their mistakes. Even Lóng Wei was at fault too. Yuze wondered what punishment the King had thought for Lóng Wei this time.

“She should remain in pain to know that she did wrong by calling my person a whore,” Lóng Wei stated, glaring at Xiaolian. Yuze found that anger inside Lóng Wei has still not subsided.

“Sixth Brother, a servant cannot ever be the person of a royal prince or princess,” Tianjie reminded him.

“I didnt ask anyones opinion on this,” Lóng Wei said, thus shutting the Third Princes mouth.

Zhu Liling didnt like the way Lóng Wei spoke against her daughter. She had spared her acts for a long time, but today she would not. After the King would announce Lóng Weis punishment, she would also punish him.

“Prince Lóng Wei should not have harmed the First Princess because of a mere servant. The more I hear from him about Li Hua, the more I feel like kicking her out of the palace.” Qiu Zedongs words dumbfounded everyone in the Greeting Hall. No one expected that the King would say that, but why would he refrain from doing so

“However, I cannot kick her out either. People will gossip that a servant made the King weak, who kicked her out of the palace to make his younger son understand. I have decided not to punish the Sixth Prince, but Li Hua, who started this,” Qiu Zedong announced his decision.

Xiaoming objected to his fathers decision. “An innocent must not be punished, Royal Father.”

Yuze smiled a little and caressed his long beard. He waited for Lóng Weis response, who had his on the King. He wanted to see how Lóng Wei would save Li Hua.

“In my presence, no one can even touch her,inLóng Wei told his father.

“The Sixth Prince cannot object to the decision of the King. I will consider it treason if he does that,” Qiu Zedong affirmed in a loud yet furious tone. “Li Hua will be flogged a hundred times,” he declared.

Lóng Wei got onto his knees, which was unanticipated by everyone in the Greeting Hall. He rested his palms beside his knees and bowed. His forehead touched the floor beneath him, and he requested, “Royal Father, I apologize for creating the nuisance in the palace.”

It was an unpredictable situation. Lóng Wei lowered himself to save a servant, especially a woman. He was indeed in love with Li Hua, which made him do this.

Qiu Mu could not believe his eyes. Li Hua did magic to Lóng Wei, but how How was it possible that he requested the King not punish Li Hua

Qiu Zedong was already annoyed with Lóng Weis yesterdays act, and this request of his not to punish a servant offended him. “Has the Prince lost his mind How dare he lower himself for a mere servant For a woman” Qiu Zedong questioned him.

“Royal Father, I love her, and I want to marry her. She is not amere servant but an important person to me,” Lóng Wei said, keeping his head low.

“Marry her” Qiu Zedong rose to his feet and shouted at Lóng Wei. On the second day of his return, he had to say this to his father! Zhu Liling upon seeing the anger on her husbands face also stood up.

“Please calm down, Your Majesty.” Yuze finally intervened.

Lóng Wei didnt lift his head. He stayed in that position because that was the only way to calm his father down.

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“Monk Yuze, I am afraid, but the Sixth Prince has lost his senses. How could he tell me this in the morning How could the Sixth Prince think of marrying a servant” Qiu Zedong shrieked out.

The rest Princes and the Princesses had also stood up from their seats as their parents were standing.

“Your Majesty, no one will marry Prince Lóng Wei. It doesnt matter if the woman is from a noble family or from a servant family. Everyone is scared of the youngest prince. Also, the King himself told me earlier that the Sixth Prince needs a woman to keep him in control,” Yuze pronounced with a warm smile.

Yuze wasnt wrong either. No woman showed interest in marrying Lóng Wei. The King usually used to have conversations with the high-ranking ministers, but hardly anyone was willing to give his daughters hand in marriage to Lóng Wei. They werent even scared of punishment.

Zhu Liling oppositely thought if Lóng Wei married a servant, then it would only benefit her son. Everyone wanted to secure their position in the palace. The Queen didnt fear any prince as she feared Lóng Wei. The prophecy was still in her head. Without anyones support, Lóng Wei would remain weak.

“Your Majesty, we should go with Monk Yuzes advice. Prince Lóng Wei, if loves Li Hua, then we can make them marry,” Zhu Liling threw her card and smirked.

“Royal Mother, Li Hua cannot become the official wife of the Sixth Brother. She belongs to the servant class.” Xiaoming intervened in that discussion. He could never let Lóng Wei marry Li Hua. He had his eyes on her since the day she served him the tea for the first time.

“Crown Prince, does it matter if Li Hua belongs to the lower class No one is willing to become the Sixth Princes wife. Monk Yuze is absolutely right. The status does not matter, at the moment,” Zhu Liling stated and turned to look at Qiu Zedong. “Your Majesty, lets agree to Monk Yuzes advice,” she opined.

Qiu Zedong frowned. It was not what he had thought!

“I respect Monk Yuze a lot. But I cannot agree with him. My son worths a better woman, not a palace maid,” Qiu Zedong stated.

“What if heaven wants this, Your Majesty Will His Majestys answer be the same” Yuzes question made Qiu Zedong contemplate.


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