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Chapter 19: The Dragon himself descended

Lóng Wei threw the pebbles into the large lake in front of him. The Sixth Prince had been doing this for four hours. Suddenly, he heard the clacks of the thick wooden stick and snickered.

“I am not in the mood to listen to lectures,” Lóng Wei said and threw another pebble into the lake. The ripples formed on the water surface, and soon the pebble sank into the water.

The old man stood on his left and found Lóng Wei had already collected many pebbles to throw into the water. This child always wondered him for his acts, and it brought a smile to his lips.

The old man caressed his beard and said, “It is weird to see the Sixth Prince coming here right after coming out of the Cold Palace.”

“Why Do you own this lake I can come here whenever I want to come,” Lóng Wei stated. He was irritated at the old man. He did not like every time the old man would nag at him for no reason.

“Tell me, what do you see” the old man asked Lóng Wei.

Lóng Wei didnt answer him, and he got an intution that something big had happened to him. The old man tried to sit down.


“Ahh, my knees. They are aching. At least, help me to sit down,” the old man asked Lóng Wei for help, but he didnt glance at him. Somehow, the old man sat down on the ground beside Lóng Wei.

“What happened” the old man asked.

“I am annoyed, Yuze,” Lóng Wei said. “I am not in a mood to talk to anyone. It might anger me more,” he said and this time threw the pebble with more strength.

“Talk to Li Hua then. She might lessen your anger,” Yuze said and put the thick stick flat on the ground.

“How did you find out about her” Lóng Wei asked him.

“I can see the future,” Yuze said. “I read your stars when you were born. The dragon himself descended to earth from heaven and has a chosen bride for him,” Yuze said. Yuze was the old monk, who lived uphill behind the imperial palace. He used to predict and forecast the future.

“And what did you see” Lóng Wei asked him. He was eager to know what Yuze predicted this time.

“What do you want this old monk to say” Yuze asked.

“Dont tell me anything,” Lóng Wei stated and kept throwing the pebble. The old monk stayed quiet and smiled.

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“Jingfei compared Li Hua with the late concubine of the King,” Lóng Wei finally told the old monk. He never called hermother. “I almost had killed her but the Fourth Prince intervened,” he stated.

“Prince Lóng Wei isnt supposed to do this to his half-sister,” Yuze said. “The King will punish him again,” he said worriedly.

“I am not afraid of punishment. I might get flogged or be locked in my manor for a few days,” Lóng Wei affirmed.

Yuze glanced at the right hand of Lóng Wei and found his knuckles had been bruised. “The Sixth Prince doesnt take care of his body. I will treat his wound,” Yuze said and grasped his hand gently. However, Lóng Wei yanked it off.

“Its not needed,” Lóng Wei said and put his hand on his right, but didnt find any pebble. “I am leaving,” he said and stood up from the ground.

Yuze also rose to his feet. “I have prepared some sweets,” he told Lóng Wei, who promptly agreed.

“I am not in the mood to eat the sweets,” Lóng Wei said and walked ahead.


Zhu Liling was furious to find out what Lóng Wei did to Princess Jingfei. He destroyed her daughters face and then strangled her neck.

Everyone was waiting for Lóng Wei to enter the Hall of Justice, where the King would decide his fate. Qiu Zedong had not expected that on the first day of Lóng Weis return, he would create more chaos in the palace.

“Royal Father, the Sixth Prince must not stay in the palace. The more he will stay here, the more it will bring troubles for us,” Qiu Mu appealed in front of the King.

“Your Majesty, I also think the same. This act of the Prince was not only shameless but also unforgivable. His Majesty shall not be lenient on the Sixth Prince this time,” Zhu Liling supported Qiu Mu and requested the King for severe punishment for Lóng Wei.

“Royal Mother, it is still unknown if the Sixth Prince replaced the cream or not,” Xiaoming said. Qiu Mu, Qiu Tianjie did not like that the Crown Prince again sided with the Sixth Prince.

“The Crown Prince listened to the attendant-in-waiting of the First Princess. The Sixth Brother did it because she punished Li Hua,” Qiu Mu chuckled and scoffed at him.

Qiu Mingquan and the Fifth Prince, Qiu Zhang Xi glanced at each other.

“Let the Sixth Prince come,” Qiu Zedong said and looked towards the door. The King then narrowly gazed at Gao Bing, who bowed and, once again left for Lóng Weis manor to fetch him.

Qiu Zedong was tense because he was under everyones pressure. Princess Jingfei was his eldest daughter. He could not let go of this matter. But he also did not want to punish Lóng Wei. Every time he punished him, his heart would also feel the pain.

Everyone in the family wanted him to stay in the Cold Palace, and it always ached his heart that even Lóng Wei wasnt ready to understand him.

Gao Bing was happy that Lóng Wei would soon be thrown out of the palace. In his eyes, the work that no one would be able to do in years, Li Hua, did on the first day of Lóng Weis return.

I will promote that palace maid after Lóng Wei gets thrown out of the palace. Gao Bing had decided it. Since he looked into the appointment of maidservants in the manors, it was easy for him.

He internally smiled and paced towards the Sixth Princes manor.



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