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Chapter 14: Not a Possession

Qiu Mu and Jingfei had already left the Kings manor while Xiaoming and Lóng Wei stayed back, waiting for Li Hua to come out.

“The Sixth Prince should not have complicated the matter. Today because of his foolishness, an innocent person was going to be punished,” Xiaoming told Lóng Wei, who snickered.

“Dont call me foolish. The Crown Prince was the one, who was adamant to have Li Hua,” Lóng Wei remarked and continued to look towards the door.

“Why does the Sixth Brother want to have Li Hua Is it true that she made a place in his heart” Xiaoming asked while keeping his gaze at the door.

“Why is the Crown Prince interested in that He has more important work than this one,” Lóng Wei affirmed.

Eunuch Gao Bing and Eunuch Lishi found the two Princes again arguing over Li Hua. Though, they had maintained decency while conversing with each other.

“Is the Sixth Prince scared that someone else can take Li Hua from him” Xiaomings question made Lóng Wei look at him.

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“Lóng Wei doesnt get scared of anyone. The things I possess remain with me only, Crown Prince. I cannot tolerate when someone else claims his right on my things,” Lóng Wei affirmed. Their sharp gazes on each other would make anyone feel that a serious fight would break out between the two.

“Li Hua is not a possession or a thing, Sixth Brother,” Xiaoming asserted and met Lóng Weis gaze. “She is a person, Sixth Brother.”

“Does the Crown Prince like Li Hua” Lóng Wei came straight to that point. He did not like to beat around the bushes. “She cannot be his wife except a concubine. With me, it will be the opposite,” he affirmed.

Till now, Lóng Wei had understood why Xiaoming was so adamant to have Li Hua. He did not agree to marry the Prime Ministers daughter and kept looking at Li Hua in the Greeting Hall. That was the moment when Lóng Wei understood what his eldest brother was thinking in his mind.

“Sixth Brother jumps to the conclusion hastily,” Xiaoming answered. “He dreams of marrying a woman from the servant class,” he added.

“The Crown Prince didnt answer what I was looking for,” Lóng Wei proclaimed and the two glared into each others eyes.

The two Eunuchs tried to overhear their conversation, but the two Princes were talking in extremely low voices.

At that moment, the doors open. Li Hua walked out and they looked in her direction. Lóng Wei walked to her, and so did Xiaoming.

“What did His Majesty say” Lóng Wei asked her.

“His Majesty forgave me for the last time. His Majesty showed his kind benevolence to this palace maid,” Li Hua said, keeping her eyes down.

“Lets go,” Lóng Wei said when Xiaoming stopped them by apologizing to Li Hua.

“Please, Your Royal Highness, dont apologize to this servant. It was my fault,” Li Hua asserted and took out the ointment box from her sleeve. She forwarded it to him and said, “I do not want to be the center of more problems.”

Xiaoming did not want to take it back when Lóng Wei picked it from her palm and threw it toward Eunuch Lishi, who caught it. Glaring into the eyes of the Crown Prince, Lóng Wei said, “The matter ends here. You shall leave first as you are the eldest.”

Xiaoming turned and descended the stairs, followed by Eunuch Lishi.

Eunuch Gao Bing came near Lóng Wei and said, “The Sixth Prince was so cool inside. I thought His Majesty would indeed cut his hands.”

Lóng Wei tilted his head to look at him. “You were so desperate to see my hands getting cut,” Lóng Wei snickered.

“What is His Highness saying This Eunuch always wants his best. The Sixth Prince shall not think that this Eunuch thinks bad of him,” Gao Bing said humbly.

“I know what you think about me, Gao Bing,” Lóng Wei said. “You want me to remain locked in the Cold Palace for eternity. You want me to leave the palace so that you keep looting the Kingdom and its resources,” Lóng Wei stated and wryly laughed.

Gao Bing looked around and got terrified for a second. “The Sixth Prince shall not speak this way. What if,” he lowered his voice, “someone hear him”

Lóng Wei did not reply to him and looked at Li Hua. “Lets go, Li Hua,” he said and they both left the Kings manor. Gao Bing kicked in the air in Lóng Weis direction and then stood straight, making sure no one looked at him. He went back inside the Kings chamber.

Li Hua silently walked behind Lóng Wei, who stopped near the orchid pavilion. His eyes beamed at Jingfei, who was laughing with Ai Fen.

Ruining my morning and afternoon, how can she smile. The Royal Father did not punish her, but I wont spare her, he told himself internally.

Li Hua wondered what he was thinking, but didnt ask him. Lóng Wei resumed walking after a few minutes and soon reached his manor with Li Hua.

Li Hua stood near the door. She had decided not to go near him, after finding out what was in the Sixth Princes heart.

“Help me,” Lóng Wei said with annoyance. Li Hua lifted her head and found him standing with his hands out. She walked to him and lifted her hands. Unbuttoning the overcoat from the shoulder, she walked behind him and pulled the overcoat off the Sixth Princes arms.

Li Hua folded the overcoat and walked past him when Lóng Wei grasped his arms. She tilted her head and the next second, she was pulled back.

“Your Highness,” Li Hua rested her hand on his arm, which was around her waist.

“No one is here. Tell me the truth. What did the King tell you” Lóng Wei asked her.

“I have already told His Highness,” Li His said.

“I can see through the lies easily. You are my person, so dont hide anything from me,” Lóng Wei stated.

“I am not His Highnesss person,” Li Hua corrected him and pulled herself away when Lóng Wei drew her close. She was on her toes as her face came close to Lóng Weis.

“You are!” Lóng Wei authorized.

Li Hua averted her gaze from him. The more she would argue with him, the more it would turn into a headache.

Lóng Wei lifted his other hand and brought it under Li Huas chin. Turning her face towards him, he said, “You cant run away from me, Li Hua. So, whatever my oldie father has told you, take that out of your head.”


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