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Chapter 11: Exceptionally Beautiful

Crown Prince Xiaoming came out of the study at noon and saw Eunuch Gao Bing with Eunuch Lishi. They both greeted him, who asked Gao Bing about the occasion to come to the manor.

“Your Royal Highness, earlier the Sixth Prince has come to the Hall of Justice regarding the transfer of the palace maid,” Eunuch Gao Bing glanced at Eunuch Lishi as he forgot Li Huas name.

“Li Hua, Senior Eunuch,” Eunuch Lishi answered him.

“His Majesty has given the royal verdict for the transfer of Li Hua in the Sixth Princes manor for his service,” Eunuch Gao Bing completed his words and handed the verdict of Qiu Zedong to Xiaoming.

He read the verdict and tightened his grip on both sides of the paper. “Why did the Royal Father agree to this without consulting me” Xiaoming got furious and put his hand down, holding the written verdict.

Eunuch Gao Bing lowered his head.

“Your Royal Highness, the Sixth Prince blackmailed the King. He said that he would leave the palace,” Eunuch Lishi informed the Crown Prince, who was displeased to hear it.


“Where is Li Hua” Xiaoming questioned Eunuch Lishi.

“The Sixth Prince took her to his manor as per His Majestys orders, Your Royal Highness,” Eunuch Lishi replied.

“How dare you let her go” Xiaoming shouted at Eunuch Lishi, who immediately got on his knees. He started to apologize for his mistake.

“The Crown Prince cannot object to the verdict of the King, thats why I let the Sixth Prince take Li Hua to his manor,” Eunuch Gao Bing told Xiaoming. He had promised Lóng Wei that he would help him and sort out this matter for him.

“Where is the Royal Father I would like to meet my father,” he said, calming down a little.

“Your Royal Highness, the King may get angry if he sees the two Princes fighting over a palace maid,” Eunuch Gao Bing advised Xiaoming not to take the matter back to the King. He did not even care about this matter, but he was scared of Lóng Wei.

Xiaoming walked ahead when Eunuch Lishi stood up. “Your Royal Highness, where are you heading to” He ran after the Crown Prince.

Eunuch Gao Bing also walked behind them. More than the King and the Crown Prince, Lóng Weis terror was troubling him. He had to stop the Crown Prince from meeting the King or the Sixth Prince. Eunuch Gao Bing could see the sword hanging on his neck from both sides.

Xiaoming did not go to Lóng Weis manor, instead, he chose to go to meet his father. Eunuch Gao Bing came in front of the Crown Princes way and said, “The Crown Prince shall calm down. Today the King has received much important work to do. The Crown Prince can meet him later in the evening.”

He prayed internally that the Crown Prince would agree to him.

“Eunuch Gao Bing, dont stop me from meeting my father. Move away if you dont want to get punished,” Xiaoming said in a fit of rage. Eunuch Lishi gestured to Gao Bing to let go of the Crown Prince, who silently stepped away from his way.

“I think Prince Lóng Wei will definitely beat me up,” Gao Bing murmured while looking at the Crown Prince and Eunuch Lishi, who walked ahead of him.


Qiu Mu was seated on the chaise lounge with one leg over the other. His right elbow rested on the bolster and he had a wine glass in the other hand.

“Your Highness, the Crown Prince and Sixth Prince fought for a mere palace maid in the orchid pavilion,” Eunuch Wuting informed him.

“What” Qiu Mu exclaimed.

“Yes, Your Highness. The First Princess was punishing the tea servant from the Queens Manor when the Sixth Prince protected her. The Crown Prince arrived a little later, claiming that this palace maid belongs to his manor. So, the two Princes had a heated argument,” Eunuch Wuting narrated the incident to Qiu Mu.

“Lóng Wei protected that tea servant. Thats strange. He never even glanced at them,” Qiu Mu said and put the wine glass on the table.

“The Crown Prince is furious because the Sixth Prince brought the royal decree from His Majesty to let him have a palace maid in his service,” Eunuch Wuting asserted.

“What is this going on” Qiu Mu chuckled and stood up. “Where is the Crown Prince”

“Your Highness, I heard the Crown Prince is heading to the Kings manor to talk with him,” Eunuch Wuting replied.

“Lets go,” Qiu Mu said and walked out. He was well aware of Lóng Weis behavior. His acts were not surprising to him. But why was the Crown Prince bothering himself over a mere palace maid

“Your Highness, the Crown Prince even put the ointment on that palace maids hand.” Eunuch Wutings words were shocking for Qiu Mu. He did not want to believe that Xiaoming had feelings for a palace maid. Lóng Wei loved to trouble them, so as soon as he found out about it, he decided to take this palace maid away from the Crown Prince.

Qiu Mus thin lips curled up into a smile. For the first time, Lóng Wei did something entertaining in his eyes. Qiu Mu wondered what would happen if the King found out that his two sons were fighting over a palace maid. The Crown Prince would be punished surely and it might finally produce his hatred towards Lóng Wei.

Xiaoming had always tried to protect Lóng Wei thinking he was the youngest among them. Qiu Mu and the others never liked it because Xiaoming, being the Crown Prince, tolerated and encouraged Lóng Weis behavior.

He halted when Eunuch Wuting told him about Princess Jingfei, who was calling out for him. Qiu Mu turned and saw Jingfei coming from the front.

“Second Brother, where are you heading in hurry” Jingfei asked.

“To the Royal Fathers manor. I heard something happened in the Orchid Pavilion. The Crown Prince and the Sixth Prince fought for a palace maid,” Qiu Mu stated.

Jingfei got annoyed upon hearing him. “The Crown Prince scolded me for no reason. Li Hua is seducing the two Princes, Second Brother. The Crown Prince was acting differently for her. He scolded his sister in front of many servants,” Jingfei complained to him.

“Thats odd. The Crown Prince usually remains calm. He has headed to the Royal Fathers manor as Lóng Wei has taken this servant to his manor,” Qiu Mu stated.

Jingfei frowned. “But Second Brother, Li Hua, belongs to the Crown Princes manor as per the Queens order. Then, how the Sixth Brother took her away.” She was confused.

“Lóng Wei brought a royal verdict from the Royal Father. I think a huge fight is going to break out. Thats why I need to be in the Fathers manor. I will see the First Sister later.” Qiu Mu took his leave and walked away. Jingfei also decided to follow them.


The Crown Prince bowed before his father and then took the seat on a broad mahogany cushioned chair.

“Whats the occasion that the Crown Prince demanded to see me at this hour” Qiu Zedong asked.

“It was a request, Royal Father,” Xiaoming answered. “Forgive me for disturbing you at this hour, but if it is not important, then I will not have come,” he said humbly.

Qiu Zedong patiently waited for the Crown Prince to speak further.

“Royal Father, I requested the Royal Mother to transfer Li Hua to my manor, which she did. The Sixth Prince should not have asked the Royal Father for the royal order,” Xiaoming said calmly.

“The Sixth Prince never had any servant in his service. Moreover, he had the conversation regarding this with Eunuch Gao Bing earlier than the Crown Prince had a conversation with the Queen,” Qiu Zedong stated. Gao Bing felt his throat getting dried. Such a big lie, if the truth came out, then he would be hanged to death.

“The Sixth Brother could have another servant in his service. Why Li Hua She was supposed to serve me. She is the most trustable servant that I could have for my personal chores,” Xiaoming sounded angry and upset.

Qiu Zedong knitted his brows. He found his two sons were fighting for this palace maid, the tea server. If he remembered, Li Hua was exceptionally beautiful to be a servant. He decided to call Li Hua and find out the matter.

“Eunuch Gao Bing, call Li Hua this instant,” Qiu Zedongs voice roared in the chamber, and his voice intimidated the three of them.

“Royal Father, I didnt mean to involve her for no reason. I want the Royal Father to take his verdict back,” Xiaoming urged.

“The Crown Prince doesnt have the right to object to my decision. Go and bring her here,” Qiu Zedong commanded Gao Bing, who rushed out of the chamber.

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