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Ep.9  Popular Board – 3



The ice troll, who took away the left eye of Huolong at once, chose to take a step back instead of doing the final attack.

If he was greedy, he was more likely to be fatally injured by a counterattack.

Although he succeeded with an unexpected surprise attack, if he misses the time to retreat while dealing with a larger prey than himself, he will be hunted.

Conversely, he would become the prey.

The experienced hunter was never impatient.


The red dragon continued to fight with her bleeding split wound, but it was not easy to regain the once-taken offensive.

One of the disadvantages was that his vision became incomplete when one eye was attacked.

The ice troll never missed the weakness that the distance became inaccurate and the left side of her vision became a blind spot.




A spear containing power scratched the scales of the dragon and passed by.

Although each shot did not lead to a big wound due to the durability of the natural body, it would be a complete failure if he continued to eat up his physical strength without taking back the initiative.

He had to throw a winning move when he had enough physical strength and power.


The advantage of trolls over dragons was overwhelming endurance and resilience, so long-term battles had to be avoided for dragons.

As soon as he thought about it, the dragon spread its wings once again and began to fly higher.




Benefits of being a dragon over a troll is that the difference in weight is difficult to overcome even with power, the overwhelming difference in muscle strength resulting from it, the maximum capacity of power to project at once, and above all, they can fly.


To maximize that, the red dragon chose to fly so high that the ice troll couldn’t even chase after at all…!


“That’s what you’re going to do Is that it”


The ice troll faced the red dragon who was looking down at him in the distance.

It’s virtually impossible to approach the red dragon, who is kilometers away.

It’s no use to stand up and catch him with the ice , and it’s obvious that he’s going to need a lot of power, so it’s a bummer.

He tried to make a leap by creating an ice steppingstone in the air, but that wasn’t a good idea either.

Air warfare was the opponent’s only advantage, which is not the area he was familiar with.

If the opponent melted the steppingstone or raised the temperature so that he could not make it at all, that would be a bad case for him.


Just as the ice troll was coming up with a trick, the red dragon finally launched his attack.

The cannabis law, which hit seven percent of his power, was released at once.


“Die, you insect!”


It’s a magic, which the dragon called the magic bell, that takes time and high concentration to use.

The destructive power could not have been unusual.

A fireball about the same size as the dragon began to fall to the ground.




If you get hit by that, you’ll die no matter what.

Even if you don’t get hit directly, indirect heat alone will make you turn into ash and disappear without a trace…! What about avoiding it It’s impossible.

The range is too wide.

Get something to stop it It’s impossible.

Even if you pour all your power into defense, it’s impossible to prevent that.

He barely escaped death, and if that happens, he will eat the decisive blow to Huolong who came down leisurely anyway.


The moment the ice troll fixed the spear, the fireball that fell splendidly like a comet came into contact with the surfaceㅡ






The great explosion that burns and tears the atmosphere has created a blinding flash, a roar that tears the eardrum.

If the system of the battle arena had not separated the stands from the battlefield through the invisible shroud, most of the audience would have been swept away and killed.


In the first place, intense flashes and roaring noises burst out, and after they sank, the seawater evaporated due to the enormous heat and formed a thick fog, making it difficult to distinguish an inch ahead of the battlefield.

The audience started to get noisy and express their appreciation while nothing was seen or heard.


“Everyone, you can breathe nowㅡ“

“Wow, is that the fireball that living things can produce I would have melted like ice cream in summer if I watched it in real life, not in a battle arena.”

“I’ve seen a nuclear fall from such a short distance, but honestly, I think their powers are pretty much the same level.”

“Is this from Yamcha*‘s point of view or something I couldn’t even see what was going on when the troll forced him to do a hand-to-hand fight.” *TN: A character from Dragon Ball.

“Wow, it’s like Aoki versus Akainu*.

Is the level for real Erblasico is a legend… I’m getting excited…” *TN: Two characters from One Piece, each also hold the power of ice and fire.


Most gallery users were either excited as if they had seen something very interesting, or shocked at the battle between the two.

In general, the audience’s response was similar to that feeling of ‘watching a very high-quality fight.”


There was only one bystander who squinted as if she didn’t like it.


“That’s disappointing.”


A girl wearing pure black oriental-style clothing, which looks similar to a robe at first glance, spoke up.

Her black hair was long enough to reach over the shoulder, but rather than pure, it gave off a strange wild beauty like a lion’s mane.

The black and deep eyes were beautiful, but at the same time, they were shedding an atmosphere like a well which no one knows how deep it is. 


“Even if you open each movement, it’s deep and mysterious.

There’s nothing convenient about it.”


The girl shook her head and stared at the battlefield with pathetic eyes.


“They were trying to fight only with strength because they don’t have any skills, but they don’t even know how to use that strength efficiently.

There have been several opportunities for each other to kill the opponent, but they are not aware of it because they lack insight.

Both fail in terms of martial arts.”


The girl’s harsh criticism did not stop, even though the fog slowly cleared up, and the trace left on the ground by Huolong’s great shot was clearly revealed.

All the sea water in the area evaporated and melted to the ground below it, then got crystallized, but the destructive sight did not seem to impress the girl at all.


“This is suddenly so boring.

Just stop!”

“The fantasy brats are fighting, but why are you martial art addicts only patronizing Haha”


Bystanders booed the girl who ruined the atmosphere they were enjoying.

The booing didn’t stop when the girl turned to them and gave them a cold look.


“Yeah~ Even if you stare at them like that, the audience is invincible~ I’m unemployed~”

“Honestly, did we say something wrong Hahahahahahaha”


Bystanders seemed determined to find it fun in teasing the girl instead of the near-end match at this time.

Indeed, unless it was a time when their personal safety was guaranteed, when else would they attract aggro to the face of the martial arts master 


“…Say something wrong”


The girl, who had been listening quietly despite the bystanders’ boo, suddenly spoke up.

And thenㅡ


At the moment when everyone thought that the stretched thin hand was swinging through the air.


The curtain of the arena, which was not even fazed by the dragon’s fire attack,

After being crushed by something, it was compressed in an instant, and as he was flying to the sky, he suddenly  reached the ground.




The transparent curtain was crushed, and soon it was like a line roughly drawn by a child on the beach.

Let’s just leave a trace and disappear into pieces without shape.

None of the people on the beach dared to open their mouths.


“What’s right and what’s wrong…”


The girl involved, a gonic, is a heavenly child, and she is the user 天上天下唯我獨存.

Except for Pacheonmu, the 30th leader of Cheonma Singyo*.

*TN: The term is often used in martial arts novels.

It’s a religious group that serves under Cheonma, which image is similar to a devil.


“I already decided.”


The last Cheonha of the religion, who once brought the world of devilish sorcerers to the midfield, grinned.

Then, he left the arena as if he had lost interest.

Does it mean that there is no need to watch the competition anymore Even though Cheonma left after causing a stir between the audiences, the whole gallery remained silent for a while.


With the touch to fold the huge curtain that isolates the stands from the battlefield like a child’s wrist. 

Can the arena’s system which protects the gallery users withstand it I bet it cannot.

We don’t even have time to hide..


Meanwhile, the red dragon, one of the main heroines of the match, slowly lowered its altitude without even imagining what happened in the stands.

His mind was focused only on the ice troll down there, somewhere. 


It’s impossible for him to survive the blow.

He wouldn’t have had time to avoid it.


The method to avoid or defend that hellfireㅡ



The ice troll knows.




Instead of defending or avoiding the opponent’s attack, at the scene of destruction, which blew away the entire sea water and melted the sand on the floor.

The troll unsealed the spear, into the ice barrier that never melts – ‘hiding’.


“In the end, you’re using that boring foul again.”

“Item speed is also a specification.

There’s no such thing as cheating.”


The thin pieces of metal that were disguised as ordinary things fell like pieces of wrapping paper.

A ball of sharp polished ice appeared.

It’s not just ice, but the polar essence that sucked the cold air of the world to the limit and slowly grew from the size of a baby’s fingernail.

The power of ‘ice crystal’ saved the ice troll from the attack.


“The audience was watching, I cannot lose my face like that.

I’m the one that represents my race after all.”

“Same here.

As the one that follows the blood of the late red dragons, it’s absolutely unacceptable to lose to frost mages in public.”


Fate rivals, Dragon Ascent and Cold Sleep, stared at each other and laughed fiercely.

It was indeed a blood-boiling scene.

But they didn’t know.

As the audiences were saying so and so about them, the attention suddenly got stolen by a single intruder.


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