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Ep.15 Future Planning – 3

But even if it’s fun, how At first, I thought I should become a clown for the users and say something like, ‘Thank you for your support 127.653, but I soon discarded it in my head.


The gallery itself does not support real-time streaming at all, but at the beginning, most of them here are rotten people that reside in the gallery all year round…! They are entertainment ghosts who cannot skip meals.

If you try to be funny with a clumsy joke, you’ll hear someone say, ‘I’ve already seen it’, or ‘Jong HaHaHa Jong HaHaHaHa’.


Then the answer is clear.

I don’t have to force myself to be funny.

I can use my survival as content.

A game that aims to make me survive in the barren land of Mars that I cannot enjoy unless it’s at this moment.


“But this can’t be porridge or rice alone either.

I need more staff.”


If I’m a game player, I need operators to manage the game.

And I happen to know the right people for the role.


“These two will do.”


Instead of writing a new post looking for people in the gallery, I commented on the two people’s posts that had already been washed away for a long time.

If you suddenly get a notification that there are comments on what you wrote a few days ago, you will have no choice but to press it because it bothers you.


[Suspiciously Rich*: What’s going on]

[ㅇㅇ(023.708)] Do you have anything to say]


As expected, it wasn’t long before the target responded.

The fact that the two were called together in the previous post instead of digging up a new article and rolling it means that there is a story to be told without anyone else’s notice.

The old figures, well aware of the fact, expressed doubts.


[ㅇㅇ(001.068)] I brought an interesting story.

Want to hear]

[ㅇㅇ(023.708) : ]

[Suspiciously Rich*: What is it Let’s hear it first.]


It wasn’t a story that should have been kept secret, but when no one knows about this, it’s fun to burst out in a surprise shot.


In the remote corner of the gallery that no one cares about, a plot is being planned.

At first, the two, who listened without much thought, willingly volunteered to cooperate as soon as the story was over.






At first glance, the solitary gallery after the end seemed to be a very pleasant and lively place, but as anywhere else, it was not without shade.


The gallery, which had been working just fine, was quite often cut off from one day, and it was not uncommon for a dying survivor to disappear after encountering the gallery for the first time.


At dawn, when it was emotional, there were people who sometimes lamented their status or wrote about the desperate situation in the gallery.

Whenever that happened, rather than ignoring it because it was not her job, there was an atmosphere of support in the gallery. 


Nevertheless, there is only one reason why there are so few hands of practical help or relief.


This is because it is almost impossible to go beyond the wall of dimension and go to another world.


There is a misunderstanding that those who first encountered information about inter-dimensional delivery services or dimensional leapfrog railways in the gallery, but isn’t it easier to move to the dimensions than you think It is an illusion that


However, in the case of inter-dimensional delivery services, there is a fatal disadvantage that only “non-life” below a certain amount of information can be transported.

Transporting people or other intellectual life beyond dimensions is more than simply difficult, because the soul of life cannot withstand the impact of passing through the walls between dimensions.

Even this is by no means omnipotent, with non-service dimensions everywhere.


In the case of dimensional leapfrog railways, this problem can be solved to move humans and other creatures safely and quickly, but there are very few galleries that benefit from running only a set route (dimensional).

At first, the dimensional leap train is a property for the public interest of the dimensional group, not a private property that can be used at will to rescue other dimensions of “non-citizens” who do not know where they are attached.


In situations where these two methods cannot be solved, they need to borrow the power of this ability, not science and technology, to move to the next dimension.


In that case, as much as you rely on the capabilities of the individual unit, you don’t have to pay attention to the enormous amount of government sanctions or necessary infrastructure, but instead, the problem is that the pure difficulty increases tremendously.


If it is a dimensional system with developed abilities, including magic and faith, the total amount of power, or pressure, that exists inside and outside the dimension, is naturally very high.

At this point, it becomes ridiculously difficult to break through the dimensional barrier.

Unlike the world with low concentrations of power, even the strongest players in the world can’t afford to open the door.


And even if you open the dimensional door at best, maintaining the gate that is about to be closed by a thick layer of power is a challenge… Above all, the farther the destination, the more energy needed increases exponentially.


If you go to a low-concentration section, which is less than 200 times the three digits in front of the IP far away, you will say, ‘As expected, it’s Jongbung! You’re here to help!’ ‘No, I’m trapped, too.’ Even the same unbearable thing can happen…! No, it’s unconditionally!


In the first place, it was difficult to use power to write magic or miracles in a light other dimension, so even the users, who had enough power in the gallery, could not bear to stand up and stare.


For that reason, the gallery users, who had to worry about their survival right away, had no choice but to live silently without dreaming of support from outside.


“Wait, there are some guys who can help as much as they want to help.””


Eleanor Marie, the last forest keeper of the Great Forest, sighed deeply.

Her gaze, which looked through the gallery, reached countless comment notifications.


“It’s because they’re all bad things that shouldn’t be met..”


She frowned at the appearance of the gonics expressing their presence in the comments as if they were courting.

She’s the only one who’s going all over the place, treating the wall of dimension as absent

A heretic son who is an exception and never gets treated well in a gallery.


At the beckons of the demons offering the contract, Eleanor looked around with self-help.


Where did all the dense giant trees that once covered half of the continent go, and the disastrous reality of the Great Forest, which was reduced to a size not as large as a park, was seen.

Standing in the middle of it, I can see the dead body of the world tree.


She doesn’t know why this happened.

Although Eleanor has lived long enough for short-lived species, who are already 20 years old this year.

By the time she grew up, the world’s waters had already dried up. 


Historians had different positions on the cause of death of the World Water.

Some say that the earth’s spirit has been damaged by excessive development of humans, and some say that the curse of the murdered devil has caused the continent, including the world’s water, to go through a great meltdown.


But whatever the reason, there was no doubt that the continent suffered rapid desertification after the death of the world.

Now that the green share of the land has decreased and decreased, and finally the aquifer is not an aquifer, all you can see outside was the hill of red sand.


Eleanor could not control her feelings at the miserable sight of civilization.


“Fortunately, I protected the seeds at all costs…”


In this environment, there was no way to grow the second world.

The cause may be really a curse or a simple decline in intelligence, but there is no way that the seeds of the soft world water can withstand the harsh environment in which the intact world capital will dry up.


If only the world water could be re-embedded somehow, she would have risked her life to fulfill her duty as a forest supporter, but there is no hope in this world.

It was a time when Eleanor was seriously considering whether she should sell her soul to the devil to move to another level.




Her eyes stood out as she casually scanned the gallery.

It was because the post just registered on the concept message board caught her attention.



[Writer: ㅇㅇ(001.068)] 

[Title: Big event for those who are bored with life!]

[There’s a newbie who will die in 3 weeks. 

Yes, that’s me.

Because I’m trapped on this damn Mars!

I came out to explore, but the main camp collapsed, so I can’t go back anymore


(Picture attached)


Can you see that bleak landscape It’s a barren land that you can’t find.

But there is still hope!

Mars is the most similar to Earth’s environment among other planets in the solar system.

It’s a place to live if you solve the light atmosphere, the dirty cold weather, the water shortage, the ecosystem that needs to be built from zero, and the planetary magnetic field that you can’t see where it went!

So… I’m going to explore this planet from now on.


Yeah, we’re going to raise the temperature of this damn planet, get the air pressure, get the atmosphere, and plant trees.

You just farm or build a greenhouse to make a living It may be possible if you open your hands, but it’s such a lame and infantile idea.

So from now on, I’d like to suggest you a game.

The foundation is this empty planet that transforms it into a habitable environment, decorating and developing whatever it wants.


There’s no limit to freedom! Extreme reality that doesn’t have to be realistic! Convenience without having to touch it yourself!

One-coin rules are full of tension without continuity, and even if you slip a little, the ending credit is right in front of you! We have only 20 days left! Aren’t we running out of time Charge it if you pick it up! You can earn as much as 8 hours by sending just one chicken!


What Even if you want to help, you can’t get over the wall called dimension

Don’t worry! I’ve already recruited two operators for that.

If you want to participate, simply provide the remaining materials and write down your request!

Then we’ll collect the material from here and use it to develop Mars.


Gods who want to have their own temple!

Wizards who want to buy a great workshop!

A species, who wants a perfect place to live!

Other people who think their world is already hopeless, and those who think they need to do something and burn time because it’s so boring!


Just keep in mind that this may be your last chance to preoccupy honeyed properties! 

Please show a lot of interest and support for the new game, “My Little Mars”]


[Like 372] [Dislike 28]




Despite the fact that it has not been long since it was uploaded, the staff was also holding hands and muttering in a trembling voice.


“I have to… ride this.”


She had a hunch at the moment.

In this big wave, she has to ride it now…!


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