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Ep.13 Future Planning – 1

Gallery for Loners After Demise.

It is a super-dimensional community that encompasses the multiverse, where many loners from all over the world are sucked in.

The conditions for entering the gallery are extremely simple.

Once a member of civilization, living in the confines of society, losing all of it and being alone, that’s it.

When the civilization is annihilated and the member is left by him or herself, conditions are established.

However, if there is one fatally difficult disadvantage, is it that the standard of judgment is the entire world If civilizations other than one’s own are still alive at the same time, the gallery will pass them.

Well, if you’re all dead and you’re left alone, but unfortunately, if aliens are living far away in the outer world, the doorknob won’t open.

Or, in extreme terms, “intellectual life” itself is out even if there is only one more person besides yourself, so if “undead” intellectual life is buried somewhere, the rope will rot and break. 

For example, suppose you, a modern man, are left alone in the world at the end.

You persevered and persevered through the heinous odds of one in seven billion.

You are the last survivor, at least of all existing humans.

Nevertheless, you cannot enter the gallery if you have a sealed deity somewhere underground or a wild cheonma in training in a private area.

At this point, the competition rate of sperm running toward eggs seems to be fairies.

Few people in the gallery have a large stake in this extreme manure network.

The estimated number of people residing in the gallery is about 1500, which seems to be more than expected.

Imagine, in countless, literally countless, parallel worlds, there are only 1500 people who pick up intellectual life without asking or arguing if conditions are right.

How many dimensions are there in this world 100,000 10 billion A thousand trillion No one knows.

Time is expanding and growing because it’s multi-dimensional.

And of those many dimensions, there are only 1500 dimensions that meet the conditions of the gallery’s entrance.

So, objectively speaking, he’s very lucky to be invited to the gallery.

Silently approaching from the background and thrusting a hand ax into the head of a zombie who jumped out of nowhere.

He thought.

Couldn’t he have used that wonderful luck in a way that the world wouldn’t get **ed up from the beginning


Infected people swarming like dogs from all sides as soon as the surprise attack was discovered.

The stupid, thoughtless movement in the early days of the infection explosion was no longer visible.

Did they learn the pattern of hunting humans over time, or did their intelligence rise as the body began to coexist with the virus

Either way, it didn’t bode very well.

He pulled out a pistol at a quick pace like a gunman in a western drama, and calmly fed a bullet to the forehead of zombies who were forming a crude siege.

Their running speed was not as fast as humans, and their endurance was not as good.

Nevertheless, if he was surrounded, that’s it.

He was crushed by mass and had to break through the path before tearing his limbs.

This is why he didn’t want to come to the city.

Adversarial impurities were always hidden between the dull gray patterns of concrete and asphalt.

However, it was also necessary to stop by the city to supply essential items, including bullets.

“I feel like if I pack about 100 shots, I think I might use 30 shots on the spot…”

Still, if zombies have the last conscience, they have not produced a strange strain that could only appear in movies or games.

When a user who is in a similar situation to him in the gallery tells the story of a strain that shoots infectious saliva, or a strain the size of a house that crushes a tram in a single kick-off

He thought.

He’s lucky enough, though.

But couldn’t we just use that luck to stop the worm-like virus from spreading, right

As he broke through the siege without thinking, he was able to get rid of the zombies before he knew it.

As he sneaked into the alleyway and went on guard against the surroundings, the chase had been cut off for a while.

Zombies often eat only humans and wild animals in movies, but think realistically.

Humanity has long been destroyed, and animals are not easy enough to be caught by those slow guys.

And regardless of whether it’s a zombie, you die if you can’t eat and drink.

As long as they don’t create energy beyond the limits of living things, of course they do.

A group of infected people who failed to hunt had only one way to choose to tackle the intense calorie burn.


He whistled as if he knew it when he heard a desperate scream from the city center far away.

Once the breeding of the same race has begun, all the remaining infected people in the city will flock there.

So now he can take a breather indoors and wait for the slow joining procession to end.

He naturally opened the door of the house and went inside, as if he had done it once or twice.

After checking that there was no one inside, he took out beef jerky from his bag and chewed it.

Whenever salt covered with beef jerky poked his tongue, he drank a few sips of water in a large-capacity bottle.

“At times like this, pizza and a can of beer would be perfect.”

There was no room for such a thing to remain at a time when the water and electricity were cut off.

It must have gone bad and been infested with flies and fungi.

No, by now, even he’d be rotten and smeared, leaving no trace.

Although he knew it in his head, he still couldn’t give up the sweetness of civilization even after about two years after the situation broke out.

But there’s no other choice.

How can he not think of the good times while tearing off the beef jerky that he made He turned on the gallery.

The gallery was crowded with people just in time.

Yesterday, there was a festival atmosphere all day long due to the classic Ice-Fire battle, but today, the formidable force of Cheonma seemed to have become a hot topic.

He could understand why the gallery was so noisy, as he watched the atrocities of Cheonma from the stands.

“I couldn’t believe it was a person…”

In the gallery, he only left a comment saying, “I saw something scary,” but in fact, he was quite shocked at that time.

He’s seen all kinds of strange tribes in the gallery, but he was somehow convinced.

He managed to fool himself.

Oh, she’s a wizard.

She lives in a world where she can charge power anytime.

She’s a dragon.

The species is different in the first place.

The devil Is there any need to say that A warrior A saint A priest He wished there was only one such kind god here.

Ultra-high artificial intelligence If the world hadn’t looked like this, wouldn’t something similar have come out someday.

And every time he saw ordinary survivors in a similar situation to himself, he felt a strange sense of relief with his fellow soldiers.

It’s not that they’re ugly, they’re okay.

They’re weirdly strong.

But Cheonma, who must’ve been in the same category of human beings, is… With only endless training, she gained a force that no one could overcome.

The fact made him feel indescribably depressed.

“While others are filming fantasy movies with martial arts, I’m the only one who’s in the genre of apocalypse.”

Is the source of that depression a sense of shame or deprivation Maybe it’s both.

The gallery was the only channel of communication for him and the line of emergency, but at the same time, it was like a sea of stars that could never be reached no matter how much he reached out.

He envied the calmness of daily life, which was not dissatisfied with the basic food, clothing, and shelter of the strong people who could protect their bodies no matter what happened.

However, he feels too pathetic and insignificant to tell them to share the light and warmth even a little.

He couldn’t bear to tell anyone in the gallery so he closed his mouth.

He didn’t want to make other users feel pressured.


The last survivor of the four-dimensional phase coordinate 001.124.517.189 is.

He leaned back as if he were burying himself on the sofa in someone else’s living room, and stared blankly at the ceiling.

“I want to do hoi bing-hwan.

No, come to think of it, regression is mine.”

It was absolutely no use for him to do this again.


On the morning of the third day after I accessed the gallery, I woke up busily and stuck space food in my mouth as usual.

Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep at night because the cheap post was unexpectedly uploaded as a popular post without much thought. 

I was overwhelmed by eating more than a thousand recommendations on the subject of Newbie, although it was not without him.

There was another decisive factor that made my heart beat.

[You will receive the reward by posting on popular post board!]

[Popular point 1]

I didn’t know where and how this popular point was used, but I tried to be as calm as I could, but I had no choice but to imagine a rosy future. 

Can we strengthen our status with this Muscular strength, intelligence, or magic, luck, or energy

Just imagining it made me feel good and my mouth opened wide.

“This is life.”


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